Asia Blockchain Community Hosted Exclusive Harold Coin’s First AMA Session


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Segment 1: AMA Welcome to Asia Blockcast Community (ABC). ABC is a community that is based in Asia and run by volunteers. We know the market very well and is backed by a panel of blockchain & crypto experts and influencers. Our mission is to create value for projects & members & educate the general public about blockchain and crypto through the work in our community.

Segment 1: AMA
Segment 2: Live questions
Segment 3: Quick questions from other social media

Without further ado, let us welcome our guests to the house. Please introduce yourself. We love to hear about your background and experience in the crypto space.

Lars: I’m Lars, I have a background in finance, I worked for Santander Bank and moved onto purchasing for Bentley Motors. My crypto experience has been for roughly 3-4 years, but this is my first venture into making a cryptocurrency. I’m excited!

Luke: Hello! I’m Luke, I am a software engineer by trade that has worked in the education, civil, financial and the mainstream crypto space.

Karl: I’m Karl, I have a background in property and business startups, I have been involved with Crypto for 4 years and this is my first involvement as a developer on a coin!

Adam: I am a polymath and crypto enthusiast with extensive experience in architectural and renewable engineering, web development, and graphic design. I have previous experience advising and launching crypto projects that have achieved market caps of over $15m USD. I also enjoy the odd meme or two. Who is Harold? Why do you name your project Harold Coin?

Harold Coin: We named our project Harold because of the second most searched meme in the world; Hide the Pain Harold. We found this meme the most hilarious but also the most fitting for crypto. Let’s be honest, everyone does that smile when the markets are down 50%. Do you see yourself as a meme coin?

Harold Coin: Yes, we do. A lot of people seem to shy away from classifying themselves as a meme coin and put up a veil of a use case to make it seem more intellectual than it is. We wanted to bring some fun to the crypto space with memes and bring charity along with it. Personally, we think this is a fantastic combination to make money, raise money and hopefully get a few smiles. What charitable organizations will you support? What are your charity goals?

Harold Coin: In short, any. We have our own personal preferences that we would like to support but there’s so many out there that we don’t know about yet. Since we are community driven we want the community to have a say on where the money goes. Since we can be fluid with this approach, it means we are able to react to current world events and donate to where everyone thinks could be the best global or local cause. What are your tokenomics like?

Harold Coin: The best in the business, obviously! In all seriousness, we have mostly followed a tried and tested method with some additional extras that we think adds to the longevity of the coin in the crypto space. 4% will be paid to holders via reflections on each buy and sell, 4% is added to the liquidity pool to give us a solid base, 1% is converted to BNB and added to a charity wallet so we are able to make donations without big sell-offs, and 1% is added to a marketing wallet to build the profile of the coin. Again, the marketing wallet is held in BNB to not affect the market value in one big sell-off. What is your technology roadmap like? What use case are you planning?

Harold Coin: We are more interested in building the brand around HaroldCoin. We have ideas around voting systems, merchandise and much more. There has also been talk of NFTs and wallets too but we don’t want to just be generic like so many other coins out there. We have the talent to be able to make all of those things come to life, it’s more of a case of what would be best for Harold Coin rather than a technology feat. Why should the community as large believe in your product? What is your unique selling proposition?

Harold Coin: Honestly, we feel like we’re trying to do the right thing. That is, have some fun, make some money and give to charity. We are based on a fantastic meme that is instantly recognisable and pairing that with charity seems to be destined for success. We feel this is massively unique as there are memes based on global characters and charity coins that do well but nothing seems to bridge the gap. Couple this with the fact that we genuinely care about the project and the community, we’re tired of seeing rugpulls and money grabs and are adamant to set ourselves as far away from these projects as we can. Would you consider registering yourself as a formal charity organisation?

Harold Coin: All things need to be considered but given we are at such an early stage this might be a stretch. We want to feel the waters first, give out donations regularly and build out our brand. Going forward, we would love this to be a formal charity organisation but we feel it’s important to focus on the first crucial steps before we get there. Bitcoin and the crypto market do not look too bullish for some. What are your views? Will deflationary tokens like Harold Coin walk a different path as bitcoin?

Harold Coin: The market has looked pretty dire for the past 6 weeks but when you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, things are looking pretty bright for cryptocurrencies in general. I still feel we’re in the infancy of cryptocurrency and there is still so much room to grow. We will most certainly walk a slightly different path to Bitcoin in terms of growth but like it or not, we will also be governed by the price of Bitcoin to an extent. However, that being said, we will only be successful by focusing on ourselves and what we can offer the crypto and wider communities. Keeping an eye on the market is sensible but it does not change our personal trajectory. Lastly, before we go for live questions. Can you share an inspiring quote for all of us?

There’s a lot to choose from but a favourite one of mine was on a sign on the stairs to Wat Tham Pha Plong in Chaing Dao: “There’s a chance to get refreshed, once you are tired. But there’s no chance to re-live your life once you are dead.”

“The best way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” – Walt Disney


“The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.”


This quote really sticks out to me “There are no passengers on planet earth, we are all crew”. I feel with what we are trying to do at Harold coin with our charity donations, this rings true. We all have a duty to help one another Next will be live Q and A. Floor will be opened for 5 mins. The project lead will select the 10 questions to be answered. Selected questions will receive $10 of their coins. They will also private message you to send you their tokens.

Please beware, at times the questions will be overwhelming. The community brainstormed the questions together too, there might be similar questions or angles.


Segment 2: Live Questions

Question 1: @crypt_1c

I invest in crypto for making profits. I do charity with a percentage of my earnings every month. I understand the meme part but don’t you think that this charity part has turned into a rat race among new crypto projects? What do investors get out of it?

Great question! I think both memes and charity have become a rat race being honest. There aren’t many that have combined the two very well, in our opinion.

The fact is not everyone gives to charity and meme coins actually don’t have massive amounts of utility in the world even if they get sold as that. I feel that we can have fun along the way with our meme (since it’s great, the community have just made this even better). The fact we can have fun, make money AND give to charity just feels like a perfect formula to keep an investor happy. You don’t have to do much other than buy in and you’re gaining a lot.

Question 2: @Tanas0707

What exchanges are you planning to list?

Currently, we have advanced talks with HotBit and WhiteBit regarding listings, we are very confident these two exchanges are perfect for our development and early days. We are concerned with building a solid base for now and doing the right thing PR wise, which is why we choose to work with Blockcast! Once we have a solid base, we will start moving up the ladder of exchanges.


Question 3: @HesterDriscoll

Can you move the Harold into another blockchain in the future for example if gas prices get lower for ethereum?

We’ve been discussing this with many parties at present and we think it’s an excellent idea. It only opens our community to a wider audience and means we can snowball faster, earning more, giving more to charity and more memes being made!


Question 4: @AbdulIvory

Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and keep the project/company running. What is your way of generating profit/revenue? What is the income model?

The first way we will build revenue is through the tokenomics. The 1% marketing wallet will help snowball marketing once our volume increases. After this as we start moving into CEX, we will build revenue through our meme NFT exchange and an App we’re working on. Sorry, I can’t disclose more information about this because there is a lot of copycats out there 🙂


Question 5: @mohamedsala1

Are you planning to expand your team globally?

Great question Deip So. As it stands, we have 3 core devs located in Europe and myself in Australia. We feel our European presence is great however we feel that our current “weak spot” is the Asia Pacific region, and we will be looking to increase our presence within this region moving forward. The first step to get Harold to the masses is to work very closely with blockcast, which is proving to be a great collaboration.


Question 6: @ImaBriones

Who is your competitive at present time? How to come first position in all them?

We’re looking at pretty much all other coins at present. We’re working closely with a couple of similar market cap to share ideas and manpower as well.

We have aspirations of who we wish to reach but no one in particular that we see as a competitor. Adam, one of our devs, was one of the founders of KarenCoin so there’s clearly a little friendly competition there!

How are we going to get there? Great question. By hard work, determination, marketing and continuing to get our name out there. We’d love you to join the journey!


Question 7: @WillardCornwell

Do you have any Coin Burn / BuyBack systems or any Token Burn plans to increase the value of Token & attract Investors to invest??

The way we have set our tokenomics up, gives us a continuous token burn on purchases, transfers and sales. The initial 50% supply was burned and sent to a dead wallet. As this wallet is also a token holder it will continue to accumulate a percentage of the 4% re-distribution with each transaction. Given this is a dead wallet that no one can ever have access to, the percentage of tokens added with every transaction is essentially burnt, lowering the total circulating supply and thus increasing demand.

We for certain won’t rule out a token buyback and burn with our own cash, like what SafeMoon did in the early days.


Question 8: @WillardCornwell

In the long run, why should we trust and follow you and your project? How do you raise awareness and elimination the doubts of investors/partners/customers?.

The best way we can build trust with our community is by being completely transparent. We are transparent with our charity donations and marketing spends. We post proof on our website, Twitter and TG of charity donations and where we spend marketing funds.
We also do AMA’s with our community where possible. (Granted not as frequent as we’d like because we’re busy improving Harold)

However, the best way I would say we prove ourselves is through our community. If you join our TG, you can ask the community there. They’re a great bunch and very comical.


Question 9: @avaeaz

Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote on about the project?

Hey Aneko, our community is the most important feature in our project! For starters, our community decides on what charities we donate to, each month we ask for submissions and then the larger community decides on which one we choose by way of a poll. Once these are narrowed down to the final four, they go live on our social media and are voted upon. The top charity gains 70% of the money and the 3 runners up each gain 10%. This way no charity loses out, especially as there are some very small charities brought to us by the community and they really need Harolds help!

We have no formal voting/governance system however, we are always listening to our community and will take any ideas on board! Transparency is key!


Question 10: @happydaisyl

While you build your project, do you take into account community feedbacks and demands?

We definitely do! Community is such a large part of our project and we want to all be part of the ride.

Whether that be suggestions of the roadmap, suggestions about charities or otherwise. We’re completely open to ideas so we can all travel to the moon


Segment 3: Social Media Questions

1) It is hard to list on CEX if you have this sharing of rewards system. Do you think this will be a hinder?

It is but an example of how you do it well is Safemoon. They’re listed on a number of larger exchanges and still have their tokenomics in play for those that hold outside of a CEX. That’s why we’ve largely taken a decision not to renounce so it gives us flexibility!

2) Is the team fully doxxed? I cannot find them on the website?

The team is fully doxxed! Please see and there are pictures of our faces there! Some better looking than others. Also, we have been asked to provide proof in our TG and Discord a few times and we’re more than happy to do this too. Hope this helps!

3) Liquidity locked for 5 years does not mean unrugpullable. What other safety measures do you have?

This is true but it’s a large portion of it. There are a few things, our spread of token ownership is very low compared to competitors and the devs do not even hold the top wallets as we thought it would be an unfair advantage. The key thing is even though people like the blanket of renouncing ownership to prevent a honeypot or similar, (as do we) we have decided not to go with this. This is because on further investigation it gives much greater flexibility on listing on CEX when you do not renounce. Although that raises our risk profile ever so slightly, it also raises the ceiling for how high the price can reach. We thought it was a fair trade given we are Doxxed and willing to provide any information about ourselves as you deem necessary (maybe not my personal phone number :P).

4) There are so many charity tokens. What are your plans to make yourself stand out?

We’re the second most searched/used meme in the world, this is a great start but not the only thing we have planned to make ourselves stand out. We’re planning some generic things such as meme competitions, meme walls of fame, maybe a Harold Hodler Wallet. Oh, and charity! We allow the community to vote on their chosen charities. This is great because it’s built into the tokenomics and it makes people feel a bit of good about their investment.

There is one really, stand out thing we have planned, but we’re holding this close to our chest. Sorry for the lack of information but there is a lot of copycats out there and we don’t want to lose our ideas before they’re copyrighted and polished.
Sorry again, I know this is quite vague but others might be quicker than us, haha.

5) What are the use cases?

We think we answered this mostly with what will make us stand out, but here’s thing listed:

Meme Wall of Fame
Meme Competitions
Charity Votes
Harolds Hodler Wallet
Secret App in Progress

6) Why do you allow the community to vote to decide where to donate?

The coin only exists because of the community and what they are willing to invest into it. There are so many great causes out there that we are not aware of and it only seemed sensible to open it to the community. This also means that charities that are chosen can by global and topical!

7) Why didn’t you give our more rewards for holding your token? 4% seems too low.

We went with 4% because this seemed to be a fair average throughout most BSC projects. Things like this could technically change but we don’t do anything without the community deciding they want it first.

8) Who this meme?

Harold is based on the hilarious meme of Hide the Pain Harold. We all need this when the crypto market crashes 50%

9) What are your plans, are you going to focus in Asia?

We plan to work more closely with Blockcast to try and improve our Asia presence. We think the biggest issue is making sure translation of the funniest memes are done well. Humour needs to be translated well. Also, cultural differences in humour can be difficult but we think humour tends to be universal.

10) What are the end goals for your project?

Our top-secret Harold App is our end game but to be honest, crypto evolves all the time. There can’t really ever have an end goal. We think Harold on the moon is great but what about Harold going galactic?

11) They are many scams now on BSC. We are worried. How can you assure us?

We hear you on that! and we have all been on the wrong side of some terrible coins in the past. This is why it’s so important for us to be completely doxxed and transparent with our community, with 24h telegram and Twitter presence 7 days a week. We are always happy to connect with our community and have even been known to send selfies on request (even from the bath on some occasions lol).

12) Do you think Bitcoin going sideways now will affect Harold Coin’s performance?

In the Cryptosphere, BTC affects all coins as a collective. We, unfortunately, cannot legislate for this, BTC will hit crazy heights in the future, of that most people are sure, all we have to do as developers is not get too distracted by the big boys’ performances and keep doing our thing and making waves in the area we have to operate.

13) I see that the liquidity is low for your coin now. What will you do to improve it?

The liquidity is at 28%, which is actually pretty high. Our tokenomics are set up to reflect 4% of every transaction to our LP. This has built us a solid foundation for the future of the coin.

14) What charity plans do you have for 2021?

Our main goal is to push Harold into as many good causes as we possibly can, we believe making the charities community driven, allows our community members to choose charities close to their heart which we love! Our first charity donation was to Billy’s place in Arizona, it is a small charity that has a huge impact in the community and the money we donated has gone a long way to assisting in their efforts! That is exactly what we want to continue doing as we believe it makes a true difference

15) Will you consider changing yourself to a multichain coin?

This is something we have spoken about from day 1! We love the idea of being a multichain coin and we have it planned for the future as long as the project goes the way we hope it does. SafeMoon is a prime example of how this has been implemented effectively and to the benefit of the community. Thanks for your time and coming by to the Asia Blockchain Community. To find out more about Harold Coin, head down to will continue to bring exciting news about Harold Coin, feel free to find out more at

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