Exclusive Interview with Melis Altinoluk, Ambassador to Momentum Labs “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”


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1) Dear Melis Altinoluk, it is our pleasure to meet you here. Tell us more about yourself.
Here are the few words that describe me: Tech-addicted, hyperergy, public speaker, influencer, proactive, problem lover & solver.

I am an Industrial Engineer and I’ve received my Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing and Brand Management. I have been 13 years of experience in the Healthcare, Life Sciences, BioTechnology, Medical Devices, and Laboratory Equipments industry. I have grown along the way, starting from Project, Sales, Marketing to Channel Management. I was engaged in B2C and B2B in Turkey and Europe.

I am the founder of MeLway Consultancy, besides my position that I am an active crypto trader since 2012. DeFi, NFT systems, ML (Machine Learning) are my main focuses in these industries above. I’ve been selected as the most outstanding woman entrepreneur in Turkey.

2) You are the Ambassador to Momentum Labs. What are your main duties?

I have been already evolved in Momentum labs since 2017 when I met with Mr. Sander de Bruijn at Tech-Expo in RAI Amsterdam. When he first introduced me to Momentum Labs, I fell in love with the idea. I still remember my eyes as were popping out of my head.

I am a tech-addicted woman and I love the changemaker ideas. Can you imagine a cognitive platform for loyalty programs that exchanges value w/o money? Sounds amazing!

My main duty is to spread this amazing platform as much as possible as many people & companies and add value with my know-how to Momentum Labs. Blockchain was a missing technology that now will revolutionize many industries and also the loyalty industry. This platform for loyalty programs implemented over blockchain infrastructure, and harnesses the power of AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help businesses better understand customer behavior, predict churn before it happens, and prevent it.

The companies can contact me at melis@melway.com.tr for more information.

3) Talking about tokens, what are the core selling points for MMTM?
I am really excited because it’s great news that MMTM tokens are going to be first listed on the 10th of May on Uniswap, which is a fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on ETH. I love decentralized exchanges! The other exchanges will follow as well. We are excited to onboard companies to implement Momentum loyalty solutions.

The people should do their own research and understand which problems will be solved with this platform in near future. It would be wise to buy MMTM tokens and HODL them for some time. When the price of token increase, you will be ready to join the revolution. I did my research, and I am still on the project since 2017.

4) We know Momentum Labs’s solution for loyalty is a combination of blockchain, AI, and ML. How is this combination going to help businesses?

The way of doing business is changing worldwide, however, customer behaviours are also changing in the current conditions. Momentum platform is set to revolutionize the world of retention marketing and customer loyalty, redefining the way companies build programs and manage relationships with their customers.

Momentum Labs’s solutions allow brands to launch or convert their own loyalty assets, auto exchangeable with other company loyalty assets using seamless peer-to-peer matching and exchange technologies.

The consumers will have a chance to make the most out of their loyalty program participation, driving engagement, retention, unprecedented cross-vertical data insight.

5) What other problems can Momentum Labs solve?
The blockchain and cryptocurrencies are the tools that we as humanity were missing for the evolution of technology we were creating and the loyalty rewards problems are increasing worldwide because they are too general, no bonus, no incentive to go the extra miles/bonus, no preferential treatment, etc. In a nutshell, the most important thing is that no interaction with people/customers.

Can you imagine a platform in the near future being incentivize for the shopping or travelling you do in the loyalty point? You hold in your app for being able to trade those loyalty points you earned by travelling to buy a coffee or hamburger at your favourite shop. Can you also imagine trading for other people’s loyalty points?

Let’s say you have a coffee coin to get your favourite coffee and your friend has only a hamburger coin. But s/he wants to get coffee as well. You exchange the point with each other so you both have enough point for the thing you need it for.

The cluster behaviour prediction turning loyalty programs into a strong data machine and revenue driver.

6) The blockchain space has matured a lot since 2017. Do you agree with this statement? Please share your thoughts.
Nope, we have just started! The people now slowly start to understand Bitcoin is slowly evolving into the gold of the 21st century. Many billionaire key players entered for the long term to protect their capital from losses because of the upcoming crisis, insane money printing, inflation, and other negative micro and macroeconomic factors.

As you all know, China is the biggest bitcoin miner but the US, Europe, soon Africa, and all other countries will join that market and all want to become the biggest miner. Besides these countries, Venezuela and some other countries incentivize their power plants for mining. Now some countries have already announced that they use Bitcoin for payment, import, and export activities, etc. They surpass the US sanctions and the dollar. Can you see how big and amazing world?

7) Cryptocurrency is still deemed speculative. Do you think this will change?
Yes, this will change because I believe since 2012 when BTC was just 4USDT. We are in a special season and the bull market is going to the top till the end of this year. Altcoins have also increased in price. Then the bear market will reappear (say hello again for the new players 🙂 and this time I think we will not crash too much because the new players such as more companies, more smart investors are in the market. Like the previous times as many other smart investors will HODL till the 2025 Bull market.

8) Our readers love to be inspired. Can you share a quote with us?
“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” 🙂


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Date of interview: 11 May 2021
Time of interview: 7.00 am KST
Interviewer: Joann Park, Editor





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