Let’s talk about XRdoge with Cofounder SG “Unleash the Memetic Power”


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1) Hi SG, can you tell us about yourself and your core members?

I’ve been exposed to crypto since 2013 and what has always excited me about crypto is that it’s a new industry creating cutting edge technology that is disrupting traditional forms of finance, banking, and soon to be real estate. Plus, much more!

There are three co-founders: Myself, Raymond (aka Yggy Pop) and Moonboi589. We follow certain aspects of the Satoshi and Ryoshi of Bitcoin & Shiba Inu fame approach; in that, we embrace pseudonymity. However, we also have a team that is doxed and work actively within the community.

It can be easy to get lost in the personalities of the developers, but for me, the most important thing is the project itself, what has been achieved in such a short time, and the underlying community. The community itself are the core member.

We have a core group of guerrilla marketers called the Special Meme Service who work tirelessly to promote us via memetics. We also work closely with a couple of established marketing firms in the UK and Asia. And have a team of very talented developers that we work with – both front-end website & back-end XRPL developers.

2) What is XRdoge about?

XRdoge is the first token to combine the undefeated memetic power of the Doge, with unparalleled, lightning-fast, staggeringly cheap utility of the XRP Ledger. We seek to rescue our crypto brothers and sisters from painfully slow mining, and eye-watering gas fees.

We wish to show the meme coin lovers how the XRP ledger utility can transform their bags. We wish to show XRP holders how memetics can showcase their beloved XRP utility to the world. Already we see this combination in the XRdoge payment portal and XRdoge Dex.

But most of all, we will fulfil our destiny: to take up our position alongside Doge, and Shiba Inu as the holy trinity of premium meme coins; and we want to take you all along for the ride.

3) Where are you at your roadmap currently?

With the launch of our NFTs we have fulfilled everything we said we would do in our initial roadmap – in less than four months! However, we won’t slow down or stop there: all these aspects are projects which will be expanded and mature as we go. We have also done more than we said we would, and we are currently working on some interesting new projects to be announced.

4) The last time you came to our AMA, you briefly mentioned your green initiatives. Can you elaborate on this current point? How the automation process like?

XRdoge is proud to announce its new green utility project. XRdoge is going from meme coin to green coin. Since it burst onto the scene last year, XRdoge has already added utility to its memetics – a web payment portal and DEX interface. Now XRdoge is tapping into one of the fastest-growing crypto markets – the green revolution.

The new green utility project will automate householders’ carbon offset requirements. Using an innovative, patent-pending hardware device, with XRdoge as the intermediary utility token, the customer will be able to transfer real-world value and offset their carbon footprint.

With the hardware patent-pending, and new green carbon offsetting partnership with Ecologi, XRdoge is carving out a unique space in the cryptosphere – using memes and utility to make the world a greener and better place.

The XR589 clamps onto your power cable or mains power inlet. It uses a combination of user input settings and self-calibration which allows the XR589 to monitor your power consumption in real-time. the clamp then offsets your power consumption by automatically sending cryptocurrency to one of Xrdoge’s “carbon offset” partners.

Our first partnership is with Ecologi who are bringing carbon offsetting mainstream with an exciting, accessible and fun-to-use interface! A perfect partner in XRdoge’s meme-driven eco mission!

UK patent GB2200837.9 has been filed by XRdoge co-founder Raymond Thomson. This patent is for a new and innovative hardware device to automate carbon offsetting using cryptocurrency

5) Where can we buy XR589? What other partnerships are forged to pilot this utility?

The XR589 is not available for purchase yet. It will be purchasable on the XRdoge Store once it is available.

We have applied for grants with several high-profile companies that are interested in the deployment of such technology.

We are also in contact will several manufacturers looking to see who the most suitable company is to build the XR589!

Our first partnership is with Ecologi who are bringing carbon offsetting mainstream with an exciting, accessible, and fun-to-use interface! A perfect partner in XRdoge’s meme-driven eco mission!

6) Congrats on your NFT launch. Care to tell us what are the plans for your NFTs? What is special and what it can do?

NFTs are become very valuable on networks like Ethereum. But many people don’t like the high gas fees. The XRPL NFTs space is in its infancy, but we always like to be leaders, hence we are getting in early.

One of the benefits of XRPL NFTs is that there are very, very low fees.

Our aim for XRdoge NFTs is for them to be high quality, and for them to add value and longevity to the token.

This is why many of our NFTs will only be available for XRdoge, and we have created a tokenomics whereby the holders of XRdoge benefit from NFT sales.

7) 5 NFTs sold in auction for 103 million XRdoge. This is a record. Are there other auctions in the pipeline?

Yes! We have a Zodiac Collection of XRdoge we plan to auction off next Sunday! The auctions are fun and engaging environment for the community to participate in whether they just want to sit and watch or bid for an NFT!

8) You have somewhat completed phase 3. What is next?

The NFTs which are part of phase 3 are only in their infancy. That project will be expanded, and we intend to be one of the leaders in this space. We are about to launch a new fancy front end for our Dex. We are expanding staking opportunities funded by NFT sales, and we are looking at developing some innovative, decentralised staking procedures where the staker keeps custody of their own tokens

9) In this somewhat bearish and a bit bullish market, what are your marketing strategies for the next 2 months?

Our marketing plan is formed by a few main prongs, which work together. Community, formal, and utility development.

Community Marketing: One important thing to remember with XRdoge is that it is a token built on a decentralised public ledger, where the vast majority of the token is held by the community. The founders work together with the community. We promote the community’s efforts, and they promote ours.

Many community members have set up very popular XRdoge twitter accounts, YouTube accounts, are on TikTok, Telegram, Discord and so on. They create XRdgoe songs, artwork, meme videos, and merchandise. Se we all work together to support, collaborate and promote each other’s work.

Then there is the more traditional marketing. We have engaged an outdoor and digital marketing company based in the UK for the English-speaking market. We have also engaged marketing companies for the Asian market and English-speaking markets which helps us to get our announcements out to a much larger world through publication on platforms such as China Daily and Yahoo Finance!

One of our main aims for the next quarter is to push out into the Asian market in particular. And to move out from the XRPL space to the larger crypto space.

10) This is our tradition. Tell us one quote that will wow us please.

“Ideally, Doge speeds up block time 10X, increases block size 10X & drops fees 100X. Then it wins hands down.” – Elon Musk.

Why do I quote this, because XRdoge does all this and much, more. Elon wanted it, we built it. Xrdoge will win hands down!


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