A Conservation with Lockie, Co-founder of Matrix Protocol “Support the research and adoption of AI capability into daily life”


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1) Thanks for coming by this evening for this exclusive interview with Blockcast.cc. Can you introduce yourself and your core teammates?

Thank you for having us. My name is Lockie, I am one of the founders of Matrix Protocol. I am head of the marketing division at Matrix Protocol. I have worked for several iconic global companies in various marketing roles, most recently head of sponsorship and partnerships for a leading FMCG company.

My colleague and co-founder is Jack, he is the lead developer of the project. He works professionally as a Lead Cardiac Physiologist, working within one of the world’s leading healthcare providers. We work within a tight-knit team of administrators, those of which include LDC (Artistic Director), Mitty (Community Manager), Dan (Research and Innovation) and Nar (Head of Digital Engagement and Strategy).

2) Tell us about Matrix Protocol. Why this name? What are your unique selling propositions?

The name Matrix infers a connection or network between entities. This could be a connection between humans or a connection between people and machines. The main concept of Matrix Protocol is the symbiotic relationship of man with artificial intelligence.

We are one of the first projects to incorporate a passion for the development of artificial intelligence. Our aim is to partner with existing artificial intelligence research and development facilities as well as new start-ups to fast track their business ambitions. One key aspect we are truly passionate about at MTX, is how artificial intelligence could further enhance assisted living facilities and people requiring in-house care and support.

3) Tokenomics are important. Can you tell us about your tokenomics and structure? How does 3% AI work?

Each transaction of MTX will incur a 12% tax. 4% of which will be redistributed to our marketing wallet. 3% of these tokens will re-enter the liquidity pool. 2% will be redistributed amongst holders and 3% will be sent to the AI (Charity) wallet. This charity wallet will provide the funds necessary for donations to AI start-up businesses internationally. This donation will potentially provide an annual salary subsidy for one of our AI start-up partners.

4) What is your marketing plan for this quarter?

Great question. We have a 3-phase strategy heavily tailored towards below the line marketing. For us, we want to be at the core of where our potential investors spend their time. This will include continued AMA tours as we think it is important to directly hear from the developers, but also a heavy focus on Twitter, YouTube and other social influencer campaigns.

Our 3-phase strategy allows us to tailor an individualised strategy aligned with each pillar of the projects’ progress. This includes a pre-launch plan, post-launch plan and momentum plan. We are also exploring opportunities outside of crypto aligned to technology/AI and gaming in line with our core use case. We have strong connections with Twitch, YouTube and Instagram thanks to our digital content media strategist, so this will be explored once we launch our game and post-launch NFT collection.

We are extremely fortunate to have recruited LDC, which is his artist’s name. He was responsible for sculpture and creature design for various film studios such as Warner Bros, DC Comics, Nickelodeon just to name a few. He was also responsible for creating the Batmobile for DC Comics, which in turn was created into a working vehicle. His other works featured in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and ‘Pacific Rim Uprising’. Just to reiterate, he will be responsible for our NFTs moving forward.

5) Revenue streams can often be neglected. What are your current income streams? What have you planned for the future?

Initially, we will be conducting a private sale amongst the extended team and trusted investors. This will provide the liquidity and funds to perform the initial marketing required. There will also be a presale prior to launch that will provide funds for the liquidity pool as well as marketing immediately after launch. A longer-term secret NFT project will also provide further funds to assist in Matrix Protocol’s growth, as well as its’ own.

6) Can you let us know what is your technology roadmap like? I want to know all from NFT to games to everything :>

We have just finished developing a range of pre-launch NFTs in line with our roadmap. These unique NFTs will be made available to our loyal community of investors. There will also be a secret project currently dubbed “Project RR”, that will be unveiled at the launch of the game early next year. Speaking of which, our game is already in development by a reputable game developer responsible for producing games under licence such as ‘Transformers’, ‘Star Wars’, ‘Spiderman’, ‘Ninja Turtles’ and various other titles.

7) Please tell us more about your use cases too.

At Matrix Protocol, it was a priority for us to understand the primary reason to launch this project. Our vision was to support those who are supporting others and everything that we do will be centred around this vision.

8) What are your plans for Asia? Many of us are in Asia and would like to see what else we can work on together.

We are actively looking at setting up various Asian community groups to share ideas and expand our innovation. Post-launch this will be an immediate priority for us, not only in setting up these community groups but also to list on Asian cryptocurrency exchanges.

9) Where can we take the “red pill”? Any intentions to list in more places?

We are yet to officially launch Matrix Protocol, however, have already been approached by top tier crypto exchanges. We take this as a complement and it’s a testament to our project and what we have to offer the BSC space.

10) Share an inspiring quote for our community members to end this segment. Thanks.

Life is just a simulation…”


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