Community Leader Series: Interview with “Cryptobeast32”/ Asia Blockchain Community


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Dedicated to Honouring Crypto Community Leaders “Working Hard Behind the Scenes”: “Cryptobeast32”/ Asia Blockchain Community

1) Tell us about yourself? How did you end up managing crypto communities?

Kind of a small world in the cryptocurrency world and I really have a give no prisoner attitude. I felt by researching the project I invested in I could learn about people in the industry. By lucky chance, I formed a friendship with a great man by the name of Anndy Lian, and he listened and taught me where I could do better. Then mentioned Asia Blockchain Community could use an admin. I of course volunteered and now help admin for Facebook and Telegram.

2) What is your channel about?

Asia Blockchain Community is a diverse group and so amazing. They’re all about helping new tokens make an impact in the community. They offer AMA, as well a huge community to back it up! I have seen tokens greatly impacted by these events! Also, we share information about cryptocurrency and what’s going on in the world. This is the future, thank you for helping the community as well with great information and publications.

3) What do you like most about your communities members?

They are so friendly if you have a question they will help. There is so much information out there and in this group, it’s very much there for you to find. If you have a question I know me or LaLa or Anndy, or any of the other amazing admins would help you out! My wife is from the Philippines as well and I have a soft part in my heart for people from Asia communities.

4) If you can change one thing about the crypto world, what would you change?

So I do believe in the decentralization of things when it comes to cryptocurrency. That being said I do feel though regulation is still important. Growth will come when the Fiat system either ends or adapts its way away from its archaic system.

5) Any other things to share?

Safemoon, Doge, Vet, Polygon, Etherum, Bitcoin. Among 1000’s of currency let’s break down the wall of divide snd grow as a community. If you were to punch with one finger it wouldn’t go well for you, but if you combine all fingers and clinch together you make the biggest impact. Educate, learn, grow guys time right now is for change and we are the people that are going to do it! Also don’t be afraid to follow me on Twitter at @cryptobeast32