Interviews Gaimin CTO, Buki ben Natan

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Loading Welcome everyone! is racing through the levels in the game, with an exciting IEO (initial exchange offering) in the near future.  And that is just the start! As people begin to dig deeper into the opportunity that presents, we think it’s about time we properly introduce them. Moving through the founders and key players, who saw their opportunity to jump on board too.  And talking of which, today, Buki ben Natan has joined us.

Hi Buki, please introduce yourself.

Buki: Hi M., I began my career as a web developer after a motorcycle accident left me recovering at home for a year. I began teaching myself how to program and code and afterwards started working for a company. I very quickly found myself in charge of small teams and managing projects and a couple of years later I moved on to become a CTO working in several industries with clients in Forex, Marketing and Ad-Tech (advertising technology). Recently, I started my own business focusing on my core strengths of databases and architecture and very quickly brought on bought clients in many different industries. How would you best explain what you do?

Buki: My role is to understand what a client actually needs the software to do, to understand their dreams, not what they think they want.  I then create action items, procedures, architecture and documents that outline those requirements.  More importantly, something that my team of programmers and coders can actually make work. So how does that fit in with you role as the CTO of Gaimin?

Buki: When I first met the Gaimin team, my partner Roman and I immediately saw the value in the concept and more importantly we liked the guys. As we began to work together, it seemed almost natural that I would become the CTO of the company and our decision to invest and own equity in Gaimin showed our commitment to the overall project. You are obviously very confident that the project will succeed then?

Buki: I am certain that the project will succeed.

The core parts of what Gaimin needed were to a great extent there to be taken down from the shelf, adapted and made to fit.  Putting the different parts together in a new form was the key to making it work.  

We know that gamers can register in their thousands, they can get the Network Expansion rewards, and get paid.  Their computational power (many many computers contributing a little amounts to a lot) could be put to work in applications that actually pay.  Examples being blockchain validations, coin mining and more.  It is very exciting.

Then understanding how the founders had developed the potential and how committed they were to getting the job done sealed the deal for me. That is real confidence Buki, what’s your take on the blockchain and the crypto market?

Buki:  Well Melody, the blockchain is beginning to appear in more and more industries. It is being worked on behind the scenes in companies that most people never even hear anything about. I have every belief that the blockchain will become a normal part of peoples’ lives the same way the internet is, rail travel is, electricity is. The crypto market is still trying to find its feet. There are so many speculators out in the market that it may well take a much longer time for it to be accepted but what happens doesn’t affect Gaimin at all. The market can go up or down or even remain static and there is no impact to us whatsoever.

What is more obvious is where Gaimin have a trump card to play.  That is the worldwide shortage of computational power.  For blockchain, for academic research, for graphics in film…the shortage is real, and Gaimin have a solution. Why doesn’t any market movement affect Gaimin?

Buki:  We simply utilise the dormant power of gamers’ computers and put it to use. If we are using it to mine crypto, we have proven in our Alpha testing that we can reward gamers with tokens that they can use to buy in-game assets; skins, swords, shields, energy etc., or that they would be able to upgrade their existing equipment through the joint ventures that we will have with 3rd party suppliers. If we are rendering, the rewards are even higher and in fact incredibly exciting. The Network Expansion rewards Program will enable our gaming community to buy, sell or rent assets cross platform as the gaming industry moves to integrate gaming assets within the blockchain. It is a natural evolution and we are at the forefront of this. Does your current team have the experience to be able to deal with all these developments?

Buki: That’s a very good question. There are so few real experts in the blockchain field that everyone is learning on the job. Every member of our current team is highly specialized and we are continually recruiting as the requirement arises. At the moment, we have specialists in cyber security, in architecture, in EOS coding with the help of OCI who we went across to St. Louis to visit, in AI and machine learning … the list goes on. Is there anything else that our readers should know about you or Gaimin?

Buki: I’m from a small city in a very small country, when I was a child we didn’t have a landline phone. Now I’m part of a team from different continents and different countries and cultures, I would say that above all its a privilege to live in these times. We would like to get to know the founders better, so what is your favourite pass-time?

Buki: Playing music either the guitar, the drums or other instruments that I’m learning Thank you for your time Buki! You have given us new knowledge on Gaimin and we got to know you a little better. Thank you once again!

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