Amazon plans to launch “digital currency” in Mexico


[Blockchain Today Reporter Jieun Lee] It is known that Amazon, a dinosaur company in the field of e-commerce, is preparing a digital currency project in Mexico.

There was no official announcement from Amazon regarding this, but it was confirmed through an Amazon job advertisement that it is recruiting talents to be in charge of the digital currency sector.

In the job advertisement, it is stipulated that’by converting cash into digital currency, consumers will be able to purchase products and use services such as Prime Video’.

The Amazon Digital Payments (DEP) subcommittee is expected to implement the project in Mexico, and it is expected that the target will be emerging economies including developing countries. Amazon currently employs software development engineers at all levels for the project.

Meanwhile, DEP and Amazon refrained from official comment. It is not yet clear how similar Amazon’s new project will be to Amazon’s “Amazon Coin,” which Amazon introduced eight years ago. Amazon coins have been used when users play games on the web.