Roman Golovakha, Co-Founder of Rogmax “We can realize any blockchain business ambitions you have.”


 1,097 total views,  1 views today Dear Fans, my name is Melody Chan, Managing Editor and Partner at We have another special guest on the line this afternoon. He is Roman Golovakha, the Co-Founder of Rogmax based in Ukraine, Vinnitsia. Hi Roman.

Roman: Hi Melody, how are you? Let me introduce myself. My name is Roman Golovakha, I have over 10 years of experience in software development and currently the co-founder or Rogmax. Tell us more about Rogmax.

Roman: We are a software and solutions company. We look into all kinds of technology development work from blockchain, AI to data management. My team and I provide a full scope development from ideas to publishing, as well as research & development, start-up consulting and proof of concept. How big is your team currently?

Roman: Rogmax has a strong team of about 50 engineers in different areas of IT which allows us to provide an extensive range of services. What is your clientele base like?

Romas: We have delivered numerous mobile applications, web-sites and cloud solutions for startups, entertainment, bank, TV and enterprise brands. Can you quote us some examples? Walk us through some of your clients and what they do.

Roman: I have chosen 3 companies here. Let us walk you through. First of all, we have StreamElements. OBS.Live is StreamElements’ add-on to OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software), the leading software for video recording and live streaming. OBS.Live is optimized for gaming & IRL live streaming, integrating your Twitch / YouTube Live / Facebook Gaming chat into OBS, and your StreamElements activity feed. In one word, we made stream management way easier than before. Gaming streaming is one of the hottest topics right now, especially when the talks for the month is about YouTube banning blockchain and cryptocurrency content and then censorship. StreamElements is certainly something to look out for. Who is next?

Roman: Secondly, The project is a blockchain-powered gaming platform which connects the world’s largest supply of distributed GPU processing power. For your information, I am the lead tech for them and definitely a big-time supporter. I started getting involved in Gaimin during springtime when we first met with Calvin, Clive, Martin and we were introduced. They provided us with the proposition and the main idea of it from the point of view of mining utilizing dormant GPU power from gamers PC. So that’s why we want to create as simple as possible of the application for Gamers with the best technologies we have at the current moment in order to build really the product and system which can maintain millions of users. I started to understand all of these technologies and what my experience with different types of real-time applications, web applications could bring. Gaimin’s project is much larger than anticipated. It will require more technologies, user experience and functionality, needless to say we are incredibly excited about this project and what it can bring to Gamers. We know Gaimin very well, and again thanks to them, we are connected. The two clients above are more gaming, video and seems fun. Anything that is more “serious”? (Laughs)

Roman: All our projects are serious and fun. The next one is more security-driven. L7 Defense is focused on helping customers secure their applications against the growing risk of exposing APIs to cyber attacks. APIs have become the ultimate means for sharing data and integrating between applications. However, APIs function outside the “jail” of existing application protection policies and are very sensitive to data manipulation, theft and operational damage. They present the main cybersecurity threat to companies today. We look into bio-informatics, machine learning, enterprise architecture and cybersecurity technologies. Thanks Roman. How about a question on blockchain? How do you see the blockchain technology right now?

Roman: The blockchain technology is paving its way to the mainstream right now. Most of the people around us want to know more about the technology and how it can help their businesses. Some others came to us on cryptocurrency tips and trends too. This is a separate question and to be upright, I don’t know too much about the cryptocurrency side of things. I am a software engineer by training, I see the technology side of things more than the monetary portion. What is the future of blockchain?

Roman: Honestly, I am optimistic about the technology, as mentioned previously. Most industry regulators and operators have acknowledged the potential of blockchain in ensuring “transparency.” But there are still quite a number of implementation hurdles in order for blockchain to be functioning fully. For example, blockchain is already known for its disruptive potential in financial applications. I want to see more! Yes we would like to see more of its use cases and major companies adopting the technology. Can you share an inspiring quote for our users before we end our interview?

Roman: How about this: Blockchain is the future. Blockchain is not complex. If you have any dreams to fulfill and have some technical block. “We (Rogmax) can realize any blockchain business ambitions you have.” Thanks Roman for your time. Happy new year! To find out more about Rogmax, visit

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