Finds out more about MiniUSDC “Earn passive USDC while holding a share of the upcoming platform Cryptogram”


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1. Thanks for coming by Asia Blockchain Community. Can you please tell me more about yourself and your teammates?

The core team consists of 3 individuals from Kuwait, Germany and the United Kingdom. One of the team members owns a well-established tech company in the middle east and has experience in developing innovative applications for well-established companies from around the globe. The second member has vast experience in building up many crypto projects from scratch and the third member has experience in business development.

2. What is MiniUSDC? What are your vision and mission?

MiniUSDC is a rewards token developed around the BCS network. The main factor of MiniUSDC is the use case around the token which is Cryptogram. The vision is to create a business around the token which is profitable, successful and sustainable over many years to come. The MINIUSDC token holders will benefit from Cryptogram by getting 60% of the profits accumulated by the company. These profits will be distributed evenly with the holders as rewards on a quarterly basis.

3. Can you share with us your tokenomics?

The tokenomics of the token are 20% tax on buys and 20% tax on sells, broken down as the following 10% rewards in USDC coin 5% LP and 5% Marketing

4. Tell us more about Cryptogram and its features.

Cryptogram is a social chat app, developed to solve some underlying problems in the BSC space. Some of the features include:

A. Being able to trade anonymously.
B. Being able to copy the trades from profitable and successful traders, the benefit for the successful trader will be that he can set up a
subscription for other traders to copy his trades.
C. Token projects can also set up their communities within cryptogram as they are able to do so in telegram.
D. Traders can trade directly on the Cryptogram platform.
There will be many other features available.

The Cryptogram app will be a game-changer in the crypto space.

5. What is your marketing plans for Q4?

The main focus of the company is to build the Cryptogram brand and the marketing will be based around the business utility. We are focused on developing the brand through online channels such as social media as well as through marketing in major media channels around the world. As the product is also a social media we believe the real push on growing its popularity will be through word of mouth supported also by a focused media campaign.

6. How do you intend on generating revenue? What are your strategies apart from tokenomics?

The revenue will be generated through Cryptogram in a number of ways which include, commission from the subscription channels where Cryptogram will collect 15% commission as well as targeted advertising on the platform, we also have other plans of generating revenue such as auditing projects on the platform. Also, the payments on Cryptogram will be through MiniUSDC token which will bring constant volume to the token.

7. What are your plans for listing? Do you plan on staying on the DEX or moving towards CEX?

We do have plans in the future to be listed on some of the major exchanges but that is further afield as our main focus at this point is to generate volume and profits from Cryptogram.

8. Out of curiosity, why did you choose USDC instead of other stable coins?

We chose USDC over other coins because it in itself is a very popular and stable coin, which is owned by one of the largest exchanges in the western world namely Coinbase. Also, this is unique as there are not many other coins offering USDC as rewards and finally when we get established enough we may get a shout out by the Coinbase platform.

9. 5% of every trade goes to research and development. Can you tell us what other tech plans have you got in the pipeline?

Cryptogram has a vision to develop further products in the future, which are innovative and disruptive in the crypto space. Our aim is to be a leader in the market of crypto products. We have plans already for a future product but at this stage, we cannot reveal what it is and our main focus right now is to complete Cryptogram and push forward on its success.

10. Can you share an inspiring quote for our community? They would love to be inspired.

MiniUSDC is more than a token, when you invest in MINIUSDC you are investing in a real business.

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