Interviews Pasquale Sorrentino, CEO of GUMMYS “Gummys is a mix of Twitch, Youtube and OpenSea. It’s a very tasty recipe for freedom.”


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1) Good to meet you at Asia Blockchain Community. Can you tell us about yourself and your team? Also, tell us about your crypto career experiences.

Hi and thanks for having me today. We have a quite big and skilled team, I will talk about the main members.

I am Pasquale Sorrentino CEO of GUMMYS, Software Engineer, Computer Scientist with over 10 years of IT experience in corporates like FedEx, Rabobank, Accenture and crypto projects. My Twitter handle is @BNBGem and my Linkedin is

Guido Schmitz-Krummacher Board Member Lawyer, Swiss Board Member of several projects like Cardano and Tezos. International law, corporate law, economist and a certified Swiss Board Member. His Linkedin is

and finally Anndy Lian, Inter-Governmental Blockchain Advisor, Book Author and Investor. Chief Mongolia PO, Chairman Bigone Exchange and former board member of Hyundai.

2) What is Gummys all about?

Gummys is a Web 3.0 decentralized video sharing and streaming platform. We enable uncensored and secured content sharing. Streamers, viewers, and token holders are all part of the community-driven ecosystem.

3) What makes your service different from most other streaming services? What are the benefits of the complete privacy of Gummys TV streaming service?

Users can signup from any part of the world using only a public address, and stream freely or upload existing content, make donations using cryptocurrency, interact with other users, and subscribe to channels.

Through Gummys privacy measures, users have peace of mind knowing that they do not need to worry about their data being sold to third parties or a data bridge as they only need a blockchain public address to use the platform.

4) Can you tell our listeners of the incentivization of Stream to Earn, or watch to Earn?

When users stream or watch videos on Gummy Bears Tv, they earn cryptocurrency including the utility token; GUMMYS.

5) How does your tokenomics and structure look like?

Sure. The token distribution facilitates a gradual increase in the circulating supply of GUMMYS and to encourage a healthy ecosystem. Additionally, aligning the interests of the community, investors, core contributors and advisors. The total supply is capped at GUMMYS Tokens. The below graphic presents the token distribution for the Gummy Bears project. All these allocations will not be made available directly, but instead are vested and unlocked over time as presented in the second graphic. Vesting is the process of locking and releasing tokens after a given time. Gummy Bears have introduced vesting to prevent having very few entities control a large portion of the total supply and selling it all at once. This will improve stability of price in the future.

All information about tokenomics can be found in our whitepaper Tokenomics:

6) Walk us through your marketing plans for the next 3 months.

My shorter answer will be as such. We work with our internal team + 2 agencies. We do Facebook, Google Ads, Youtube, TikTok promotion, influencers, and we also have a team for bringing users to our platform as content creators.

Let me elaborate more.

The Gummy Bears TV beta version will be released in Q4 2021. On the platform, you will be able to connect your wallet, stream content, and watch videos. Interactions in streams will be made available to users shortly after the donations feature in BNB or GUMMY becomes available.
As soon as the application is stable oracles will be introduced which will act as admins or moderators on the platform and can participate in voting as described in the Governance section. The platform will then be extended with additional functionality to interact with streamers, such as on-screen messages and playing sounds.
Advertisements will be introduced to the platform which will be used to sustain the ecosystem. Stream-to-Earn will incentivize streamers to share content. Streamers will also have the ability to incorporate ads within their own streams to earn even more while streaming.
The next big step in Q2 is to implement Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) into the platform. OBS Studio is a free, open-source, and cross-platform screencasting and streaming app. This tool provides everything you need to create professional productions as a streamer.
With the foundation in place, Watch-to-Earn will be introduced, allowing viewers to earn Gummy Tokens while they watch.

7) Tell me about these programs: You have a gummies moderator program, can you tell our listeners about this and how it’s beneficial to people who might be interested in this? There is also a TV sponsor program, what type of partnerships are you looking for when it comes to this side of your ecosystem?

Yes, we have a moderator program, interested people can apply here: Moderators can work with our council in order to report and block malicious or not allowed content like violence, terrorism and more. GUMMYS – Watch, upload video to earn GUMMYS.

They will be part of the community and get paid for the job. We are also looking for partners that want to promote their business on GUMMYS. Anyone can submit the form Sponsor application form and buy a spot on our home page or other places. The funds will sustain the ecosystem.

8) Do you have any major partnerships already worked out for people who might stream from your services? You are working through CVLabs in Zug, Switzerland, what is the major benefit of this?

We just started to pitch companies and potential partners. GUMMYS already have important backers that will be shared in 2022.

What about CvLabs, it is our incubator and the place where we work from. It is nice because we are very close to big players in the market and can make connections very easily. Zug and the Crypto Valley is a great place to work in crypto.

9) Will you be doing any fundraising or IDO? If yes how do we get onto your whitelist?

We are now in the private/seed stage. Companies/ VCs are joining along with private investors. By the end of Jan, we will run IDO on a different platform and in Feb we will be finally able to launch.

Join our community to find out more about the IDO too or go to or if you are a company reach to [email protected]

10) As a traditional, we ask you for a quote to will inspire us.

“Gummys is a mix of Twitch, Youtube and OpenSea.

It’s a very tasty recipe for freedom.”

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