Interviews Elyse, CEO of Babymon Floki “Never give up on yourself because when you make it you’ll uplift everyone around you and change their lives too.”


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1) Dear Elyse, thanks for coming to the Asia Blockchain Community. Can you tell us more about yourself?

Yes I’m Elyse and I live in Perth Australia. My background before I got into crypto is I have worked for many years as an online marketer doing Facebook and Google ads for agencies and clients, doing their marketing for lead generation and eCommerce and other offers.

I came into the crypto space about a year ago and really got deeply invested and interested in Binance Smart Chain where people could start up new projects on the blockchain and learned everything I could, followed 100’s of launches and presales, and worked on many of the projects behind the scenes helping with the marketing.

I started Babymon Floki because I wanted to do a project with my background in Ecommerce and combine it with crypto to create a really great brand and utility with a strong crypto community around it

2) Who is BABYMON FLOKI? Why this name?

Babymon Floki means Baby Monster Floki. Babymon Floki is a story character of Elon’s Shiba Inu pup who is playful, creative, intelligent and brave with an equal propensity for silly humour and mischief, a little baby monsta. BABYMON FLOKI loves to paint and draw and create cute NFTs only his Daddy Elon could love!

This is our mission:

• Develop Babymon as a mainstream brand and crypto currency.
• Save Shiba Inu’s in the real world.
• Provide investors with incentives and high rewards for holding. 5% Dogecoin rewards and 5% Babymon reflections per transaction.
• Build Community engagement and inspire creative contributions.
• Grow the wallet holders with the help of the community and expansion of the roadmap through thoughtful and consistent marketing and development.
• Increase the price and market cap through organic growth and a true hyper deflationary token supply burned with every transaction.
• Provide cute merchandise for Shiba and Dog lovers, expanding the brand into the mainstream global market.
• Develop an expanding NFT marketplace where holders can mint and sell Babymon NFTs. Each original, unique and hand made.
• Develop a Play 2 Earn Babymon NFT game that holders can play for fun and profit.
• Create a full ecosystem of the different physical and digital merchandise that sustains each other. Percentages of profits from the physical merch and NFTs will flow into buying back the cryptocurrency to raise and stabilise the price floor. Percentages of profits will also flow into the Shiba donation fund.

This currency will fund the entire economy within the Babymon ecosystem allowing holders to purchase NFTs, earn rewards and earn while playing NFT games.

3) What is your tokenomics like? What is your unique selling point?

Tokenomics is 5% Dogecoin 5% Reflections and 4% Marketing and 1% LP. Let me elaborate more.

28% of the token supply is burned at the start creating a deflationary black hole. With each transaction, 5% will be redistributed in reflections to all holders wallets. That means the % going to the dead wallet starts at 1.4% of each transaction and grows over time. That means every single buy and every single sell 1.4% of those tokens are auto burned creating a true hyper deflationary token.

In addition to that, the % of Dogecoins each holder receives is based on the total number of Babymon tokens their wallet holds at the time of disbursement. So with the reflection redistribution of Babymon tokens with each transaction, the number of Babymon tokens in their wallet automatically keeps increasing. This means without even ever buying more Babymon tokens, the % of the Dogecoin rewards their wallet receives will automatically grow the longer they hold the token, creating another high incentive to hold.

4) Can we know what is your marketing campaign like for the next 3 months?

The community and word of mouth organic growth are at the core of our marketing agenda and values. However projects need more help than this with paid for advertisements and
professional marketing, which is why a % of the tax goes to fund this initiative.

We believe in fundamental as well as innovative marketing ideas and angles. We believe in strong metrics and tracking to make sure our advertising dollars are going to the best use for the highest ROI and real increase in wallet holders, not simply creating fake hype within the community to buy more and hold. There are a lot of extremely expensive crypto marketing trends that are only believed to have value and results but actually don’t. Their only results are from the hype within the current community. We want to use our funds strategically to actually grow the base and bring new outside holders to the community. We will carefully plan and split test different ad sources.

We have a lot of AMAs lined up, trending, exchange listings, Poocoin ads, Facebook ads, influencers and soft shilling to many crypto communities.

5) Care to run through with us about your technology roadmap?

Our technology roadmap is to first create our NFT marketplace and then play to earn game.

In the roadmap is the release of a Babymon NFT Marketplace where holders can mint, own and sell Babymon and Shiba meme NFTs that will continue to be created and released. All original, unique and non-code generated. These NFTs and designs will increase in value
the more they are used in the merchandise and in the marketing and design of the brand become ever more popular and well known. Essentially marketing your NFTs for you.

Further down the roadmap after the NFT marketplace is the development of a P2E NFT
Babymon Game where you’ll be able to play to earn. This game will have its own token
within the Babymon ecosystem as the tokenomics for a game is totally different from for a
dividend token. However, it will be connected and reward holders of the Baby Monsta Doge
$Babymon token.

6) Where is your revenue coming from? And apart from the tokenomics where else can we expect more revenue?

There is more revenue generated from the Merch store. Part of the Merch store profits will go into buying more marketing for the coin.

The Merch Shopify store is what helps bring this Babymon character to life the most. With
physical merch on the characters designs and memes on them, it is sure to get worldwide
mainstream attention and attract crypto lovers, Shiba lovers and dog lovers alike. After the first version of the store is up and running, custom merchandise will start to be developed to add to the product selections. Including stuffed Babymons, Babymon dog customs and other dog toys and products.

The ecosystem of the merch store and how it benefits the token holders is that it significantly expands the utility and use case of the token, provides extensively greater mainstream marketing channels to promote the store and brand on, all of which will funnel down to be marketed the cryptocurrency too, as well as the NFTs and P2E game. For many marketing channels, this storefront will be at the top of this funnel and help to grow the entire brand and currency at a fast speed. Also, 10% of the revenue generated from the store will be used to buy back the token helping to increase its market cap and price floor. Another 10% of the revenue generated from the store will be added to the Shiba donation wallet to help rescue Shibas Inu’s and give them a better life. In addition to that in the roadmap, the store will come to accept the $Babymon token as payment and holders will get a discount for paying with $Babymon.

7) How are you managing your listing process? Which exchange will you be eyeing?

We will start with Blockfolio and Coin Market Cap, Coin Gecko. After that, we plan to have an agent work for us to get us listed on larger exchanges.

8) Crypto is rising fast in South East Asia. What plans do you have for this part of the world?

We have planned a lot of marketing for Asian communities on Telegram, Discord, 4Chan and WeChat and are in talks with Chinese marketing teams to bring in investors.

9) In your opinion, what are the next innovations in the NFT space? What’s next for NFTs?

I think the next big thing for NFTs is physically linked NFTs. Owning products and real estate and anything that can be owned as originals using NFTs as the certificates of ownership. We plan to have these types of NFTs tied to our products in our merch store. I also think NFTs in the metaverses are going to be huge owning digital property within them.

10) Can you please share an inspiring quote for our community members?

“Never give up on yourself because when you make it you’ll uplift everyone around you and change their lives too.”

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