Catching up with Andres Sakhipianov, Chief Operating Officer, BEUROP “We are building a company 1 billion worth!”


1) Thanks for coming by to Asia Blockchain Community. Can you please give an introduction of yourself and your teammates?

Thank you for your invitation and hosting. I really appreciate the possibility to be here and spreading good vibes about Beurop company.

Let me introduce myself and my business partner. My name is Andres, I am 43, well experienced and educated, have more than 15 years of Largest company management. In Beurop I am acting as chief operating officer. Yaros is my friend and business partner, Chief Marketing Officer, crypto enthusiast, startups builder with more than 10 years of experience. We are developers and run this business 50/50. We are fully doxxed, audited and located in Spain.

We have on board a total of 17 people, including hired CEO Patrick Cox, who provides us with technology and IT staff. You can see in our group active PR manager – beautiful Karen. There are more people in marketing, in IT and in support.

2) Please tell us more about BEUROP. What are your vision and mission?

A lot of people ask about the token utility due to hundreds of the same typical projects on the market, and 99% of them is a scam. BEUROP is a company registered in UK that aims to create an unique and genuine ecosystem with different products, that will be demandable on the market. Bepr token can be treated as a company share. And it means that all products scheduled for launch in our roadmap will be paid in BEPR. The main goal for the coming days is to Launch our crypto marketing platform that will combine the best features of Dextool, Poocoin, Bogged Finance and coin promotion websites including trading. As I mentioned before the service will be paid by BEPR.

3) Can we know more about your tokenomics and structure?

Unlike the other BSC projects, we have only 30 mln tokens for our total supply. There is no mint function. 13 mln of all tokens are already locked for one year, and in the circulation, we have just 17 million. Developers do not have a single token in the hands. We just launched on PCS and you can see quite a smooth chart confirming that there is no dump from our side. Before launch we have stable 2x profit. Right after crypto marketing platform is launched we will have constant and significant growth. We expect to start within 2 weeks.

BEPR is a reflectionary token and it means that at each transaction made there is a 10% tax, that consist of:
3% goes to holders
3% to LP Holders
4% marketing and Charity
So the longer you hold the more your passive income.

4) Kindly walk us through your marketing plans for this quarter.

We just launched and we understand that our community need to be supported by us with the marketing activities we make. Every single day we announce a current plan as well as a weekly plan. Now we focused on each community we have (about 8) arranging AMAs and spreading the ideas of the company development and benefits for our holders. We have applied for CG and CMC and working on a liquidity pool so people can have additional benefits staying with us.

5) Where will your revenue streams come from? We hope to know what other revenue streams do you have apart from those from tokenomics.

Of course, every single product we are launching has its idea of income. Crypto Marketing platform will be helpful for crypto promotions, Educational Platform will bring us the best IT staff. Our online P2E game Legends of Aragon will be connected to our DEX and NFT marketplace and all features will be tradable with profit. Later in a year we are going to create our own CEX and apply for a banking license to have a fiat payment gateway.

6) What other tech developments are in the pipeline?

Now we are concentrated on crypto marketing platform launch. This is our main goal – to start it as soon as possible because it will be a huge support for all token holders. As I mentioned before, the service we are going to provide will be paid in BEPR so it will bring additional value to BEPR holders. We are about to launch! 2 weeks more or less and start!

7) We like your project because you set very clear key goals like in 2023 you will launch your own stable coin. What other plans do you have beyond 2023? Please give us a glimpse.

This area changes constantly and to have strict certain plans for 5 years or more is just a direction. The most valuable thing is people and developers ideas to build a powerful company. Our aim is to have 100 mln business until 2024.

8) Can you share some upcoming partnerships that you have made?

We have made a few partnerships to expand into the Vietnamese market, we will be working closely with a group called Lighthouse (a reputable blockchain discussion group). We also secured a lifetime partnership with Gateway one of the biggest Telegram crypto group, We are in the middle of a few more partnership arrangements like a staking farming deal with a DEX (deal is about 70% done, can’t reveal the name of the DEX yet). That’s just the short term plan. We have many more deals in place for the upcoming 4 years.

9) To end this segment, can you share an inspiring quote for our community members?

Sure, join us and be a part of this growing powerful company and community. We are energetic, open, honest and have a lot of different ideas that bring value to our partners and token holders!