Interviews Doge Energy “First-Ever Crypto Energy drink”


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1) Thanks Doge Energy for being here tonight. It is late in the Asian market. Let’s start with an introduction of yourself.

Hey! We are the first-ever crypto Energy drink, based on our beloved Doge Meme. With our unique design and special formula, we plan to shake up the soft drink industry and get crypto out there to the average man.

2) What is Doge Energy about?

The heart of our project is our own drink of course. We worked a long time to perfect the taste and design, to make it eye-catching and appealing to all markets and age groups! Imagine showing off your cans to your crypto colleagues! This is our main goal, to have people drink our drink in their regular life while spreading the word about crypto.

3) Are you a registered entity? Where are you based at?

We are not yet a registered company, we are currently working on getting our shop up and running, then registration will be done. In the meantime, we give away the first cans to early investors for a small price!

4) Share with us your tokenomics. What is special about it?

We basically forked the DogeCola contract, we really liked the idea of auto boosting whenever there is a correction, and the increased sell tax of 18 % will encourage holding! Our total supply is 1 quadrillion, however, we burned 50 % of our supply and the autoboost continues to burn coins on every activation.

5) What are your marketing plans for this quarter?

We have applied to all important listing sites and are doing promo on all kinds of socials, telegram is just as important as Youtube, Twitter and influencers. We plan to send out cans to big influencers and promote the product that way, globally.

6) Are you developing any tech applications?

The token will be implemented in our shop where a lot of merch will be sold. As soon as we gain some traction we will try to make this a means of payment in other online shops as well!

7) What are your future plans for your drinks?

There are many ideas floating around among the team, mostly special editions with different kinds of flavours. Special editions would be a great idea, like FLOKI edition and other bigger dogecoin editions. Our designer is working on the first drafts already!

8) Will you be listing on a CEX soon? What are your listing plans?

CEX listings are not the main focus for us right now, we got a couple of offers, but we felt like it is not worth the investment right now. In the future, we will look into this again and probably choose to launch on a top 100 exchange at some point, if their offer is good.

9) Tell us more about a personalised Doge Energy NFT on the can.

We have different NFTs right now, different colours for our flavours. They are already live and in the future, we plan to add special edition NFTs for limited cans, where you can get the NFT with the can!

10) Share an inspiring quote with us, please.

“If you don’t hold you won’t be rich.” CZ

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