Fireside Chat with Paul McNeal, Owner at The Crypto Curator


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Blockcastcc: Hi Paul, my name is Jenny Zheng, Co-founder of We are a blockchain media company based in Singapore, South Korea and China. It is my pleasure to speak to you Paul this morning. Paul is an expert from USA, he has given advice to many companies. To kick off, can you give an introduction of yourself. We hope to hear your experiences and what you have done previously and currently.

Paul: My name is Paul McNeal, Owner at The Crypto Curator is Speaker, Brand Evangelist, Technologist. Spent the earlier part of my career serving in the United States Navy Submarine Force working in communications. After 10 years serving my country, I held leadership positions at the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) overseeing the global wireless device program. I then Co-founded a content curation startup which grew rapidly and was recently acquired.

I am an early adopter of Bitcoin, becoming aware of it in 2011, and have since continued to monitor the developments of Blockchain Technology; daily. Mentoring young entrepreneurs is a passion of mine and through The Next Gen Summit I work with groups daily; currently Business Development Advisor to Vineteq. Being on the cutting edge of technology means everything to me and I help businesses leverage it to move forward faster. And yes I am currently residing in Dallas, Tx. Thanks for sharing your background. What are the potential up side for being in this blockchain/ crypto industry?

Paul: The upsides of being involved with Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology is being able to benefit financially and contribute to taking control of your information. We live in a world where privacy is constantly being violated for the great good (supposedly) but in fact technololgy is providing governments more control than they’ve ever had before. Do you believe in total decentralisation? We do believe but is has been a bit extreme where some of our readers want to get rid of the government, banks, miltary force and etc using blockchain. Do you think there is a need to “redecentralise”? Things overboard?

Paul: I do believe some centralization is needed but I would say I do believe that decentralization, especially with money, is needed. Our information is being collected and leveraged by the big tech companies at an alarming rate and we’ve been conditioned to provide it in the name of “FREE.” So I think it’s time to swing the pendulum back toward the people. Blockchain tech can be used in many situations and industries. Which industry do you think blockchain will do very well.

Paul: I am a huge proponent of using Blockchain Technology, however, let me be clear – The Bitcoin Blockchain, for identification. I believe if every citizens around the globe had the ability to have their identity locked on the Bitcoin Blockchain, it would lead to us having the ability to create a frictionless society/world. We would then be able to build systems that interacted with us vice us having to interact with it. For example, voting, access control to buildings, shopping, mass transportation – without the need to ever think of payment; due to our identities being connected to a decentralized censorship resistant digital asset like Bitcoin. The bearish market has driven many Altcoins to death. Do you think this situation will continue

Paul: I collect news information everyday as my role as The Crypto Curator. In my daily brief – I am seeing the sentiment that talks about Alt Season returning. Now let’s be clear, not every Altcoin will rally. Currently we are seeing some alts suffer as a result of Bitcoin’s rise. So certain alts will do well and other will fail. I believe Alts that are not made up of solid team members and have zero adoption, no viable product or service that is needed. What is the future for the blockchain/ crypto space?

Paul: The future for Digital Assets and Blockchain Technology is HOT. Governments around the world are trying to find ways to regulate and adopt it at the same time. I believe this technology will continue to flourish because the cat is out of the bag so to speak. Can you share an inspiring quote for our users

Paul: Rule number 1 in Bitcoin is –

“Talk about Bitcoin but don’t talk about your Bitcoin.”

by Andreas Antonopoulos Thanks for your time. Looking forward to speak to you again. If you want to speak to Paul, you can follow him on his Twitter



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