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Israeli politicians want to recognize Bitcoin as currency, not asset 

According to a local news report, four members from the Yisrael Beiteinu political party in Israel have submitted a new bill that proposes to...

Dissatisfied miners in China want to fork Filecoin

Multiple mining groups in China have announced that they will fork Filecoin’s blockchain as they claimed to be dissatisfied with mining rewards, according to...

Nvidia doesn’t want to give up its 2017 ‘crypto craze’ docs

The legal representatives of technology company Nvidia have argued that its investors are not entitled to access its internal records about the “crypto craze”...

Ethereum doesn’t want to be Bitcoin, and that’s okay

Ethereum’s growth in the year 2020 has been quite astounding. Not only has the decentralized finance platform built on top of it prospered, but...

WANT MASSIVE GAINS? This Altcoin is Ready to PUMP!

We take a look at DASH #cryptocurrency. We do a price analysis for it, looking for good levels to buy. We look...