Speaks with Alex Capon, Vice President for Sales and Merchandising of ADABoy “Man’s Best Friend”


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1) Good day. Can you give a brief introduction of yourself and your team?

Sure, I’m Alex, I have a background in construction project management and years of trading on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), exposed me to a land of risks and hard lessons, where I found out too many, including me can quickly fall victim to incompetent, greedy people. Which still really bothers me. My values in my life, stand as values I uphold in my team, hard work, development and learning, good communication, trust, transparency and also enjoying the journey and having fun. Our team originally formed after the fall of another token, of which we were diamond handed holders, left at the end by a team that wasn’t committed or experienced enough to see it through.

Our team consists of 7 legends from all over the world and varying backgrounds, but all contribute equally to ADABoy and work in synergy towards a common goal. “Every holder will benefit from being part of our projects” which we firmly believe is achievable, through perseverance, innovation, knowledge, experience and networking.

2) What is ADABoy? What is your purpose in this space?

ADABoy is a rewards token with a fun and informative use case. By investing in ADABoy you will have access to an expanding listing service, CryptoMatch.

CryptoMatch is a dating-app style user interface that allows users to quickly filter through projects the user finds attractive or unattractive. Some users may be looking for a one night stand, however, I like the long term relationships CryptoMatch offers.

At the core of CryptoMatch, is the holders. The holders are rewarded as users and project leads buy ADABoy to use CryptoMatch. But that’s not all. CryptoMatch shows you other projects for potential investments. In short, as CryptoMatch grows, your investment grows, your rewards grow, but also, the number of investment opportunities you see will grow with it. It’s a win-win-win opportunity.

3) Why Cardano dividends? Why not BNB? XRP etc? Tell us your secret sauce.

Cardano is the third most popular blockchain in the world and was up and coming at the time of release. We chose a reward that had the potential to double or triple at the time, a reward that could fairly easily double from its current price. Along with its popularity, Cardano’s potential capabilities may allow us to extend our product in innovative ways on the Cardano chain.

4) Can you tell us more about your tokenomics?

Not too long ago we had a 15% tax on all transactions. 1% liquidity, 4% marketing, and 10% rewards automatically distributed in ADA. Just before CMC listed ADABoy we had changed tax to 1% liquidity, 4% marketing, and 5% rewards. The reason for this was to drive volume and focus the project on the CryptoMatch aspect instead of being just a rewards token. After CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko listed us we needed to adjust the liquidity tax to allow for a market cap in the multiple tens of millions. Our current tokenomics is set to 11%. There is 4% rewards, 3% liquidity, and 4% marketing. With a much higher volume, the amount rewards at 4% are more than than the rewards at 10% with low volume.

5) What marketing activities were done so far? What is your marketing plan like for the next 3 months?

ADABoy marketing has been taken to a new level since CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. We’ve had tweets from leading BSC twitter influencers, we had ads on Poocoin, we had call channels promote us. We even made it to the CMC gainers list and plan a marketing storm for when we return. We also had two AMA’s with a soft dox on YouTube.

On a more serious side, and at the core of what ADABoy is about, we have been in the middle of our week-long ADABoy marketing push. BlockCast should bring us great things. We had an AMA three days ago and another one in three more days. *Johan insert that bit about the 492 articles here and anything else I am missing*

However, the goal of ADABoy is to market itself. We want ADABoy to be THE place for new projects to list. We want ADABoy to be a source of marketing for other projects. We don’t want competition with new projects, we want to offer them exposure to our community of long term holders. And we want our holders to profit from quality projects. While we will never simply stop marketing ADABoy, the goal is that the success of ADABoy will market itself to both investors and developers.

6) Can you tell us about your technology roadmap?

We have debuted Cryptomatch. We look to shine it up with V2 and expand the options offered within CryptoMatch. However, we recognize the value in the data CryptoMatch can gather on user/wallet preferences when combined with data on the blockchain and data from partners. We intend to offer data as a service, as well as other consulting. We all know development deadlines are just a safe guess, but the goals we have at ADABoy are to develop cross-chain and staking options, launch cryptomatch on app store and google play, integrate more data and useful interface features within cryptomatch to optimise its functionality and user experience.

7) What other revenue streams do you have apart from revenue generated out from tokenomics?

As a sneak peek, ADABoy is not the only plan for the team. The team helps those in need to fill the gaps in their projects. We offer contract development. web development, community management assistance, and marketing. However, there is an overlap of the team’s goals and those of CryptoMatch specifically. As CryptoMatch grows we will expand the package offerings we have to include other aspects of what the team offers.

Keeping it specific to the current state of ADABoy, our main revenue is from the rewards generated by CryptoMatch and trading. However, a healthy marketing tax, paired with wise spending, keeps the marketing wallet growing itself. We do not seek to accumulate wealth in this manner but consistently expand to more expensive marketing with wider audiences. But again, the real long term goal is the revenue generated through the services and marketing advantages of listing on CryptoMatch.

8) Where will you be listed next? Tell us more.

As mentioned, our focus has been shifted to development. We had to refocus after our listings on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. It is in our interest but not our priority to be listed on another exchange. We have a list of prices and requirements for exchanges. BitMart is one example. Also, some exchanges have approached us about listing with them. To reiterate, we want a fully functional, top-notch, version 2 of CryptoMatch before we go full force into a major CEX. Just to make it clear, the planning and talks to be listed on another exchange have started. The actual listing will come with the release of CryptoMatch V2.

9) What other partnerships have you forged?

We have partnered with many token projects in the past through airdrops, events, and joint advertising. Now with Cryptomatch we are bringing in new projects every day. Many of which are eager to form partnerships directly with ADABoy for joint campaigns, application development, and NFTs.

10) Share an inspiring quote for our community, please.

“It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.” -Mark Twain

ADABoy started with 6 BNB and has become a known name on BSC. Our tenacity and perseverance will carry us to even higher levels.

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