Interviews Omar, the owner of Flokinomics “The BEST Rebase Token Known To Man!”


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1) Dear Omar, thank you for coming by to ABC. Can you tell us more about yourself, where are you based and your crypto experiences?

So I’m 26 years old and live in Australia, I have a study and working background in the travel industry and also in landscape design. I’m a very competitive and innovative person in life and always working on how to improve or develop new things that can be brought into what I do. I’ve only been into cryptocurrency for a short period of time, with my first experience being in June earlier this year, I’m very quick at understanding and learning things I have an interest in or enjoy doing which is why it feels like I’ve been doing this my whole life when in reality its been only a few months.

2) What is Flokinomics? What inspired you to start Flokinomics?

Flokinomics is a word we put together with other meaningful words in this space, I really felt the whole Floki Vibe in this space but a lot of the tokens that were out either didn’t make sense or had no meaning but still had the potential to catch investors eyes. So when I put Floki together with Tokenomics and Economics. I also put together my idea of having a rebase token which was also trending, buyback and rewards token all in one. I put a cute little Shiba meme token with a revolutionary and powerful contract and marketed out the idea to the general community and they fell in love with it and it is definitely the hottest token out right now.

3) Can we know what you have done for marketing so far and what will you be doing next?

These are some of the marketing work that we have done.

“The project behind Flokinomics retweeted a post on Thursday about the new coin gaining huge media coverage over the past few days, including on Fox News(television).”
– Benzinga (posted in the robinhood app)

“Meanwhile, a post on the Reddit forum r/Flokinomics noted “The Goat” rapper is showing his love for the new coin.”
– Benzinga (posted in the robinhood app)

“The price of a Dogecoin-inspired cryptocurrency, Flokinomics (CRYPTO: FLOKIN), named after Telsa Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) CEO Elon Musk’s pet dog Floki, is surging more than 800% as of Monday night.”
– Benzinga (posted in the robinhood app)

“Fans of Elon Musk made [Flokinomics] named after his dog — and it’s up 2,400 percent.” – NY POST

✅ On Fox News (TV)
✅ Organic news articles (NYPost, Benzinga, Forbes, Fortune + more)
✅ Over 400 BNB in buybacks
✅ 70K worth of BTOK Ads
✅ Billboard in Times Square
✅ Rewards Dashboard/Tracker
✅ NFT Marketplace./ Partnerships Announced
✅ The Game(Rapper), Soulja boy, Crypto Messiah, Gollum, London Crypto, Sully and more influencers.

What’s To Come:
-Hong Kong Billboard
-More influencers and Celebs Lined Up
-Exclusive NFT Collection Drops from artists/influencers/celebs
-CEXes Listing

4) Can we know what are the various revenue generators?

– Utility with 5% doge rewards for holders
– Use Case / Utility NFT Marketplace(governance and discounted fees with Flokin).
– Additional Use Cases in the works and waiting for appropriate timing to announce

5) Rebase tokens have issues when listing on CEXes. What are your plans for CEXes? How do you plan to overcome this?

Once upon a time one of the most well-known BSC tokens had issues getting listed on exchanges being a new “reflection” token. We’ve had talks with CEXes and many of them understand that Flokinomics is here to stay and disrupting the crypto space no different than them.

Here’s a quote from one major exchange in my response to seeing Flokinomics as an investment into their future:

“I got official confirmation from the technical department….we can upgrade the wallet in Q4 for Rebase”

6) What kind of partnerships would you envision in time to come that can benefit the project?

– Major CEX Exchange
– Exclusive NFT Collection Drops from artists/influencer/celebs

7) What are your plans for NFT? Will you be creating a metaverse of your own?

– Incorporate a “Reserve Price” auction-style on the website. Auctions will only start once the reserve price is met.
– Update the front page of our site to have a landing page
– Update the front page of the marketplace to have scrolling live auctions as well as a featured collections spot on the front page
Next – Social Media and NFTs
– Option to leave “Comments” under NFTs to incentivize interaction between collectors and artists.
– Add the option to “Message” other users who follow you directly on the marketplace
– Build a subscription feature on the marketplace allowing users to subscribe to creators/artists for a price set by the artists, allowing users to get access to early drops and exclusive content from the artists on the platform.
Next – Huge development and technical upgrades
– Developing the ability for BSC users and investors to create their own NFT Smart contracts and be able to transfer them onto our marketplace much like how Opensea does things.
– Develop an NFT DAO Voting system. We already keep track of users purchases and sales, so for every 1 BNB (or the equivalent value) spent on the platform will grant the user 1 point of voting power. Users will then be able to vote on what we spend our marketing funds on, as well as future developments on the platform.
Next – NFT Gaming 🕹
– We will host dozens of Mini Games directly on the site and allow users to create NFTs that can be inserted directly into these games.
– We will include PVP gaming and Play to Earn games as well. Possibly earn either NFTs, BNB or Flokinomics just by playing the games and earning points

8) To finish off this segment, can we seek an inspiring quote from you please?

Meme tokens don’t just have to be meme tokens, they could change the world. We’ve seen some of the strongest communities in the cryptocurrency space are people who are loyal investors in certain meme tokens they’ve invested in.

Meme tokens can make sense and what we additionally add on to these meme tokens is what can change the world, you can change the world by bringing in innovative ideas and putting them to reality, you can have portions in a charity wallet and share it with the less unfortunate people across the world, you can voice your opinions together on the certain subject whether it’s crypto or non-crypto related and express it together and share it with a mass majority of people.

This is me quoting and speaking on how you can build strong communities in this space just based on memes and we all know with a strong community and foundation whatever innovative idea or technology we have will be almost worthless without that strong community that is needed in everything we do.

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