Exclusive Interview with The Collective Token Where Freelance Meets Crypto”


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1) Let’s meet our guest today. Please tell us about yourself.

My name is Brandon, I’m 21 years old and I’m currently a senior computer engineering student as well as the CTO of The Collective. I am the software engineer and blockchain developer for TCC, I’ve developed the smart contract for the token and in the process of developing the platform’s smart contracts as well.

2) Can you tell us more about your core members? What are their roles?

Our main core team is mainly composed of 15 members, every single one of them was chosen based on their abilities, interests, and personalities. We believe that with a strong core team the foundation of the project is certainly stronger, and it was built before and during our token launch. Every single one of them has roles that are specified in our website which allow us to delegate jobs and responsibilities in regards to sections like socials, moderation and platform development, etc.

3) What is The Collective?

The Collective was born from the idea of decentralizing one of the most popular and fastest-growing job markets, freelancing. Our goal was to develop a real project to be built on the BSC network and start promoting the adoption of cryptocurrency to real-life transactions and business models.

4) Where do you plan to recruit your freelancers?

Since the initial promotion of the project, we have been getting tons of requests to join the beta and to have pre-access to the platform. People are interested in making extra income in the crypto space without having to worry too much about learning new skills and instead of using their current abilities within a different market. We’re also planning to push a marketing campaign to target freelancers with an opportunity to earn more income by offering their services for cryptocurrency.

5) How would a native token work in a marketplace environment?

Having a native token of the platform gives it an identity, a cryptocurrency identity. People most of the time need a face for the success of a project so we have decided to have a native token for that reason. It also allows us to have a way to give benefits to our holders and those who support the $TCC token. It also allows us to perform the first tests on the escrow system with our native token, as well as give in-market perks to be announced of course.

6) What are your tokenomics like?

Nowadays we see a lot of ways to play with money within a smart contract. Buybacks, distribution, hyper-deflation, but in all reality transacting on a blockchain with those requirements are heavy, so we decided to create a hyper-deflationary token and auto-liquidity pool in order to sustain the first stages of the project, with the ability to stop those features when the platform is launched. The current tokenomics are 10% fee per transaction, 5% goes to the liquidity pool and 5% is burned forever. Since our launch date, we have burned over 47T tokens, a total of 297T tokens burned at this current moment.

7) Do you think platforms like Etsy will integrate your token to their platform + revenue sharing?

Translating crypto to share a space with fiat is most of the time a bit of an issue, we are not looking to be added as currency to be paid in any existing centralized platform but instead be the counterpart and direct competition in the crypto world of those platforms.

8) Can you share with us your roadmap?

At the moment our project is in phase 3, which contains the following milestones we will reach. We’re developing the Web3 integration, escrow system development, front-end development, the marketplace/creator shop development, CMC listing, creative content collaborations, The Collective Gaming tournament, influencer awareness campaigns, banner/billboard advertising and multiple media outlet press releases. As we progress in our development, we will keep updating our roadmap with completed and new milestones.

9) The Defi alliance caught my eye. What is that about?

The DeFi-Alliance was created by Ragnar who had the vision to bring together projects who share the same vision, to create safe and transparent projects into the crypto space. Allowing different communities to connect and build relationships with each other rather than going against different projects for no reason.

10) Please share an inspiring quote for us to digest.

The real world begins for crypto when we start building over the old system. We update, we grow, we buidl.

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