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By Melody Dear Mariya, can you give an introduction yourself?

Mariya: Thanks Melody for having me today My name is Mariya Ebirayim. My background of Hong Kong listed financial group Pacific Plywood Holdings Limited ( and has many years of experience in the fintech industry made me who I am; An early participant & investor in Fintech . I was the Japan CEO & head of global PR at HLC foundation , HLC technologies FZCO that is Dubai’s listed Blockchain Group . Currently I am the Strategic Brand Marketing Advisor at Beta.B Global PR and Blockchain Gate Inc . I can speak 6 kind of languages, including English ,Japanese, Chinese etc. Has international education background and multi-country work experience such as US , China and Japan. The combination of user psychology and brand marketing is my advantage , good at making the brand strategy and brand promotion. I also advocate a result-oriented autonomous and effective working model with no time and no space constraints. What is your project name and what is the main objective of your project?

Mariya: Beta.B ( is a global PR marketing platform focused on blockchain industry under BlockchainGate Co., Ltd. ,that is in partnership with Japan  VCG Group, and its Japan’s virtual currency media magazine “月刊 仮想通貨”. The industry’s innovative marketing and branding consulting services platform.

The brand built with a new opinion called PSAM (People Share Agent Market)  in the revaluating sharing economy . Beta.B is not one’s company, it belongs to the talent person who contributing his ability and value through using the platform .

Beta.B gathered the valuable self-employed person with marketing and branding skills, language skills ,business development skills etc. and provide resources to users in all over the world. The members from all over the world who with good knowledge on Blockchain and Fintech will provide the suitable services to Beta.B’s clients. In order to keep the qualities of services, Beta.B is continuing a strict selection on each members. What are your views on the current crypto and blockchain market?

Mariya: Blockchain is a decentralized transaction and data management technology developed first for Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The interest in Blockchain technology has been increasing since the idea was coined in 2008.

From beginning to today, most of the people only pay their attention to cryptocurrency , with the intention to speculate. They followed blindly and just depend on luck without knowledge of blockchain or security token.The market, blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, has to keep the balance of developing.if it loss the balance ,the tragedy would be happen.

Nowadays, everyone is talking about the bad market of blockchain industry . I think any industry has two characteristics before it gets on track. One is chaos and the other is opportunity. When the industry officially entered the right track, everything was settled and there was no chance.

In the process of getting on the right track, it will inevitably experience many detours, wrong roads, and the destruction of some speculators. The blockchain industry is naturally involved in finance, traceability technology, games even more .

The break-up of certain bottlenecks in the blockchain industry requires advances in hardware, markets, and concepts. It is expected that 5G will bring great popularity to blockchain applications Can you provide a quote or what you believe in for the readers? 

Mariya: It is true that the future of cryptocurrency is uncertain yet and depends on many factors, such as, legal and regulatory framework, cybersecurity, exchanging cryptocurrency to real money, etc.

However, I trust the technology I trust the future of blockchain ,the result of revaluation of technology is blockchain. There are many doubts , arguments about the future of blockchain and cryptocurrency . Of course, this is very normal .Let’s look back to the early beginning time of Internet. People also kept doubts and arguments on it , even some people thought it was fraud .But look at your life now, it is done. Blockchain is still in the early beginning step for now,It needs time to develop and promotion.

I just saw a video of Jack Ma days ago,He said “ many people laugh and doubt them when they stared to do E-Commerce platform years ago. But their deep belief , passion , integrity lead them made the Alibaba Group. They never lost their target and belief in the difficulties .”

We should never afraid of failure , we should afraid of lack of the courage of try .

We should never afraid to faced something new, we should afraid of lack of new .

We should never afraid to encounter difficulties, we should afraid to be the same .

Keep the true attitudes will help you to clam down to find good salvation. Nice to have met you. Thank you for your time.