EDC Blockchain And ECRO System – A Bridge Between The Crypto Industry And Real Business!

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Blockcast.cc: We present an interview with Vaz Eghiazar, CEO of the ECRO Chain holding, which manages the EDC Blockchain platform and all ECRO System projects. Hi Vaz, nice to hear from you.

Vaz: Likewise, thanks Melody for the time.

Blockcast.cc: Why, in your opinion, companies that have not yet implemented blockchain technology in their business should pay attention to EDC Blockchain products?

Vaz: Today, blockchain technology allows you to make quick transactions with a minimum commission, putting your own bonus coins and tokens into circulation, and expanding your audience to scale it. EDC Blockchain products are perfectly suited to the requirements of various entrepreneurs who can create their own coins for advertising campaigns and loyalty programs using the EDC Blockchain coin constructor.

At the moment, a large number of projects are already using our tools to build an internal exchange system based on the EDC bonus utility-coin.

Blockcast.cc: What are the main benefits of EDC Blockchain technology and products?

Vaz: Among the main advantages of the platform, I would, firstly, highlight the high speed and low cost of transactions in our network: the advanced Graphene 2.0 protocol, which is the basis of the EDC blockchain, allows network bandwidth to reach up to 100,000 transactions per second, while the commission is minimal – only 0.001 EDC regardless of the transaction amount!

Another clear advantage of working on the platform is a full guarantee of the user funds’ safety, which is achieved through the use of blockchain and other latest technologies.

It is worth highlighting our universal multi-currency EDC Blockchain wallet, with which users can utilize all the company’s services – a leasing program, a blockchain coin constructor, an affiliate program and an integrated exchange!

Our coin constructor allows you creating not only simple tokens for a business with a low turnover, but also complex full-fledged cryptocurrencies with PoS mining for conducting various programs and promotions, which helps business owners to easily expand their audience and find new customers. To date, no other blockchain platform allows users to create coins with PoS mining algorithm!

And of course, our main strength is the global community, which is growing and developing around our projects! Any project can receive marketing and financial support from our large community of more than 1.3 million registered wallets around the world! For projects and startups using our constructor, we offer large-scale advertising within our global community.

Blockcast.cc: Where and for what purposes can EDC coin be used today?

Vaz: EDC is a bonus utility coin that entrepreneurs use to make bonus accruals in various loyalty programs to attract the target audience and expand marketing tools for their business. EDC coin can also be used as a premium coin – for example, there are a number of entrepreneurs who transfer EDC coins as a premium to their employees. But besides this, they create an opportunity for their employees to spend these EDC coins on receiving any services in the same company.

In addition, it can be used for the cashback program – sellers can charge EDC coins to their customers as a cashback. The coin is also suitable for building a discount system – for example, discounts can be expressed in EDC.

Coins can be easily and safely bought and sold on our partner exchanges, leased to a masternode to receive daily bonuses. At the moment, we are expanding the possibilities for using EDC as a bonus utility coin.

The affiliate ECRO marketplace will significantly expand the possibilities of using the EDC coin since the same entrepreneurs who tokenize their business with our coin constructor will be able to place and sell their products and services on the affiliate advanced ECRO marketplace. Therefore, users will be able to exchange EDC coins for products and services safely and with maximum convenience.

An important point – the EDC coin is precisely a utility coin. The platform implements tools for burning commissions when using EDC coins. So the coin will literally be “consumed”. This deflationary mechanism will help maintain a stable coin exchange rate and create a natural shortage of coins in the open market.

Blockcast.cc: Tell us more about the ECRO System. What other products will be implemented as part of this project?

Vaz: We are building an ecosystem where products and services are created, sold and consumed by participants. Our goal is to create a completely closed cycle with which we respond to the most basic needs of any person, and these are products, clothing, health, education, housing and so on. We are building a bridge from the crypto industry to the real world to meet people’s true demands.

One of the most important elements of the ecosystem is our blockchain ECRO marketplace. On this platform, sellers get the opportunity to place and present their products or services, to accept, place and service orders. In addition, ECRO marketplace helps sellers build an individual marketing strategy for promoting their products and services.

Buyers on ECRO can select from a wide range of products, from everyday items to appliances, cars and even real estate with the ability to securely pay with cryptocurrency.

We also understand that the quality of promotion of projects that will be tokenized on the EDC platform largely depends on the qualifications of the people who are involved in the process. That’s why we are implementing another product in the ECRO System, ECRO Academy. It’s an exclusive educational platform that helps users, partners and employees of ECRO System to gain fresh knowledge and improve literacy in the area of blockchain technology, finance, and investment.

The platform is created using neural networks, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. So, there is the ability to control users’ involvement in the content on the platform, for example, the system will be able to follow the user’s attention and offer the following video materials only when previous are thoroughly studied. This will motivate users to look through all the video lessons to the end and with the right working spirit.

With the help of all the latest developments in the field of training, through motivation and certain tools, we will achieve the maximum digestibility of the material, which will raise the qualification level of our entire global EDC and ECRO System community!

Blockcast.cc: In conclusion, can you share your vision of project development.

Vaz: I can say once again that our main goal is to build something like a bridge between the crypto-industrial world and the world of the classic real business sector, as well as the construction of a global community consisting of entrepreneurs, owners of small and medium-sized businesses. ECRO System is an ecosystem made for expansion of the possibilities of using EDC coin, which will be the link between a digital and a real world!

Blockcast.cc: Share an inspiring quote for our users Vaz. We love to hear that and I believe what you will say next will inspire many others.

Vaz: Its my pleasure.

“We only live once, and if we do the right thing, once is enough!”
– Vaz Eghiazar, CEO of ECRO Chain.

Blockcast.cc: Vaz, you have given us a lot of good information and your drive for EDC is amazing. Like I say to my team- “Digital world is already the real world. Embrace the new world together!” Thanks Vaz once again for being here with us.

Vaz: Well said Melody. Yes let’s embrace the new world of digitalisation together.