AMA with Loopring CEO Daniel Wang at Asia Blockchain Community on 11 July 2020, 2pm

loopring ama
loopring ama

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Asia Blockchain Community (Telegram @blockcastcommunity) will host Daniel Wang, CEO of Loopring on 11 July 2020, 2 pm (Singapore time). The community will study the project before the AMA and will have the first-hand interaction with Daniel and our Host and cofounder Jenny Zheng.

Due to time constraints, the project will answer 6 questions. We will choose:

  1. 2 questions from our Twitter Channel.
  2. 4 questions live on Telegram.

About Loopring:
Loopring is an open protocol for building scalable non-custodial exchanges on Ethereum. Leveraging zero-knowledge proofs (zkRollup), it allows for high performance trading (high throughput, low settlement cost), without sacrificing Ethereum-level security guarantees.

About Asia Blockchain Community (#ABC):
Asia Blockchain Community (ABC) is a community that is based in Asia and run by Asian. We know the market very well and is backed by panel of blockchain & crypto experts and influencers. Our mission is to create value for projects & members & educate the general public about blockchain and crypto through the work in our community.

About is a broadcasting news source for the blockchain community. Founded in South Korea and Singapore, Blockcast has a network of contributors in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. We have helped global blockchain and cryptocurrency companies reach their marketing, public relations and advertising goals.

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