Asia Blockchain Community Meets HALF Coin “Cryptocurrency-focused payment system”


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  1. Please introduce yourself

I’m Demian, CMO at HALFCoin and CEO at Gravitera. I am in charge of HALF project’s global marketing

I have been working in Blockchain industry for 7 years. Since I founded Gravitera, I have consulted various companies in the blockchain industry and developed many platforms and Dapps. I have also been thinking a lot about what the output of the blockchain was needed in this era, and came to believe that the HALF project would provide practical help and catalyst to Korea’s e-commerce market and global trade market.


  1. Tell us briefly about HALF project.

HALFcoin is a cryptocurrency, but at the same time, it is a protocol that provides ‘practical blockchain’ that helps startups create dapps in the e-commerce industry. HALF has already built an online platform, and the team has been developing a Dapp where users can actually use HALF coin to purchase various products and participate in the staking program. In addition, HALF was also listed on Hotbit exchange on October 21st.

And we also created online shopping mall where you can use HALF coin.


  1. About this online shopping mall, how does it work? Can everyone use HALF right now to purchase items?

So you see a lot of items in our shopping mall, and these can be purchased with HALF coin right now.

But what’s really exciting is that when you purchase items with HALF coin, then you can purchase up to twice as cheap. For example, this one shows the price is 00000 KRW, but if you pay with HALF, then you would only need to pay 000 worth HALF tokens.

And this kind of system was based on our strategy to erase the negative image of crypto assets by allowing consumers to purchase products at half the price, HENCE the name of the coin,

and increase the value of Half Coin (HALP) along with the actual interests of users.

So you have big advantages while shopping with HALF.
So yeah, that’s what we really meant by practical, and we wanna be more practical by building ourselves up a lot more in the future.


  1. Regarding your shopping mall, how do you plan to target foreign audiences?

Recently, Half Project has partnered with the U.S. overseas exchange and also partnered with domestic stations and direct purchase shopping malls to expand the service area so that overseas users can shop with half coins as well. So, this project was born in Korea but we are ready to break boundaries and reach out to global users and crypto enthusiasts.

Our project also signed an MOU with Blockchain Capital, a professional investment venture, for listing on the exchange in the U.S.


  1. What would be the biggest advantage of using HALF coin while shopping?

It reduces consumers’ purchasing costs in real life. I think the value of the HALF coin is also the structure in which the number of purchased HALF coins increases as the number of shopping mall users increases. In other words, when purchasing household goods and paying with half-coin, the value of half-coin increases along with reducing consumers’ purchase costs.


  1. What are the most important characteristics of HALF?

It is focused as a payment system. You can trade HALF of course on Hotbit, but what is more important is the fact that HALF project is delivering a practical platform where HALF coin can actually be used.


  1. So HALF coin seems like it’s a cryptocurrency-focused payment system. What other traits does it have apart from payment coin?

We are building lots of ideas right now. What would be exciting is that once we build our own mainnet, developers and start-ups in the e-commerce industry can use our blockchain to create their own dapps, tokens, and platforms. It has a lot of potential to create new things and make innovative ideas come true.


  1. Where can we purchase HALF coin right now?

You can purchase it on Hotbit! We just got listed on 21st. We have USDT pair.


  1. What is your future plan? What’s your short-term and mid-term goal?

Our short term goal would be to show some performance on Hotbit exchange. We are ready to do some aggressive marketing, and we will prove HALF coin’s value.

What I mean is that we will actually show people how HALF is used in the e-commerce industry, and how people can reach out to HALF and use its economical and practical value as much as they can.

The mid-term goal would be brushing up our platform. We are building new things on top of our current mall. I cannot disclose everything here until it is done, but you can look forward to it.


  1. Lastly, is there any event that our users can participate?

Yes, we have an event going on right now. If you purchase more than $100 worth HALF token and send us a screenshot with your info, we will give you airdrop. I’ll provide the link.

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