Interviews Derilic, Founder of Lunagens “The Safest Place for Diamond Holders to be Rewarded Big”


1) Lunagens, a pleasure to meet you. We are excited to have you here today, can you tell us about your team and their experience in the crypto space?

I personally have been involved in crypto since 2017, but we have people in our team with so much more years in experience. We have a really strong team, people from all over the world with different talents coming together as one to form a dream team. We have brains on tap here, if we don’t know the answer to something we have all the right resources to get the right answer. We are only getting stronger by the day.


2) What is Lunagens all about? How is this idea born?

Honestly, Lunagens is more about giving back to the people. I have made some life-changing money in the crypto space already and this project is a way of me giving back to the community.

This is what makes us thrive due to the fact that you won’t see me selling any time soon to survive and we have endless opportunities everywhere and diamond holders in our community. This is a recipe for SUCCESS. The idea of Lunagens was born because a few us of got into projects together and so many times we saw flaws in how projects are ran but liked how some did for their project, so we decided sure why not? Let’s call our own shots and lets see how far we can go by implementing the good things we saw and try to eliminate the bad.


3) When we send the poster to the sub-communities, they were all thinking that you are part of the exchange BitGet. Our moderators corrected them. Tell us about Bitgert. Tell me more.

We are not at all part of Bitgert but we all met at Bitgert. Some of us are whales there and were mods from day 1 at Bitgert. We contributed alot and put our hearts there 18hrs a day in the telegram group and telling all our friends about it, specifically in the USA, which is where most of us is from. Bitgert is a disruptive project that has the first zero gas blockchain. You can also purchase Lunagens on BRISE through Ice Cream Swap. We have over $140k LP there at the moment, which is more than Pancake.


4) Can you break down your tokenomics for our visitors so they can understand the usage?

We have a low tax & simple 7% Buy/Sell in which 3% goes to auto-liquidity and 4% goes towards marketing. We have a total supply of 1 Billion tokens. Liquidity is locked til Aug 2024.


5) Can you tell us about your NFT collection and what you have planned for them, we did notice one is for VIP as well. What is the difference?

Our NFT Collections will always be limited. They all will have special utilities to them. You can find the traits on our website or telegram. VIP will have alot of free perks and the big difference is the profit share just by holding. For our NFT holders, we will be doing random airdrop to reward our NFT holders which is an add on to our NFT utilities. Also, 10% of all sales from NFTs also goes towards a good cause. It will go into a charity pool to contribute into making the world a better place. We also have our own NFT Marketplace on BSC which is already done and it will be ready to use here pretty soon. You can check it out at


6) In stage 2 of your road map, you have Lunagens swap. How will that work and what are the benefits for the holders? In stage 3 you discuss High APR staking, can you tell us about this feature and how it will work?

In terms of Lunagens Swap, we did have one but decided to just remove it for now, we are using our partner Ice Cream Swap on the DEX, this way its easier for us to go Cross-Chain to even more blockchains and also allowing our holders to enjoy the perks of adding LP on the ICE platform through liquidity mining. As far as for staking, we are currently using two different staking platforms and its there for two reasons, the first is to create passive income for our holders and the second is to create more brand awareness. The APR is dynamic at the moment depending on the bnb and brise price and the number of stakers. We are also currently in talks with our dev to build our own staking platform that will also have an NFT staking feature for our NFTs.


7) Charity giveaway to Africa, can you break down how you plan to make a difference? Giving back is always important.

Once we help our first charity recipient to get his kidney transplant done and his health back on track, we will be reaching out to our community members in Nigeria and we will be using our NFT sale funds to donate food and daily necessities there. After that, we plan to expand to helping orphans in Vietnam and Laos since our roots are in Southeast Asia. There is so much we want to do, and we have so much resources to get it done!


8) What is your marketing plan like in this bear market?

The plan has always been the same. To keep building and to keep the momentum going. We have backgrounds in marketing so we have plenty of clever marketing strategies to use. We are so much UNTAPPED as to how much we plan to utilize our strengths. The sky is truly the limit for us and our doubters only adds fuel to our burning desire.


9) What is your listing plan? Do you plan to work on more listing during this period?

We are in talks with I had an interview with them last week, and we are pending approval still which can be at any time. This goes the same with Kucoin. As far as being on more chains, we are going to be on Ethereum here pretty soon as well.


10) Before we jump to the next segment, can you share an inspiring quote with us? We want to learn from you.

“The greatest secret weapon you have is momentum. It takes less efforts added on to keep it going but a small break can completely destroy it and you would have to start it all over with more energy required.”