Interview with Miftah Al Azam, Founder and CEO of SPAY “The Future of Crypto Payments”


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1) Before we start with everything else, please tell us more about yourself and your teammates.

I am Miftah Al Azam, Founder and CEO of SPAY. I was a manager in a private company, and I am familiar with how to grow a company. I applied the same growth strategy to SPAY. I have an investor Erik, that invests in me with the funding of this project. Then we have Suda, who is experienced in Blockchain. And we also had a team for our mobile apps development.

2) Can you tell me more about SPAY? What is your unique selling point?

SPAY is a very potential token, we’ve great fundamental and real utility. It has a powerful mobile apps that for daily usage and during transaction in our apps will be rewarding SPAY as well. All income from our mobile apps will be used for marketing and buyback SPAY.

3) How does your tokenomics work?

Buy SP 12%
Marketing& Development : 5%
Reward : 5%
Lp : 2%

Marketing & Development: 5%
Reward : 5%
Lp : 2%

4) Your project is not new. Tell us what you have done for marketing in the past months. What will you be doing next?

We have done a lot of marketing from 20+ influencers in Indonesia & several other countries. We also have Reddit CMS posting and shilling as well.

In future, we will do more marketing and progress our project. We have been listed in Coingecko and Coinmarketcap recently and currently, we are aiming for an Exchange listing. I will update you soon on this.

5) You have made progress in your product. What other future tech development work should we expect?

SPAY has its product and utility ready. In future, we’ll keep improving and upgrading our mobile apps.

6) Startup projects tend to neglect revenue streams. Where are your core revenue streams coming from?

From every transaction in our mobile apps and slippage/tax fee in apps. While most of them we use for marketing and buyback.

7) Phase 5 of your roadmap is interesting. Where and when are you starting this crypto payment app? Who is accepting SPAY? Who are your partners?

We are starting phase 5 pretty soon, and we will start from Indonesia. Indonesia is the 4th biggest population country in the world.

8) Do you have any listing plans in place? Tell us more.

We are currently planning to Indodax and Hotbit.

9) Getting on Google Play is a good step forward. Do you have any plans to acquire more users through Google Play? Are you also planning to be in Apple Store too?

Yes, we are working on IOS, the target is to be deployed in November 2021.

10) Share an inspiring quote for our community members, please.

We sincerely hope that more people can be advantageous by investing in our project.
Buy, HODL and be patient. We are extremely serious about this project and we plan to make this international.

“Fortune will come, for those who are ready to receive it”

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