After the Filecoin mainnet goes live, what challenges are facing?


The Filecoin mainnet was officially launched on October 15th. After the launch, Filecoin’s operating status and subsequent development have become the most concerned hotspots. Various mainstream exchanges rushed to launch Filecoin trading and launched a series of FIL activities.

Why is the Filecoin market so hot? In addition to the team and community, the reason is that distributed storage has become an important industry trend.

The data storage market will be a trillion-level market in the future, and distributed storage has become a trend. The successful experience of cloud storage with a market scale of 100 billion also proves that the ceiling of this track is still high.

Filecoin combines the economic incentives of the blockchain and the distributed storage technology of IPFS to become the “new gadget” of the traditional storage track, and it is implemented based on the well-known blockchain technology. At the same time, from another perspective, Filecoin has gathered a large number of community “consensus”. Even after a long wait of 3 years, many community members still persisted and gave very high expectations. Therefore, the industry is It has a lot of attention.

Looking at the layout of Filecoin’s ecosystem, if there is no error after the mainnet is launched, Filecoin will have a value of continuous development, but the specific economic benefits that can be brought have to return to Filecoin’s internals, for example, after the mainnet is launched Control of the early-stage market.

So, at present, Filecoin first needs to consider the security of the Filecoin network. Filecoin mining hardware requirements are too high, and the threshold for ordinary users to participate has also been enlarged. Moreover, Filecoin mining is too difficult and requires technical professionals.

Furthermore, as the popularity of Filecoin remains high, the FIL that finally flows into the secondary market will not account for too high a proportion of the total amount of FIL unlocked or released. The previous supply and demand will not be balanced, and supply may fall short of demand. Then, it may cause the token price to skyrocket. However, the government also made some adjustments a few days ago, that is, 25% of mining will be released immediately after the mainnet is launched. Although this measure is still under discussion, once it is passed, it will be directly reflected on the mainnet. To a certain extent, this move can make up for the collateral of about 10PB of computing power growth in the market.

However, for small miners, the block reward may not be able to compensate for the increase in computing power mortgage, which may also result in a lot of lending behavior.

So, besides the challenges faced by Filecoin itself, what other challenges are there? V丨FILkefu

After the mainnet goes live, the development of Filecoin is to help the development of IPFS. IPFS is a distributed global system. Once information, trade, and economy are opened up, it will all be opened up. How will countries regulate? This is also a very important issue.

Furthermore, how to implement Filecoin technically?

Contains several aspects: hot storage scenarios (how to build a hot storage network transmission); how to improve storage performance; the development and construction of ecological applications, and more popular and easy-to-use applications take root; lowering the threshold for user participation, current mining equipment , Operation and maintenance are too specialized, how to use idle space for simple mining is very worth looking forward to.

The launch of Filecoin’s mainnet is just a small step in Filecoin’s development journey. The launch of Filecoin is a breakthrough step that the protocol laboratory and the community have jointly completed from 0 to 1. All experiencers have seen the difficulties and twists and turns from 0 to 1. Next, from 1 to 100, it is a longer road, there are more stories and wonderful things waiting for everyone.