Exclusive Interview with Samuel Jiménez, Founder of BeGlobal Finance “Be part of the future, BeGlobal Finance”


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1) Thank you for being here at the Asia Blockchain Community. Can you tell us more about yourself, your experiences before the crypto days?

Sure! Happy to be here. I studied a bunch of stuff. I’m a science computer engineer, with studies in electronics too. I also studied a few online courses of game theory, gamification, operations… And ended up doing an executive MBA after a few years of experience. Career-wise, even though I always loved everything related to software/hardware, I ended up being a poker player. Before finishing my degree, I was making living out of online poker and moved out from my parent’s place. I became the flagship of the biggest online Poker School back in the time (Poker Strategy) of Spain and Latin America. I was playing the highest levels online (NL1000 and NL2000) and was also a Spanish 1vs1 champion.

On the way to reach this level, I had to study lots of game theory and also became a consultant in the industry: for poker schools, casinos, poker rooms… At all levels: strategy, marketing, operations… I was everywhere. Some years later, I developed my own seating software along with a good friend, and we created the most advanced seating poker software in the industry. It was a really good piece of software, integrating multiple technologies at once. I’ve never seen anything like that. Shortly after, I became a dad for the first time and I didn’t want to handle such a level of stress with poker, so I switched to work in my family business. There I started in production, to move to logistics, operations and finally, management. I have been the general manager for 3 years now. The company I run has a revenue of around 4.000.000€/year and we have ~30 employees and we supply parts for the automotive market.

You might have noticed that I haven’t talked about crypto yet. The reason is that I got into crypto around 2013 I believe when BTC was less than 200$. By 2018, my net worth was… Quite a lot. But I got hacked and 4 exchanges were shut down for different reasons and I was left with almost nothing. However, the new bull run started and a poker friend was calling me day after day. Come back, come back, come back. DeFi, DeFi, DeFi. That was new for me (it had just started for everyone anyway) and he convinced me to check back with my peanuts left. I ended up being a degen farmer, trying every single farm out there in BSC nonstop. I realize there was a huge gap to fill and slowly, without noticing, I was idealizing BeGlobal.

2)  If you can share some information about your team members too.

My team members had a more typical career and they are all top professionals. I will try to sum it up:

a) Science computer engineer + Master in Artificial Intelligence and computer vision + PhD + Postdoc researcher in multiple universities. Working as data scientist team lead in England and France.
b) Science computer engineer + Master in Artificial intelligence. Software dev. He then set up his own starter and was the CTO. Sold it and now he is head of studies of a University.
c) Computer science engineer with long (and abroad) experience in web development.
d) Marketing guy, has been leading in the casino and gaming industry for years, climbing up every time and now head of Marketing in a crypto company that was set up back in 2017 already and in Gibraltar, where many crypto companies are.

3) Now, tell us more about BeGlobal Finance. What are your vision and mission?

BeGlobal.Finance is heavily focused on the product and launches integrating different features of DeFi, adding improvements on top and interconnecting them.

We aim to integrate all DeFi features in one place, making sure we bring improvements and innovation along. What do I mean by this?

– Swap like Pancakeswap with no fees (we are exploring the possibility to even PAY you for swapping!).
– Optimizer of other native tokens like Pancake Bunny but with multiple strategies (Not a fixed strategy of 30% performance fee, we want to let the user decide among different ones). For instance, 20% performance fee or 50% performance fee. Each of them will lead to a different APR, much higher than a simple auto-compound. Also, the APR does NOT depend on the token value.
– Vested and locked vaults, very uncommon in BSC. Our extra rewards from the optimizer will go to the vested pools. Even if you withdraw before the vesting period, we will guarantee an extra 6-10% of APR vs. a simple auto-compound. The locked pool will give you much higher rewards.
– We are public, you can check our Linkedin. This is very rare in the DeFi industry. And we launch once the Certik audit has finished. BeGlobal is a safe place.
– NFT governance and utility: we will transfer the governance to the NFTs. We are still brainstorming this part, which should be live by the end of October, but we basically want to do adaptative NFTs that change over time and they will be used for voting proposals like in what pool do you want to increase rewards next week, for receiving extra rewards from our farms or optimizer or, even in some specific cases, a percentage of the fees of the swap (probably top3% NFTs). This is all brainstorming still until we write it down but the idea is that NFTs will have multiple rounds and change their value based on the round they are being used. Simplifying, a ranking of NFTs.
– In our roadmap, we want to bring the remaining DeFi features available in the market: leverage farming (like Alpaca), lending (like Aave), Dxsale (liquidity locker), etc.

4) What are your tokenomics like?

We are currently reviewing this part. We had developed a complex system but we have found that the average investor prefers it simple. Even if we believe our system was better, we will probably simplify and keep things simple. In a nutshell:

– Our emission/block won’t be very high from the beginning like other degen farms. We have public faces and Certik will have audited our code. We believe investors will trust us and we don’t need 2000% APR farms to bring them with us. We plan to have a low inflationary token after a few months.
– We will mint some tokens for big investors if they decide to invest in the company to grow the operations and marketing team. These tokens will only be used for these purposes and released vested.
– Some tokens will be vested for 12 months for the team.
– We plan to keep 0 tokens from the emissions. They will all be redistributed into our ecosystem or burned.

5) You being the “one-stop-shop” project for all DeFi needs is interesting. I know you have AMM, Yield Farming and much more utility. Tell us all about them.

As I mentioned above, we really want to push NFTs, but in a different way than the market is behaving. Right now, NFTs are all about collections/pictures. We want to give them utility through the exclusivity they represent. I have mentioned some ideas we have for them but there are others that are still being cooked.

At the same time, having vested and locked vaults allow us to “play around” a bit more with our system, like giving much higher rewards in our optimizer because tokens are vested and they will be released as the project grows.

All in all, our aim is that you can come and do any DeFi need you might have, with us. Instead of using tens of DAPPS a day, you can simply come and use BeGlobal.

6) Marketing is still a key factor to success. What are your plans ahead, specifically for the next 1-2 months.

We partnered up with LunaPR, which is giving us great exposure around. Also, as our fees are much lower (or even free) than other swaps, we plan to approach big communities to encourage them to partner up with us, because it’s an advantage for the project and for their investors:
– Investors can swap cheaper.
– If we add them to a farm, investors have an extra utility for the token.
– Project is more sustainable because people are adding the tokens as LP instead of selling them.

Of course, we also have a few influencers with us. On top of that, we already have a real-world partnership about to be closed that can give us more exposure/ trust in the real-world market.

And will also attend some crypto events (more on that in our channels soon).

7) What revenue structure do you have for the project? When will it break even?

The team has put an incredible amount of hours into it since May. I have funded a big part of it and only requested some extra funding for the initial push with Certik+Marketing. However, we are VERY positive that it will succeed. We have been running the whitelist for a few days and we already have a high interest registered. We are launching no matter what. We are going to be break-even by far before we launch.

8) Care to share what are your listing plans too?

Common questions that I like to answer. We are not going to pay any exchange to list us. Our token is ready to be listed: it doesn’t have tax fee transfer, which is usually a headache for exchanges. But if we have to pay an exchange to list our token, it means it doesn’t have enough trading yet and it’s not worth it. We believe listing will come along with the growth of the project.

9) South Koreans and Chinese are still the core Defi investors, what are you doing to attract them to your project?

At the moment, we are heavily focused on our launch, to have everything ready for the day. But as soon as we are out, we plan to expand our communities, and Asian communities are, as you say, very important. We plan to hire professionals to set it up and start developing those communities. People that are professionals in the industry and know the market first hand are the way to go. We are a serious company and not two kiddos at home. Things gotta be done the right way.

10) Do you have plans to become multi-chain enabled?

Initially, it was one of our main goals. However, as the project was progressing, we starting thinking we had to fill the gap first. Opening in other chains might give hype and be profitable, but as I mentioned at the beginning, we are heavily focused on the product. Therefore, and to fulfil this vision, multichain is in our roadmap in the future, but not a top priority.

11) Share an inspiring quote to our community. We want to hear your insights to success.

I always like to say two things:

a) Invest in the team. They are the ones who will deliver. Even the best idea in the world can be discarded if it’s not properly developed. The team is everything. The best team will always give you the best results. In BeGlobal, I looked for the best trustable people I had around me. They are very skilled.

b) Responsibility over control. That applies to operations management (an area of my expertise) but also in crypto. DeFi is a new era, take responsibility for your acts and don’t allow anyone to have control over your decision or net worth. Use DeFi when possible.

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