7 months after Hash Wars, Bitmain’s BTC.com appears to mine Bitcoin SV


BTC.com, the flagship mining pool of cryptocurrency firm Bitmain Technologies, appears to have started mining the Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) blockchain once again – a likely controversial move.

According to multiple blockchain explorers, BTC.com has mined roughly one percent of BSV blocks over the past 24 hours, and is currently contributing a relatively small hash rate of 4 petahashes per second to the network.

Curiously, the rate of BSV blocks signed by BTC.com also seems to be increasing.

BTC.com has been noticeably (and obviously) absent from BSV mining since last year’s wasteful Hash Wars, as it involved Bitmain and Roger Ver (Bitcoin BTC ABC) battling gambling figure Calvin Ayre and nChain’s Craig Wright (BSV) for the prominent Bitcoin Cash moniker and its associated $BCH ticker.

Estimates suggest combatants spent upwards of $700,000 per day to fight for Nakamoto Consensus, which is awarded to the network supported by the most cryptocurrency miners, and can be measured by whoever has the “longest chain.”

The Bitcoin ABC camp ultimately claimed victory. BSV has continued with significantly less on-chain activity and overall hash power, which has repeatedly called its integrity into question.

In fact, since losing the Hash Wars, Calvin Ayre’s CoinGeek has been caught with more than 50 percent of BSV’s hash rate twice, a red flag for those concerned with 51-percent attacks.

Hard Fork has reached out to BTC.com confirm its BSV mining operations, and will update this piece should we receive a reply.

Update 17:37 UTC, July 3: A BTC.com spokesperson has since contacted Hard Fork to confirm its mining pool has indeed started mining BSV.

“Customer-first is a principle we always follow. We have consistently been adding to our pool new blockchains that we find a demand for among our customers,” they said via email.

This was also announced in a BTC.com blog post, which can be found here.

The spokesperson then confirmed BTC.com’s decision to add BSV to its mining pool has “nothing to do with the event from last year.”

Published July 3, 2019 — 11:17 UTC

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