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IMF: Using Bitcoin as a national currency may lead to macroeconomic instability

The IMF believes that using Bitcoin and other encrypted assets as national currencies involves certain risks, but the advantages of their underlying technologies,...

M8Trade – A trusted authority in digital currency investing

It’s no secret that in 2021, there was a real cryptocurrency boom. Moreover, this all has become an integral part of the lives of...

AXIA Coin launch on KuCoin signals new contender in the digital currency space

AXIA Coin (AXC), an asset-supported digital currency, just completed a successful launch on KuCoin. Starting July 12, traders had the opportunity to mine AXC...

Understanding the new exploration of currency experiments Olympus DAO: Free-floating algorithm stable currency

Olympus DAO is a new attempt. It aims to create reserves and stable currencies without relying on pegging to certain central bank currencies. Original...

El Salvador promotes Bitcoin fiat currency, most cryptocurrencies rise

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