Interviews Eguchi, Co-founder of Kamiland Games “New P2E Game on Binance Smart Chain”


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1) Let’s start with a brief introduction of yourself.

My name is Eguchiand I am the co-founder and responsible for marketing at Kamiland. I practice on blockchain and I have been investing for 4 years. I myself am a cryptocurrency and Defi investor, but with a deep financial background in technology and media. I am also a professor at universities and business schools with applications in blockchain marketing.

2) How about your team? Can you tell where they are from?

Our team is from Singapore and the creative team consists of an elite group of various teams, including high-ranking economics for many years, long-time independent investors in the blockchain field, and well-known technical experts in the gaming industry. We all come together because of our common interest, to discuss and learn together. We are new to this project, but our experienced team supports it. Kamiland is a new on-chain game based on Binance Smart Chain (BSC).

3) Please explain a little about your project?

Currently, players can draw heroes using our corresponding tokens, and after drawing heroes, they can enter the battlefield to fight. Battlefield battles will earn our subcoins corresponding to the block height. Our subcoins earned from battles can be exchanged into our master tokens, and our master tokens can be exchanged for BNB, thus giving back to the players. Later, the project will gradually unlock a series of rich and interesting gameplay such as pledging, NFT trading, as well as rental market, copy battle, rent, transfer, marriage, fertility, feeding, etc.

There will be some token consumption in this compliant system, to balance the ratio of output and consumption of tokens. Coupled with the unique and innovative mechanism of the mother-child dual coin system, it can form an effective economic model and produce an automatic protection effect.

4) Can you explain the tokenomics of Kamiland games?

Kamiland uses a dual token system of our tokens and energy coins, both of which create an effective in-game economic cycle. Kamiland’s offer is based on a fair bidding model totalling 100 million, 21% for liquidity mining reward (6 months unlocked), 30% as LP mining, 30% as pre-sale, 5% as a reward for the team (6 months unlocked), 3% as marketing fee (unlocked), 2% as airdrop (one week unlocked), 4% as public benefit fund and 5% as Liquidity Token subcoin.

Kamiland token with 70% initial liquidity, the remaining 21% will be produced through pawn mining, with early pawns generating richer returns.

5) As a new on-chain game, how do you power your two-coin ecosystem into the game?

In the game, our tokens and energy coins will form a positive cycle, as players use our tokens to hire heroes, send them on missions to earn energy coins, then use energy coins to upgrade heroes, then engage in battlefield battles to earn more. Our tokens and NFTs are rare like equipment and skills. reward. As a completely player-driven economy, our token and energy coin economy are at risk of overheating, but the game’s economic system is capable of repairing itself and restarting the cycle with submaster auto protectors.

6) The next question that most people focus on is what are the risks that users face in the operation of Kamiland from an investor’s point of view?

At the beginning of the bull market, a large number of players enter the market and hire heroes to start mining. The demand for a large number of new heroes to upgrade will push up the price of energy coins.

In the middle of the bull market, players have hired a large number of heroes and the number of heroes produced is no longer rising. Towards the end of the bull market, the price of kami tokens continues to rise, fewer new players enter and demand upgrades also decrease, but energy coin production remains the same. kami token prices start to rise less and energy coin prices fall even more. The bull market ends as mining returns fall. Mining production drops to a minimum, new users stop entering and old users choose to destroy their heroes and sell their kami tokens to get out of the game.

During this period, the price of kami tokens and energy coins fell at the same time, and the drop in energy coin production fell rapidly as heroes were destroyed. The number of heroes and the price of kami tokens reached a low point, and the price of energy coins stabilised due to the rapid decrease in production, and the drop in the price of kami tokens boosted mining production. At this point, new users start to join the game and start mining again. The cycle restarts.

7) Do you have plans to be listed on other exchanges?

Our project is still 2 days and we will soon be listed on Cg and CMC. We hope to be listed on major exchanges in the future, now what we do is introduce our project to the whole world.

8) Share an inspiring quote for our community, please.

The things that the novel does not say are necessarily more numerous than those it does say and only a special halo around what is written can give the illusion that you are reading also what is not written. – Author: Italo Calvino

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