Jenny Zheng Moderates Panel on Blockchain Beyond Borders | ABC Conclave – Dubai


Jenny Zheng Moderates Panel on Blockchain Beyond Borders | ABC Conclave - Dubai

Blockchain Beyond Borders: Building Global Bridges for Innovation and Adoption | Talk Show – Episode 1 | ABC Conclave – Dubai World Trade Centre 2023.

◾ Anndy Lian; Intergovernmental Blockchain Expert, Singapore
◾ Kris Bennett; Co-Founder and Chief Learning Officer, Blockchain Training Alliance, USA
◾ Raj Kapoor; Founder & CEO, India Blockchain Alliance, India
◾ Shailesh Kunnath; Co-Founder, Masary Capital, UAE

◾ Jenny Zheng; Co-founder, Blockcast; Singapore

Discussion topic:

◾ As blockchain technology matures, what do you see as the most critical next steps to promote widespread awareness and understanding of its potential beyond borders?

◾ What are the key strategies and policies that governments and regulatory bodies can implement to create an enabling environment for cross-border blockchain innovation and adoption?

◾ In what ways can blockchain create opportunities for economic growth and development in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia?

◾ As blockchain adoption grows globally, what potential risks and vulnerabilities need to be addressed to ensure the security and integrity of cross-border transactions?

◾ How can international partnerships and collaborations be fostered to drive blockchain research and development, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes for all nations?

◾ What strategies can be employed to bridge the digital divide and promote blockchain literacy in regions that may currently lack adequate technological infrastructure?

◾ Would you like to share some successful case studies or real-world examples of blockchain projects that have effectively bridged the gap between different countries and facilitated innovation on a global scale?

◾ In regions like the Middle East, Africa, and Asia, what unique factors or cultural considerations should be taken into account when implementing blockchain solutions for widespread adoption?

◾ Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize various sectors. From your experience, what are the most promising industries that stand to benefit significantly from the global integration of blockchain technology?

◾ How can blockchain alliances and associations across different countries work together to address interoperability challenges and ensure seamless integration of blockchain solutions on a global scale?


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