Asia Blockchain Community Meets SHIBA RISE Token “Reducing the overall amount of scam projects”


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1) We always like to start off with a good introduction, please tell us more about yourself and your background.

Hello, my name is Spencer. Thank you for this opportunity and welcome to all those joining. I am an entrepreneur who seeks to provide solutions for a better world in every aspect of life. I was homeschooled for surfing and soccer. Beginning at a young age and during my homeschooling I fell in love with technology. I would disassemble laptops and desktops and learned how to upgrade them without instructions by the age of 10. I grew up in a house of entrepreneurs, I learned through example how important and integral work-ethic, ingenuity, math, logic, psychology, and the ability to visualize solutions are to running a successful business. Transitioning from the stock market to crypto I almost immediately began to see the larger issues at hand. Scam projects, a lack of regulation and accountability. Scams are everywhere and they are draining millions of dollars from good, hard working people daily. For this reason, I set out to create a solution and add some integrity back into the meme coin space and crypto in general. Enter: SHIBA RISE

2) Can you tell us more about your core team members? 

Julien (aka Sarto) has worked with many fast-growing companies throughout his career. He has been practising SEO and web marketing for over 20 years and created the Lead Stream Agency which now has over 200 clients. There are more than 15 core team members and growing daily. It is a community-driven cryptocurrency, so anyone can participate.

3) Share with us more about SHIBA RISE. What is your mission?

To reduce the overall amount of scam projects that plague our networks by providing long-term sustainable growth investment alternatives. SHIBA RISE will create a network built upon integrity, honour, and accuracy where we will create an exclusive trading space, launch pad and promotional service based on honesty and transparency. Once verified and the team properly vetted, a SHIBA RISE certified presale will be hosted and made public on our social platform and exchange so everyone involved in our network can catch a SAFU token for astronomical gains.

4) We want to know your tokenomics. Can you tell us what is your unique selling point?

6% Buyback and burn, Our contract has a contract within it that automatically purchases after individual sells. The majority of this purchase is sent to a burn address, the remaining is distributed between holders, liquidity and the marketing/development wallet.

Marketing/Develop Wallet: 3% of every transaction is automatically distributed to the marketing/development wallet.

Summary: 6 % whale buyback (The SHIBA), 2% Reflection to Holders, 3% to marketing/development.
⁃ We are also utilizing the marketing wallet as a liquidity provider to increase the price floor and provide stability during slow times while adding value back to the token provided by pumps.

5) You seem to have a very capable lead development. I want to know about your technology roadmap. Please elaborate.

Incorporating psychology and finances we are going to create our social network that is built around integrity, trust, honour and accuracy. The unique way we will provide our network is through limiting users to only being able to create one handle and each user is represented by their wallet. Our members will be able to access detailed reports on shady characters and bad players, Creating a space where members can trust each other and avoid fraudulent players. Creating an exchange for NFTs and tokens, staking platforms, charts and more will then be incorporated into our trading platform.

6) Now, can you tell us about your wallet social app and NFT exchange. Are they your “cash/ crypto cow”?

Our wallet + social app will be free of charge and the NFT will be minimal fees. We believe providing a healthy environment to aspiring artists will unlock higher network traffic, rewarding us with promotional opportunities for respected businesses and aspiring collaborators. Reducing the fees for transactions on our network will allow us to have premium and basic versions of our platform where premium users will receive added benefits.

7) What are the possible use cases that we can see in the next 3 months?

We are going to add the ability to purchase products and SHIBA RISE apparel to our website and users may use their SHIBA RISE tokens to make these purchases. Proceeds will be split between product cost, liquidity, marketing, and development. We also are hoping to have our exchange near completion where users may stake their tokens to begin acquiring high percentage rates.

8) I saw that you have a sister token to be launched in phase 4. What is that about?

After establishing SHIBA RISE as an identity that people can rely on to be SAFU we believe hosting our very own SHIBA RISE sister tokens will give opportunities to current SHIBA RISE holders and potentially new to be able to get in on a new token as early as possible. The reason for this is because our goal is to provide financial freedom to as many as possible. Each token will have its own individual use case and be fully backed by SHIBA RISE. Today everyone wants to get in on a token as early as possible for the 1000x gains. With SHIBA RISE this can happen repeatedly, and investors will already know they can that their investments can be withdrawn at anytime they like without unnecessary complications.

9) What are your listing plans?

SHIBA RISE is currently listed on CoinMarketCap and we have been waiting for CoinGecko to respond to our email. After CoinGecko our next goal is to be listed onto a larger exchange and we see SHIBA RISE eventually being listed on exchanges like KuCoin and Binance.

10) Give us an inspiring business quote to end this segment.

“Time is the friend of the wonderful company, the enemy of the mediocre.”

— Warren Buffett