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Cryptocurrency experts picked ‘Unknown’ 2 promising coins

With a relatively unknown promising cryptocurrency Link Pool (LPL) and Alchemist Coin (MIST) A cryptocurrency expert noted two cryptocurrency assets that are...

Debunking David Rosenberg’s belief “the future supply curve of bitcoin is unknown”

Per Rosenberg, BTC is not a valid investment because it is too volatile. Symbiosis CEO, Samuel Junghenn says volatility is not a measure of an...

Ethereum contracts fail on Bybit, reason remains unknown

The value of the second-largest digital asset has been peaking at $623 due to an accelerating price since October. Given the hype around the...

The Legend of Bitcoin: 3 More UNKNOWN BTC Facts 🚀

Bitcoin was NOT the first cryptocurrency, although its creator did invent the blockchain. We discuss David Chaum, Bill Gates, eCash and Digicash...

UNKNOWN BITCOIN FACTS #1: Silk Road, FBI Hacks and The Good Old Days 🚀

Bitcoin was born 12 years ago on 31 Oct when Satoshi Nakamoto published the original BTC White Paper. In this video, we...
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