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1) Hello WenMarketing can you tell us about your team and experience in the cryptocurrency market?

Sure. Our Pack as we call it currently consists of 10 people and 3 Mods.

Alpha – Founder, Manager and Dev

Moro – Lead Dev

Gray – Dev

Krypos – Art Director

Nighteyes – Lead Branding

Skadi & Echo – Marketing

Nadj – Operations Lead

Remus – Community Lead

Aspen – Business Advisor

Fugaku, Kylo and Degen are our WenCommunity Mods

Everyone in our pack has a lot of experience in their responsibilities. 7 of 10 have multiple years of experience in the crypto space and also worked on other projects. I think choosing the right people is one of the most important things you need to decide after founding a StartUp. Only those who believe in your vision will work hard and be dedicated. Our team is from all over the world and we look forward to hiring more individuals for our upcoming tasks. As we are a software project we concentrate on building qualitative and innovative solutions. Therefore we will grow our Developer Department with experienced Full Stack Developers (mostly JS). I am very grateful for our team and wouldn’t wish for any other.

2) What are the three core principles you follow to help projects who are in need of the proper marketing and might not have done it right before?

We need to clarify that we are not a marketing agency, nor do we provide direct marketing services for our clients. Our first suite of products includes management software for Marketing, Social Media, Community Building and Investment. Wen it comes to marketing, we are building a management tool called Luna. Our client areas are crypto projects, marketing agencies, Influencers, Call Groups and any other kind of Ad provider. The idea is that every project is able to scroll through very different kinds of marketing options and set up campaigns that fit to their needs. With our analytic tools, they will be able to analyze and improve their strategies of crypto marketing. To answer the question, we will provide several campaign packages with detailed descriptions. Those range from smaller cheaper ones up to more developed and expensive packages. This will be our One-Click solution without searching for multiple Influencers or Ad Providers. 


3) Can you tell us about your brand and how you are making it stand out as a marketing project? 

Our vision is growing constantly. We took a lot of time to combine everything we wanted to build, which means that we will have multiple branches that are all combined through our own framework called Terra. We want to stand out as a software company that provides solutions for any crypto and non-crypto business. Building a brand is a long term goal of ours. For it to succeed we need consistency in everything we do.

Here is a small description of what we are and want to stand out as:

  • The Wolf is our spirit animal, every one of the Pack has its own wolf name and everything we do is connected to those glorious creatures
  • 5 is our favourite number. It will always reoccur in our products, vision and general decisions
  • Our software will only be launched if it has 5 requirements
  1. Innovative
  2. Qualitative
  3. Efficient
  4. Simple to Use
  5. Visually attractive
  • We are constantly researching big companies and their strategies. We learn a lot from them, like not hyping anything that can’t be delivered or having consistent marketing instead of 1 big campaign and getting forgotten afterwards. An example is that you will always see the word ‘Wen’ all over the place. This is very catchy and memorable.


4) We understand you did a poll in your community and found out what are the 3 most important factors for when they invest in a project, can you tell our community what they are?

Yes, of course. We did a poll and asked what the most important factors for our WenCommunity are to invest in a new project.

The top 3 were

  1. Utility
  2. Marketing
  3. Leadership Team

Also noticeable is number 4 which was Community.

This was a great poll to see what our community expects to see if they decide to invest in our project. We also think that Utility is the most important factor, because if the crypto bubble will plopp one day only those projects who have ‘real’ utility value will survive. We have concentrated on providing exactly this with all our plans. 


  • 2.5% of the product revenue will go into our Buyback-Burn System
  • 2.5% will go directly to our WenDao in the future
  • Clients will be able to pay with our WenToken within our products and get discounts for doing so
  • Instead of building a stacking mechanism, which has no real value in our opinion, we will build a WenDAO for our holders to invest and earn passive income
  • After ETH 2.0 is launched and PoS is realized we will build a bridge
  • We also want to form a blockchain department and develop our own advertisement Blockchain. Our WenToken will evolve into a WenCoin one day in the future

Marketing was the second most important factor. This is of course good for us as we will have a lot of marketing options in the future with our partners. The plan is to build a lot of partnerships with other crypto projects, Ad Providers and Influencers. Partners will be able to use our subscription-based products for free or get promoted within the products in exchange for promotions of our token and products. 1% of our fees will also go directly to marketing to ensure consistent growth. 

The third factor was the Leadership Team. People need to trust the projects they are investing in. For building trust, we have thought of multiple ways

  1. Doxxed Team and KYC -> Done
  2. Smart Contract Audit before the Sales -> Done
  3. 100% Token Distribution – No tokens for the team
  4. Transparency with at least 3 project updates a week -> Ongoing
  5. Regular AMAs and open DMs for our WenCommunity

We feel that our early WenCommunity members are trusting us in what we do. This comes from our transparency and open-minded approach to including them in what we are doing.


5) WenSolutions has a 4 part product portfolio. Can you break down the 4 parts of your portfolio?

WenSolutions will be our first suite of products. 

It consists of 4 Management Solutions

Luna – Marketing Manager

Sera – Social Media Manager

Stella – Community Manager

Lupa – Investment Manager

Luna will be our first product. Our Pack has a good amount of experience in the crypto space, especially wen it comes to marketing. The process of finding good, legit and payable options is long, stressful and time-consuming. Our goal with Luna is to ease this process and combine multiple other use cases with it.  As described before we aim to have multiple client areas like crypto projects, marketing agencies, Influencers, Call Groups and other Ad Providers. Crypto projects will be able to search through the ad providers and see their descriptions, rating and schedule. Only projects with KYC will be able to have an account on Luna. Ad Providers will be able to search through crypto projects, register themselves for campaigns or just wait to get booked. They will definitely benefit the most from our second product Sera.

Sera is going to be a social media manager. Our clients will be able to manage, schedule and improve their Social Media presence. We want to connect multiple platforms that are relevant for the crypto space as well as the ‘normal’ business world. Imagine an Influencer that is a client of Luna. This Influencer could see a request from a crypto project to get a promotion out. The crypto project had to provide the content for the promotion with the request. The Influencer is able to accept the offer or decline it. If the offer is accepted the Influencer is able to switch from Luna to Sera and have a prefilled post for every platform filled out. This means that an Influencer is able to earn money with 2 clicks with the combination of our products. We also want to reach any kind of business, Influencer or private clients that need to manage social media accounts. The solutions nowadays are very expensive and we think we can do it better and cheaper.

Stella will be our Community Manager. Everyone who wants to build a community will benefit from this service. Clients will be able to integrate Bots, set up Events and analyse community activity. Especially in the crypto space, it is essential to have good community management. Stella will be a cheap option for anyone to build an awesome community.

Lupa is the last product in this line and aims to get crypto Investors. There are some Investment managers out there, but especially in the crypto space in its infancy looking for new innovative approaches for this kind of management tool.


6) From what I understand your project has three separate tokenomics, from buy and sale to whale. Can you explain to people looking at investing in your project what they are?

Of course

We have a 5% Buy Fee

  • 1% – Development of project/company
  • 1% – Marketing
  • 1% – Future Operations (Exchange listings, Community Giveaways etc.)
  • 1% – Liquidity
  • 1% – Buyback – Burn (manual, to support uptrends or stop downtrends)

For Selling or Transferring our WenToken we have a 7% Fee

  • 5% are the same as the buy fee
  • 2% go into reflection (Every sell has something positive for our hodlers)

For Selling or Transferring big amounts we have a 10% Whale Fee. We are able to set the Maximum of tokens you can sell or transfer with 7% within 24 hours. If the maximum is reached people need to pay 10% instead of 7%. After 24 hours it gets reset.

  • 5% are the same as the buy fee
  • 5% go into reflection

We are able to turn the tokemics off and will do that one day in the future. This is also relevant if you want to get listed e.g. on Binance.

We have 31 days vesting schedule after the launch. The reflection is disabled during that time and will be activated after the last WenToken got distributed to our Private and PreSale investors. During that time the 2% and 5% reflection tokens will go into the Liquidity Pool on Pancakeswap to strengthen the token from the beginning.


7) Can you tell us about WenDao and what you have planned with that part of your ecosystem?

Yes, this is one thing that separates us from other projects. I have never understood the real value of staking a token. It has no real technical value like staking a chain coin. It’s just a mechanism for holders to keep their tokens and earn APY. We have thought of another concept for our Hodlers to earn.

This is called WenDAO

2.5% of our product revenues will go into our WenDao. That means that the Pot will grow as our products grow.

Our Hodlers will be able to lock their WenToken for a set time and get WenDAOTokens in a 1:1 ratio. From there on they are able to participate in the DAO. All members are able to vote on investment options, like buying a token or nfts. If an investment will be sold with profit, 50% of the winning will be distributed to the WenDAO holders. 


  1. You buy 2,500,000 WenToken in our upcoming PreSale (0.25% of total supply)
  2. You hodl until our WenDAO gets launched and transfer your tokens to WenDAOTokens
  3. Not everyone who holds tokens will participate in the DAO which gives you a holder package of 2% of the total WenDAOToken
  4. The pot has 1,000,000$ in crypto in it, because it gets supported by our products
  5. The DAO decides to buy a new token for 10,000$
  6. After a few weeks, the DAO sells the token for 60,000$ -> 50,000$ profit
  7. 25,000$ will directly be distributed among the holder which gives you 500$

Our investors will be able to earn more and more money because as the DAO progresses it will be supported by our products and 50% of the profits. We aim to have a huge DAO worth multiple millions of dollars.


8) As you are using marketers to help promote other projects, how do you go about vetting the people involved within your ecosystem?

Every crypto project client on Luna will need to fulfil a KYC and get researched by our team to ensure that we are not supporting any honeypots or rugpulls.

You can’t stay 100% safe in the crypto space as everyone knows, but we will be very strict wen it comes to client selection.

9) Do you have plans to bridge to other tokens in the future, we see at the moment you are based on the BSC network if so, who and what will be the benefit to your holders? 

At the time wen ETH 2.0 and PoS launch we want to build a bridge to the most valuable Smart Contract Blockchain. We use the Binance Smart Chain because of its low fees and because it’s backed by the biggest exchange.

The WenVision includes a own Blockchain development to evolve our WenToken to a WenCoin some day


10) Can you leave us with a quote or saying that all of our listeners can remember you in the future as they look into investing in your project?

The Crypto space is in it’s infancy and we want to fill multiple gaps wen it comes to management and service software. We want to be a part of defining the future of software development inside the crypto space.

Thank you so much 🙂


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