Asia Blockchain Community Checks out StageLink “Setting the Stage for the Revolutions of Sports”


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1) Thanks for coming by. Team’s background is very important. It gives credibility to the project. Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your team?

Thanks for having me. I’m Petral one of the core team members of SageLink, alongside Jordan (our CEO) and Zackary. I personally have been in the cryptocurrency scene since 2014/15, I fell in love with the flexibility of blockchain and the freedom it could potentially provide.

We also have a fully qualified team to ensure the success of StageLink which include, Trainers/coaches, Athletes, 3rd party legal team, blockchain/Dapps developers, web developers and we have plans to grow the team as the StageLink brand grows.

2. What is StageLink about?

As you most will probably know, there has been a huge increase in Influencer boxing exhibitions, e.g. Jake Paul, Logan Paul, KSI, Generating upwards of approximately $100 million per fight.

The team at StageLink saw this amazing opportunity and decided to capitalise on this and build a fair and rewarding StageLink ecosystem, we will distribute 5% of the revenue generated by our events to our holders and 5% to our liquidity pool.

StageLink is a real-life Utility token that aims to build a bridge between pay-per-view sports and cryptocurrency. The events we host are focused on both influencers as well as professional boxing athletes.

3. Can you share with us your tokenomics and your token structure?

Total supply- 1 quadrillion StageLink tokens
Transaction tax – 12%(3% BNB rewards, 3% Marketing, 3% business development,3% to liquidity)
No team wallets.
5% Marketing wallet
5% Loyalty rewards wallet

The Loyalty wallet is a new concept. It is essentially a means of thanking our holders.
This means those who do not sell will receive back 25% of the 12% transaction fee every single week. For example, if you bought $10,000 worth of StageLink, the transaction fee would be $1,200. This means you would receive 25% of $1,200 every single week.

4) Bridging between cryptocurrency and PPV industry is necessary. What are your marketing plans to make your project known? What kind of outreach plans do you have targeted to both industries?

We have different stages of marketing, the first one is to get the name and idea of StageLink to those in the cryptocurrency sector to attract keen long term investors. Secondly, we will market StageLink to those from the fighting entertainment sector by targeting sports-related influencers and media outlets. We will target both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and sports enthusiasts alike.

5) What kind of technology developments are you working on?

We are working on implementing a more robust anti-piracy software on the StageLink platform.

We have witnessed many previous PPV events which had an established sale target and were not able to reach this due to piracy and people streaming the events to others. The Implementation of the anti-piracy features will not fully prevent them however it will reduce and limit piracy.

We also have the StageLink App in development which will be an easier interface to stream and bet on the fights. We will reveal many more awesome features of our upcoming app at a later date.

6) What are your plans for Asia? Asians are big on PPV events such as MMA, boxing, wrestling?

We welcome supporters from any geological location, We plan to spread our reach all over the world, Asia included. Since PPV events are mostly watched online it makes it easy for individuals in any country to be able to stream them with minimal effort.

We wish to target many Asian crypto influencers and fighters to promote StageLink, it is also within our plan to hire an Asian based marketing agency with the sole purpose of marketing to the Asian masses. Another method would be to promote ads on Asian platforms for example the likes of popular ones such as BTOK.

7) Can you tell us what are your listing plans?

DEX and CEX together and when should we expect that to happen?

We are currently holding a whitelisting for our upcoming presale and launch on Pancakeswap. If you get whitelisted this means your wallet address will be able to buy the presale first on DxSale, the whitelisted members will first have an allocated amount of time to buy the presale e.g. 3 hours, once the time passes if the hard cap is not filled then the presale will open up to the rest of the public and become a public sale.

We are also in talks with major cryptocurrency CEX representatives, however, we are making sure we take our tokenomics into account.

8) Can you tell us more about your current giveaway and promotional activities?

As I mentioned we currently have a sweepwidget for our upcoming presale, however, there are also many giveaways in the sweepwidget, for example, the top 10 in sweepwidget entries will receive various prizes totalling 10 BNB.

Top 100 entries in our sweepwidget are automatically entered into our milestone giveaways such as, at 20m market cap we have a give away of a $7.5k family holiday for 5 members ($37.5k total) there will be a vehicle give away of up to $50k at 50 million market cap. At 100m market cap we have a house giveaway of up to $200k, this is to show appreciation to the boxing legends that were once homeless and struggling but never gave up.
(Note you have to participate in our presale to be eligible for the giveaways on the sweepwidget, however, we have other shilling and invite giveaways in our telegram.)

9) A general question. Bitcoin and the altcoin markets are moving upwards. It is bullish based on what I see. Do you see the same as I do? What does it mean for StageLink?

Yeah, the majority of the team are bullish on crypto in general. We all believe that cryptocurrency is the future of currency, it has been one of the fastest-growing things this decade.
We have a very bullish outlook hence we decided to start StageLink during its rise, the idea has been here for a while and we have been waiting on for the opportunity we are in right now

10) To end off the segment, can you please share an inspiring quote for our community members?

“If you don’t like something about the world, then you must create the solution for it yourself and make a change”


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