Exclusive Interview: Blockcast.cc Meets Mark, Chief Strategy Officer of DogeDrinks “Elixirs for the modern age”


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1) Tell us more about yourself and your core team members.

Hello My Name is Mark and I am the CSO or chief strategy officer of this company, I have a little more than a decade of experience in the alcoholic and soft drinks industry in North America, mainly advising and developing products that would later hit the shelves of supermarkets and direct to consumer, current projects I advice have a presence in places like Mexico, USA, Canadá, Australia, middle east and Europe and sell in chains like Amazon, Walmart, Costco, Dan Murphys to name some.

Next, Rodolfo Ortega. His expertise is in international business and logistics, he’s worked for major multinational companies in the technological sector, Jaibil, Plexus, Flextronics and has been in charge of business development with products that include Tesla, Electrolux, Medtronic, ITW among others, his strength is in logistics chains of high complexity making these companies be competitive at this extreme level. He was the original creator of the idea to develop dogedrinks.

Martín is our chief financial officer, he’s from Europe, he’s also been an advisor for multinational brands specialized in the alcohol and energy drinks sector, his core strength is designing and executing marketing campaigns, his background is in finance.
Martín is a biohacking geek, he developed the initial product design idea with Rodolfo, he is a researcher of health and bio-hacking.

Alberto is our biochemist, he has been working for over 30 years in the soft and alcoholic drink industry at the highest level advising over 30 companies where he resides in Mexico, under his belt he’s developed products for several major multinational companies, one of his highest-profile works has been to co-develop formulas for Diageo in the past decade. He is a biologist with a masters in chemistry and is our lead researcher and formula maestro.

Our CTO is based in the UK and he is in charge to oversee the correct functioning of our ecosystem permanently.

2) What is DogeDrinks?

DogeDrinks is a crypto-backed brand of premium functional Soft drinks built for a modern lifestyle based on organic and superfood ingredients. DogeDrinks core values are supporting a healthy lifestyle and achieving better health through functional yet delicious drinks.
DogeDrinks is a reflection token and soft drink at the same time. Every buy gives members more with the boost and burns system in place.

3) What are your vision and mission?

We want to use our robust experience in the field to bring a multinational quality level product to the market, completely focused on health and well-being while maintaining a fun lifestyle vibe to it, bringing a desperately needed elite reputation for products developed and launched in the Binance Smart Chain.

This is a huge 1 trillion dollar global market that is still dominated by refined sugars and non-healthy options by the same old multinationals, nevertheless, the world is shifting fast in this generation, we believe the unhealthy, boring options are doomed ;

We understand that the future is maintaining our lifestyles but with health and bio-hacking as a new parading and priority, bringing it to the masses by having it available everywhere, we want to dominate this space and be a legendary product designed, launched and admin via the blockchain and the crypto community, hence our name and relatable image, doge drinks!

4) Your tokenomics are interesting. Share some insights, please.

As a real-life product directed to the masses ecosystem being built on the blockchain, we have a tax system that heavily incentivizes to hold, as you are rewarded in multiple ways instantaneously like the boost and burn or the anti whale system, as we go further in progress the buying pressure will increase dramatically by the profits dividends inputted into the ecosystem.

5) Love to hear more about your product line. Can you tell us what you have?

We will develop many products as we go, line seasonal and specials but to launch with, we’re committing to this portfolio;

Doge Energy

– Our plant-based drink is a delicious, healthy alternative to traditional energy drinks. We never use anything artificial, our energy comes purely from plants and super fruits.

Doge Relax

– Designed with relaxation in mind.
An enhanced beverage designed to help promote relaxation, citric fruits; passionflower, laveander amongst others.

Doge Sleep
Relaxes the mind, preparing the brain to transition smoothly from wake to sleep.

Doge Focus
– unique combination of herbs, fruits and plants helping to activate your brain towards better focus.

All our drinks will not spike any insulin levels and won’t have refined sugar, some will promote gut health, anti-oxidation and promote cellular regeneration, all while looking cool and tasting delicious.

The formulation has begone and many superfruits and herbs are being tested, a mix of all-natural ingredients to name a few; goji, guarana, ginseng, Citric’s, berries, grapefruit, sage, rhodiola, guanábana, guava, mango, orange, Valerian, Damiana etc.

6) Can you share with us what are your various income streams and how would that benefit the token holders?

A real-life corporation is being set up that will generate income as the purchase orders are fulfilled with our distribution partners, we will also launch an NFT and physical goods store that will constantly input the revenue redistributing it back to the community, buying tokens and increasing the price floor by the constant buy pressure, also using the tokens for staking, farming and redistribution.

Tokenholders will be able to buy the products in available countries via our website with the dogedrinks tokens, furthermore, they will have governance in some key decisions in the future developments and portfolio expansion of the company.

7) What is your marketing and business roadmap?

We are already partnered with several influencers in the community, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram just to name a few, as soon as we have physical samples in the next 2 months, we will ship them in order to priority to all major influencers in social media, as this is a completely lifestyle-focused brand.

Our business roadmap is to have the product in most major known retailers in the USA, Canada and Mexico around three and a half months from launch, then we will focus on China, Japan and South Korea, then our focus will go to Europe, Africa, Australia and the Middle East, finalizing with South America, we want to do it in record time as we comply with their local governmental regulations.

8) Listing on CEX can really help the project a lot. What are your plans?

CEXes are extremely important to create awareness and attract big investors on a mid-time horizon, we have it considered in our roadmap, but we won’t go to any exchange, once we list it will be somewhere it counts, bigtime.

9) What charity work will you be doing? What do you stand for?

In 2021 we have a huge pandemic of obesity, heart disease and several other things directly related to bad consumption habits pushed by us since we’re young, yet, more than half the population of the world starve and don’t have safe, drinkable water, a portion of our profits generated will go to charities around the world that are bringing clean, drinking water to kids and people in need, especially in central and South America, Africa and Asia.

10) Tell us more about your pre-sale.

Our presale is programmed for the 6th of this month, please, go to the DX sale platform and join our whitelist, there are still a few slots left for the Blockcast.cc’s community, there were only 200 spaces and will be dedicated to have strong liquidity on launch, if you can’t get one please stay tuned for our imminent launch on pancake 🥞🙌🏽

11) Share an inspiring quote for our users, please.

I don’t think it was meant as an inspiring quote, but I took it as one because of the magnitude of the teller, a few days ago VITALIK BUTERIN was randomly asked what is the secret to anti-ageing, he replied and I quote:

“Lowest hanging fruit is to cut extra sugar out of tour life entirely, that’s the secret of why tea is healthy “.

I agree with him, let’s bring power drinks and the crypto community to the masses, promote health and revolutionize this trillion-dollar market together!


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