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Melody: Welcome everyone, this is Melody from and we had the great pleasure of sitting down with the CEO and Marketing & PR Officer of Credits Igor Chugunov and Arjan Eikelenboom again last week to discuss the exciting developments with Credits.

Hi Igor, Hi Arjan. It was the end of last year that Blockcast last had the chance to speak with you Igor, and the world is a very different place. How have Credits and both of you been spending your time before and after the reported pandemic?

Igor: Hi Melody. Thank you for having us.

Well. The short version is that we have scaled up the speed and volume capacity for blockchain transactions on Credits …… and we built a Neobank.
When we met in Singapore the world was in a much different place back then. Same goes for Credits actually. As you know we have built the fastest decentralized platform in the world to serve the entire global payment industry, yet adoption by big financial institutions is taking a bit longer than we had hoped. So, we put our creative cap on and built a Neobank. On our own blockchain.

Arjan: Hi Melody. Thanks, Igor.

And again, the short answer would be that we used the non-travelling months to continue to focus on enabling even higher speeds and further improved scalability on transactions of digital assets. There is so much more to tell on that one…Credits capabilities are now both more dynamic and simultaneously more robust.

Melody: You built a Neobank? For what purpose and why would consumers want to use the Credits bank compared to others?

Arjan: Credits is first and foremost a platform to serve the payment industry and the emphasis will be on both educating potential customers and businesses about the unique capabilities of Credits, and combining first rate tech solutions and in-person relationships with customers.

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Igor: If Credits did not exist, it would have to be invented. Luckily, we have done just that.
We believe that our adaptable and responsive development team will shape our services in discussions with customers and will take into account what is needed in the(ir) real world. The bank seamlessly integrates with our blockchain for frictionless transactions.

Melody: So a handy example of one such journey from a business point of view. What does the next six months hold for Credits do you think?

Arjan: Let’s take a working example: We reconnected with and their platform has developed significantly over the last year. They are only a few months away from an exciting launch, but were having challenges with the EOS blockchain. We already knew each other well, had discussed working together and even signed an MOU at the beginning of March this year. Gaimin had for quite some time shown an interest in the rapid scalability of the Credits blockchain along with how robust and dynamic we were.

Igor: We had a memorandum of understanding in place with for a few months before the pandemic hit. Arjan and I held final discussions with Martin Speight, Gaimin’s CEO and Calvin Adamus, Gaimin’s CPO and our development teams have now been connected. What is so symbiotic for us both is that we can plan ahead. With Arjan knowing their team so well, the collaboration will mean that our infrastructure will be in place as the amount of the users of their platform increases, whether steadily or exponentially. The next six months for both companies will be very exciting coupled with a lot of hard work.

Arjan: A key component to Gaimin is their digital marketplace where the buying and selling of unique digital assets (non fungible token) is a key component. Our transaction volume capacity and speed, together with the seamless nature of those transactions will mean that the gamers never experience any lag whatsoever. They won’t even know that there is a blockchain element to any of this, which is important. Martin once told me that he saw gamers as the key to mass crypto and blockchain adoption and what we have here is the perfect relationship to make this happen.

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Melody: So do you see the two companies working very closely together in the years to come to develop a blockchain for the gaming market?

Arjan: I mentioned earlier, Credits are first and foremost a platform to serve the payment industry whereas Gaimin offers a platform to harvest a gamer’s GPU power. The mutual respect that we have for each other’s focus, work and progress over the last couple of years has without doubt created a bond that will be hugely beneficial, both ways round. The future for both companies is bright.

The ambition for Credits is to match the speed and transaction volume that Visa card presently has off the blockchain and make this feasible on the blockchain. Visa can currently process 65,000 transactions per second, while Mastercard can process 164 million transactions per hour or 45,000 per second. Independent tests have so far proven that Credits is capable of well in excess of these transactional volumes, so our immediate focus is a solid, stable and reliable 50,000 transactions per second.

In the coming months, we expect to have integrated a number of large companies onto the Credits blockchain and also have grown to a million users for our Neobank. We aim to be a long term major player in the Blockchain industry. For example, one of the developments that Gaimin is most excited about is the introduction of our debit card. This will mean that in the very near future any of Gaimin’s users will be able to build up GMRX tokens and then use the card to buy anything from a Starbucks coffee to a keyboard, not just in-game assets. For Gaimin, that’s a real game changer. And no apologies for that pun.

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Igor: We have built our business and services by identifying what the market most needs, and then providing what is needed. It is really astonishing that Credits is pretty much unique in addressing the volume and speed of transactions demanded by smart contracts and so forth, on the blockchain. We have talked to our existing customers and others out there who might become customers. We expect the pathway that has been developed by talking to Gaimin, to be a similar one to other clients we bring on board.
After all, underneath it all, if people don’t talk and listen to one another, through whatever medium – how else can we do effective business? So in that respect it will be “more of the same”.

Melody: Any final thoughts gentlemen?

Arjan: I have always firmly believed since I became involved with the Credits project, that they would achieve great things. The Gaimin platform will look to utilize Credits Smart Contracts for transferring tokens, rewards, payouts and much more, and make the user experience seamless, fast, safer and more secure. I love to have fun and both Gaimin and Credits have the gamer as a first priority which is why this is such a synergistic move for both companies and above all the Gaimin team are a great, fun team to work with.

Melody: Arjan, would you like to share a quote with our audience that has inspired you?

Arjan: The quote that I have always felt to be the most relevant is ….

It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen

Melody: Thank you for your time gentlemen! It has been enjoyable and much appreciated. I hope to be able to get together again in the near future, thank you once again!