Speaks with the Mark, CMO of MNL “NFT, Liquidity Mining, Gamefi, Defi & more.”


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1)Thanks for coming by to our community. For starters, tell us about yourself and your team.

Hello, I am CMO-Mark from the MNL team, having worked as a researcher in a multinational bank and then in a fund management company. Our founders lobbied my boss to send me to work on the MNL project, so let me introduce my team.

CEO: Archer, an Imperial College graduate with extensive experience in speaking and corporate management, having managed funds of over $10 million, he has built an effective network of contacts in the investment sector and is a wise decision-maker.

CTO: Rodney – He is from the US and we are proud to have asked him to be the CTO of our project as he had received many offers from other teams before joining us. He is well versed in blockchain and specifically NFT games, he has worked on various game projects for NFT and we were amazed at his game design skills when he actually got to work.
Apart from that, we are most happy that we have a very capable marketing team.

More importantly, the project cannot be developed without the strong support of the community and we look forward to your acceptance and trust.

2)What is MNL? What is your purpose in the crypto space?

The ambition of MNL is to create a potentially great Tower Defence GameFi that will offer premium NFT card trading and liquidity mining. The project will bring in a professional marketing team and invest heavily in marketing campaigns to ensure that the token value rises. In the GameFi world, decentralised financial products are presented as games, the rules of DeFi are gamified and game props are valued through MNL.

Large amounts of money are invested in marketing campaigns, community incentives, etc. to boost popularity and keep the token value rising. Our vision is to turn NFT from a virtual commodity into a real financial asset, allowing players to become united in achieving success.

Our team has come across too many projects on BSC that have great concepts and technology but never bothered to market and promote them, even though some of them are indeed non-commercial. There are also fake concepts or poor quality copycat tokens… We are here to weed out the shoddy stuff and make it clear to investors that no marketing is fake. With MNL gaming tokens, you get all the features of other GAMEFI tokens, with a team that has invested a lot of money in marketing behind you.

3 ) Share with us your tokenomics?

Our total supply of tokens is 500 billion with a pre-sale of 261,999,999,900 MNL, 7% of which will be used as a marketing wallet. We believe that a project that will benefit investors cannot operate without marketing. Perhaps you can notice that in past cryptocurrency investments, outstanding token projects have tended to be generous, happily rewarding exceptional contributors to the community early on in the project. So for each transaction, we will distribute 2% of USDT to investors as a dividend, 2% will go into the marketing wallet and another 2% of the tokens will revert to the liquidity pool.

4) What are the possible use cases for your project in the short and long run?

We know that players care about the game and the tokens equally. After the token pre-sale is complete, holders will receive a per-transaction fee of USDT dividends, we will soon complete the design of NFT and distribute a portion to investors through a raffle, while the initial version of the game will soon be available for players to trade NFT, and Defi mining will be available in the same period. Based on feedback from players and suggestions from the community, the team will continue to optimise the game. What can be guaranteed is that marketing campaigns will of course become more frequent as the game development.

5) Where will your marketing activities be found?

In the coming period, we will be running marketing campaigns in the UK community, Asian community, US community and we will also be marketing on Twitter. Follow us on Telegram and Twitter, and you can also find us on our website.

6) Apart from your tokenomics generated revenue, where else do we expect revenue from?

As we mentioned, in addition to the revenue generated from liquidity mining and USDT dividends, every player can participate in the game to earn revenue. Players can win heroes by drawing for 77u MNL tokens per draw, with a maximum of two battles per hero per day. Up to five heroes can be placed in each battle, and depending on the difficulty of the level chosen, the level with the bonus amount varies. There are also plans to develop hero character battles between players. Heroes cost MNL tokens to upgrade, and there is also a hero NFT trading market, so if you have a spare NFT hero you can sell him for income, and rare heroes will become more sought after.

7) What is your technology roadmap like?

  • Build a talented team and issue tokens√
  • Token development direction building√
  • UK marketing communication√
  • Secure marketing funding √
  • The first round of cross-regional marketing (ongoing)
  • Marketing pre-sales (ongoing)
  • Contract review completed (ongoing)
  • Defi campaign phase 1 launched (ongoing)
  • NFT design In progress (ongoing)
  • Game eco-development In progress (ongoing)

8) Share with us your listing plans. Are you going for more CEX?

Of course, we will have some support in this area, which is shown in our roadmap on the website. After we have completed the development of the game ecosystem we will be listed on the second-tier exchanges. At the end of the campaign, the tokens will be listed on top cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase.

9) How are your business plans like for Asia?

a. we are delighted that we have been approached Asian teams in the beginning of the project, and we have already agreed that they will help us with marketing in the Asian market, and we will provide technical support.

b. At this stage, we welcome communities Asian teams to connect with us, we will give away whitelists for community events, and for the best team leaders, we will also give away a limited number of NFTs to our outstanding marketing elites after the development of NFT is completed

c. We are sorry that we cannot disclose the details of the marketing after the pre-sale, as we are in the final stages of negotiations with the investment agencies. But what we can say is that AMAs like the one at today will continue to be launched.

10) Share an inspiring quote to “wow” all of us.

“Choose No man’s land,Choose Gamefi . Be careful, We gonna fly.”

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