AMA: Asia Blockchain Community Meets Baby Maker “Providing Huge DAI Rewards”


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1) Can you tell us more about yourself and your team?

I’m Pudge, I assist the Baby Maker team in PR and marketing advisory. As for the team, it is formed on multiple crypto heads from around the globe.

2) Who is BabyMaker?

Baby Maker is a reward token that distributes the stable coin DAI to its holders. It is a fair launch with burnt LP aiming to build a solid community on BSC.

3) What is your tokenomics like?

Our tokenomics are quite similar to all rewards tokens but with reduced taxation.
Holders get rewarded 8% reflection in DAI. LP gets 5%. Marketing gets 4%.

4) Why choose DAI?

DAI is a stablecoin, which ensures that holders are entitled to switch back and forth between it and other cryptos without worrying about the volatility of holding DAI.

5) Earn DAI for holding BabyMaker. Do you feel pressured to peg with a stable coin?

The rewards are based on the volume being traded as they are derived from the taxation. Therefore, as far as volume is present the rewards are present.

6) What are your short term technology development?

For the short term, our main aim is to build a strong foundation when it comes to the community as it is essential to sustain the growth of the project. That being said, the short term highlight is put on marketing + community growth rather than tech dev.

7) Security is the key for a project. Is your contract audited?

We are in the process of filling audit requests to add more confidence and credibility to the project. As far as security is concerned, the code is forked from already existing and working models.

8) What is your longer-term revenue roadmap like?

For the long term, we aim to tap into the world of NFT auctions for more revenues to be distributed to holders. Furthermore, we are in the process of sketching a roadmap for merch release also.

9) What are the problems when starting Baby Maker and how do you overcome them?

The main problem is a problem faced by all fairly launched tokens which is passing through the initial sell pressure. Gladly, with the large volume, we witnessed this was done successfully.

10) Share with us an inspiring quote.

Strategy and persistence are the keys to success