Interviews Mick Hofmans, CEO of Dough “Passive income for the community and incentivizes diamond hands”


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1) Hi Mick, thanks for coming by to Asia Blockchain Community. Can you tell me more about yourself and your teammates? Please tell us what you have been doing before your crypto days 🙂

My name is Mick and I’m the CEO of Dough. I work as a Sales Manager for a digital identity provider in the Netherlands and work with enterprise clients and blockchain on a daily. I’ve been in crypto since 2018 and on the BSC since March 2021. Over the past 7 months, I have build up a strong network on the BSC due to my knowledge and morals.

Our team consists of 11 experts in their field. We have 3 devs, 4 marketeers, 2 designers and 2 community managers, all focussing on what they do best.

2) Next, please tell us what is Dough all about?

Dough is a deflationary auto-switching reward/reflection token that focuses on building a passive income for its community and incentivizes diamond hands.

Dough is building an automated launchpad where anyone can create a token with a couple of clicks, lock LP/ownership/rewards and launch it successfully with tools available such as a swap, charting, wallet/reward trackers, NFT marketplace, Merch Store and Game hub.

The launchpad will offer cross-chain support for launches and bridging for trading on different chains.

3) Can you tell us about your tokenomics? How different are you from others?

Dough offers holders a new and custom contract that is safe from the outset. Dough introduced a mechanic that rewards in Cake when the price goes up and gives reflections in Dough when the price goes down. Therefore creating less sell pressure from the contract.

We also fixed some other issues, like the 4 sells you normally see on reward tokens, the min TX so there’s no chance on a honeypot and many more.

The buy tax on Dough is 15% of which 10% is for the reward/reflections, 1% is marketing and 4% adds to our Liquidity. On sales, we increased the marketing tax and we added a ‘Burn to make Dough deflationary’ with sell tax at 20%.

4) What is your marketing plan for the next few months?

Our marketing team consists of Travladd (250k followers), Benson (strong network in BSC for marketing of crypto), ImmortalETH (very well known community manager) and myself. We have been pushing out marketing non-stop, in the first week we had a billboard on Time Square, we have been on many AMAs, we got more than 10 YouTubers such as Torin Hofmann and Steven Clarke talk about us, we are trending on CMS almost daily and we did much more.

For the next months we have a couple of big marketing actions already booked, this week we will be featured in 40 press releases on major websites such as Yahoo Finance and Foxnews, we have a hip-hop song coming out, we will do a billboard tour around the world targeting major cities, we are getting a shout out from VoskCoin and there’s much more planned which I can’t yet disclose.

5) What are your tech development plans like?

The Dough launchpad (DoughPad) is already in Beta and available for our community, we do continuous development on the launchpad and expect update v1.1 to roll out this week including a fully functional Swap, Chart and WalletConnect.

We have a development roadmap available to the community with different updates throughout the coming months to release our full utility and will continue improving and innovating after full release.

6) Can you share with us what are your current and future revenue streams like?

The current revenue stream is embedded in the tokenomics of Dough. On every transaction, there is a reward and marketing fee that goes back to Dough and its holders.

In the near future, we plan to substitute the taxes on Dough with revenue from the launchpad. Therefore making Dough into a currency, with a dividend share from our utility, buyback and burn and IDO allocation based on duration and quantity of your holdings.

We calculated forecasted revenue from the launchpad of $250,000 based on 50 projects launched and 1M average volume per project. Of course, we expect more than 50 projects launching on our DoughPad, and with the introduction of cross-chain support, the market for DoughPad is limitless.

7) What kind of partnerships would we be expecting in time to come?

Dough has multiple partnerships already established. Before launch, we partnered with Technodoge who are building a safe token environment and CEX and just this week we partnered with Moby Dick who is building a swap where we can do cross-listing.

Through one of our holders, we managed to talk to the management of a famous hip-hop artist and we plan on producing a music video (in Dough Merch) with this celebrity.

I’m talking to some big names in the crypto space for collaborations and we can expect some major names backing Dough in the future.

8) Token holders like to find out more listings. What’s your listing plan?

Due to our tokenomics we won’t be listing on CEX at the moment, as they cant support our reward/reflection mechanism. Once our external revenue is in place and we can change the taxes on Dough we will be looking at listings. I have direct contacts to the top 20 exchanges, so if we decide to list we can be on there in less than a week.

9) What is the end goal of Dough? Are you going to the Chef and Foodie of crypto?

With the utility on our roadmap, we expect to compete with launchpads such as BSCpad and Polkadot. So a large portion of our focus is on the technical part of Dough for now.
The end goal of Dough is to establish a multinational with physical franchise stores globally, focusing on food and health. Think Dough pizza shops, Dough bakeries and much more. These would be backed/funded by the Dough blockchain ecosystem.

10) Last but not least, can you share an inspiring quote with our community please to end this segment?

“Just Dough It!”

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