Interview Andy Green, Co-founder of Oceidon Corporation “It’s exciting, it’s inspiring, it’s revolutionary.”


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1) Hello Oceidon can you tell us about your team and your experience in the crypto space?

Sure thing. There are 3 founders of Oceidon Corporation. Husnu Yesirci, Andy Green and Jack Krosinski.

Jack began crypto mining on his home rig in 2011, followed up with the development of one of the first On-chain for Off-chain product swap in 2014 ( – sold/defunct). In 2020 he initiated the implementation of Hyperledger based supply chain tracking and tokenization of inventory for MouTHy Inc.

Andrew was an early adopter of Tron and ERD (now EGLD) and has now taken a deep dive into the furthest and at times most obscure reaches of the blockchain. He is a serial investor in new projects, he has mooned, crashed, been rugged, front-run, and sniped thus gaining real-world experience of blockchain beyond front-page headlines.

Husnu is focused on the relationship between governance, security and privacy mechanisms of Web 3.0 and the off-chain world. He has been connecting the off-chain and the on-chain world in the projects he worked on.

2) Can you tell us what is Oceidon about? Oceidon’s Zero-Knowledge Proof of Identity is interesting. Can you explain this to our community?

Our ZKPI solution is part of our patent-pending technology suite. It addresses one of the biggest challenges in the trustless world of Blockchain where one needs to know that the party they are dealing with is legitimate and trustworthy. Oceidon’s Zero-Knowledge Proof of Identity solution allows you to share only that relevant information that is needed by both parties in a transaction and doesn’t disclose information that isn’t needed. Privacy is maintained, but facts are verified, and trust is established.

This is some of the technology we are working on in our tech development division that is geared towards blockchain infrastructure improvement.

3) Share us with your tokenomics and token structure, please.

Blox Credits Tokenomics
10 Billion Supply
Seed Sale Discount: 25%
Pre-Sale Discount: 15%
Dev Tokens: 0%
Total Tax: 7%
Tax to Liquidity: 5%
Tax to Development: 2%

4) What is your marketing plan like for the month of December? platform INO
National US TV Marketing – 20 million households for 2 weeks straight
Launch PCS 2nd week of December

5) What is your product and development roadmap looks like?

Immediate – Oceidon Blox Builder
Short Term – Oceidon Clarity Platform
Short Term – Patent Technology Implementation
Short Term – Multiple On and Off-Chain Global Partnerships
Long Term – Metaverse and L2 related projects and upgrades

6) Oceidon develops technology that leverages distributed ledger concepts to solve real-world problems can you explain?

Tokenization of assets is one such example. It assists companies in keeping immutable records of product movement. This is especially important in fields such as healthcare and drug distribution.

7) Can you tell me about Oceidon Blox builder and how the idea came to fruition?

Featuring an intuitive and easy to use building interface, Oceidon Blox Builder allows anyone to create their own unique block-based official Oceidon NFTs. Current solutions are cumbersome, walled and chain bound. We decided to focus on user experience, chain minting freedom and real immediate value of creations.

8) In the plans in the future you mentioned Pan Chain, can you tell us an idea of what other blockchain you might be moving onto?

Initially, the Blox Builder will allow minting on BSC, ETH and Polygon. As the project develops we will continue to incorporate additional chain minting options.

9) Tell us about your Oceidon Blox NFT Presale.

Pre-Sale Package:

Limited Edition Oceidon Blox Meta NFT. Note: Holders of these rare NFTs will be eligible for future perks and all pre-sales on launches we do in the future.

Oceidon Blox Utility Credits at a 15% Pre-Sale discount. These credits will be used as platform currency on the Oceidon Blox NFT builder. Credits will also be usable on other upcoming Oceidon products such as the Clarity Platform. At launch, these credits will be available for purchase and sale on Decentralized Exchanges and in time on Centralized Exchanges.

In Numbers:
$500 BUSD = 1 Meta NFT
$575 worth of Blox Credits (15% more than the $500 investment per NFT)

Please only send in increments of $500 BUSD! Anything not in $500 increments will be sent back and you will forfeit your pre-sale spot.

Acceptable: $500 = 1 META NFT, $1000 = 2 META NFTs, $1500 = 3 META NFTs…
NOT Acceptable: $450, $495, $550…
Minimum Contribution = $500 BUSD
Maximum Contribution = $10,000 BUSD

At Oceidon we believe in protecting the investor as well as the project. One does not survive without the other, therefore we will be applying a small vesting period for larger contributions.

Contributions over 4000 BUSD will be vested at a 40/60 split
40% of total credits will be sent before public launch.
60% will be locked on Trust Swap or a similar platform for a period of 30 days and then airdropped.
You will receive all your Oceidon Meta NFTs and bonuses before launch.

10) Share with us some light. Share an inspiring quote to keep us going.

I would like to go back to our corporate page introduction. This is a simple way to keep inspiring people. Here goes:

“It’s exciting, it’s inspiring, it’s revolutionary. Blockchain is all of this, but with zero-day innovation comes confusion. Oceidon’s mission is to bring clarity to the ocean of blockchain chaos.”

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