Axie Infinity Hardcore Player: It is the “Ethereum” in the chain game


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The “Play and Earn” mode has turned the player community into a more vigorous small economy.

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In the field of encryption, no one has never heard of the name Axie Infinity.

The last time Axie Infinity went out of the circle was because it let people know that “you can make money by playing games.” Axie Infinity went out of the circle this time because it let people know that the game “can make money without playing.”

Of course, the premise of “make money without playing” is that you have two Axie Infinity tokens-AXS and SLP in your wallet. According to data from Coingecko, Axie Infinity’s governance token AXS has increased by 410.2% in the past two weeks, while the SLP tokens won by players through battles have increased by 162.7% in the past two weeks.

The market performance of NFT in Axie Infinity is also strong. According to CryptoSlam data, the secondary market transaction volume of Axie Infinity NFT in the past 30 days is as high as 370 million US dollars, almost ten times that of Bored Ape, which ranks second.

In other words, the current Axie Infinity, whether in the ERC-20 secondary market or the NFT secondary market, is the absolute leader.

“It reminds me of Ethereum.”

If you have been active in the various Chinese communities of Axie Infinity for a long time, you will not be unfamiliar with the name “囧骑士”. He is a veteran player of Axie Infinity, and he has also established and operated Axie Infinity’s Baidu Tieba. He has written many game tutorials and strategy guides to help countless players grow from a newcomer who knows nothing to a god who is among the best in the world. .

囧knight’s job is industry analysis and investment in the blockchain industry. Normally, the work is relatively busy, and the time to play games is only after returning home at night. And he first came into contact with this blockchain game in March 2020, which was the most severe period of the new crown epidemic. It was an epic bear market in the cryptocurrency industry, and it was Axie Infinity. The second season.

Affected by the epidemic, the 囧難knight, like many people, have lived a home office life. There is a saying in the encryption field: only in the bear market, people have the intention to do research. It is at this time that the 囧雧knight began to study Axie Infinity. . At that time, 囧 Knight spent a lot of time investigating virtual economy (Virtual Economy) related projects, and made some investments himself. Among them, Axie Infinity attracted him the most.

This is a magical project that continues to be developed in the bear market and has never stopped. The Discord channel is also much more active than other projects in the same period, and new players join every day. Although the industry is in a slump, Axie Infinity It is a thriving scene.

“It reminds me of Ethereum.” The 囧 Knight said when recalling the scene at the time.

He saw the shadow of early Ethereum from this chain game. Ethereum was developed and perfected silently after the bear market in 2013, and finally broke out in the next wave two years later. Although the connection between Axie Infinity and Ethereum was only because of his own intuition, and he felt that the two were so similar in an instant, he still wrote down this chain travel, and focused on and participated in it.

“Don’t put eggs in the same basket, but I just like to catch a rabbit.”

Jiknight also gave full play to his expertise when playing Axie Infinity. He was good at analysis and research, and for this field that was not much concerned about in the country at that time, a “wastelander” was needed.

So Jiknight started to “open wasteland”. In order to let more Chinese players learn about this game, he chose to build “Axie Fantasy Creature Bar” on Baidu Tieba. On this platform with a wider audience, he began to write an article. Another game tutorial and strategy are often here to help players solve various problems. Although the number of users using Tieba has been decreasing in recent years, Axie Fantasy Creatures Bar is still active today, and many players discuss their game experience here every day.

After experiencing this game in depth, Qiqiang made a very high evaluation of it. He said that Axie Infinity is a game that he “truely has inherited and continued from the products born in the circle in his impression.”

The inheritance of the products born in the circle means that Axie Infinity has inherited the gene reproduction method of the last popular blockchain game CryptoKitties, and this includes the process of scarcity, collection, processing and breeding to form a new scarcity. In his opinion In the future, such collections are more efficient, lower cost, and more real-time and perceptible than traditional collections. The continuation refers to the combination of cards and skills that Axie Infinity has bound to the reproductive body parts. It seems that this undoubtedly makes this game interesting all of a sudden. Players can not only collect but also play against other players like Hearthstone. The battle will win revenue, and the Axie who has a good skill set can also be reproduced. Can sell at a very good price.

“At the same time, its art style is suitable for all ages. It’s more childish, and it’s also the type I like.” Said the Qi Knight.

And now the explosion of Axie Infinity is taken for granted in the eyes of the 囧 Cavaliers.

“As long as the bull market comes, Axie must be the leader in this field.” The 囧 Cavaliers have always believed that, he felt that Axie Infinity has many conditions that can make it fire, and the most gratifying thing for him as an old player is The development team has always had long-term operational plans for the game, including migrating Ronin sidechains, V2 battles, voting governance models, and meta-universe land game models. When each plan on the roadmap becomes reality, the market response is getting better and better. Players’ confidence in this game has been greatly improved.

“Although we have a saying not to put eggs in the same basket, I just like to catch a rabbit, haha,” said the joke knight.

“The Play to Earn mode has turned the player community into a more viable small economy.”

Axie Infinity let many people know for the first time that you can earn money by playing games, and this mode is called “Play to Earn”, which is generally translated as “Play to Earn” in Chinese or “Play and Earn”. Players can obtain freely traded NFTs, tokens and other game assets by playing games, and selling them can make money, which is unimaginable for traditional game players.

Many of today’s mobile games require players to keep krypton gold. Game developers continue to release new and stronger equipment. If players want to win in the game, they need to recharge and buy equipment. These game characters spend a lot of money. Virtual assets such as, equipment, etc. do not belong to the player. If one day you don’t want to play this game, you can’t sell these, and if the game is shut down, all assets will be wiped out.

“But Axie Infinity is not like this at all.” The 囧knight said enthusiastically.

Using blockchain technology, the ownership of all game assets is truly owned by players, and the game development team does not have the right to issue new Axie and other game assets. All new virtual pets on the market are bred by players using their own Axie. They are all sold by the players themselves in the trading market. Players will win SLP tokens through the battle. SLP and AXS tokens are necessary to breed new Axie.

“Non-franchised game player participants really create activity in the market, earn money away, and naturally generate a more viable small economy. This is the most fundamental change brought about by the Play to Earn model. “

As for the price of AXS and SLP tokens soaring, 囧 Knight believes that it is due to the influx of new players, which has brought huge demand for AXS and SLP, but the root cause is that 囧 Knight believes this is because “the team is very I have already encountered the limitations of the Ethereum main chain and developed the Ronin side chain.”

Gas fees have always plagued all chain games. Once upon a time, chain game players could only wait for DeFi players to have no mines and gas fees to return to normal levels before they could “afford” their favorite chain games. Axie Infinity has also been tortured.

“Previously, when I was the most exaggerated on the Ethereum chain, I might have to pay more than 20 dollars of gas for listing, and it would cost dozens of dollars to get off the shelves if the price was not good enough, and to buy a pet would cost dozens of dollars for gas and gas. The cost is so expensive that basic reproduction is stagnant.” The problem of gas fees also bothers the 囧knight, and this problem is fatal for games with a large audience of ordinary players.

And the Ronin chain that Axie Infinity has been developing silently went online at a critical moment. Although there are some minor problems, it has solved the serious problem of gas fees. “Currently, the newcomers are listed on the Ronin chain, delisted, and traded. The gas rate of the chain has always been 0, and the experience is excellent.” The Knight believes that the decision to migrate the Ronin chain will have a decisive impact on the explosive growth of this stage.

The gas fee problem is solved. Another reason that prevents newcomers from experiencing the game is that players must first buy three Axies before they can join the game and start Play to Earn. Recently, the average transaction price of Axie has risen to about 0.34 ETH, which means that to gather a team to join the game requires about 1 ETH “startup capital”, which will discourage many users.

At this time, the birth of game guilds such as Yield Guild Games and Mao DAO helped new players solve this problem. These game guilds will provide new players with Axie for free. Players can immediately join the “golden” team. Players only need to complete the required game time and gold conditions to earn income. The SLP tokens obtained are distributed to the game guild in proportion All the rest will be owned by the players, which greatly reduces the entry barrier for newcomers, and provides a perfect solution for players who are interested in Axie Infinity but are worried about the risks.

The joining of a large number of new players will allow game guilds to buy and multiply Axie in large quantities, which will push up the price of Axie NFT, and will also increase the price of SLP and AXS tokens, which represents higher revenue. And guilds such as YGG Some more formal Axie matchups have already been held, with live broadcast and commentary on Twicth, which will also attract more new players, forming a positive cycle.

In addition to these game guilds, many members of the Axie Infinity community will also spontaneously organize activities and promote this game spontaneously. The joke knight himself is also preparing to host a domestic Axie Infinity community tournament. He is very willing to make such a contribution because he and many players “It is the real money earned from game business activities. Both capital and motivation are sufficient, and I am willing to make continuous investment.” At present, the Axie Infinity community has become more and more dynamic, with more and more tournaments, live broadcasts, etc. In community activities, more and more bloggers and Up masters in China are creating game teaching articles and videos, which also proves that this game is developing healthily.

“For now, just play when the game is not too stuck.”

Axie Infinity also exposed a serious problem in its explosive growth.

Axie Infinity’s game server does not seem to be ready to welcome so many players, so with the rapid increase in the number of game players, the problem of game downtime appears more and more frequently. The joke knight used to play a game for a while to relax after returning home from get off work, but now he can’t help himself to choose: “Now, just play when the game is not too stuck.”

Players are also very helpless. Many people in the community questioned the project team now making so much money but refused to upgrade the server. However, as a “weather-beaten” old player, he was very open. He felt that the team It may be ready for user growth, but I didn’t expect the user growth rate to be so large, and the joke knight is very optimistic: “I think the game is well done. There are problems caused by many people playing it. It must be worse than the game and no one plays it. The problem of this should be solved easily, so it is better to give the team more time.”

In the community, he is still playing the leading role of the old players. When doubts are endless, he will stand up to calm everyone’s emotions and advise everyone to take a look at the tutorial when they can’t play the game to learn more His game skills are no different from those of Bitcoin Holders, and he firmly believes in the extremely promising projects that he has studied in depth.

Axie Infinity Hardcore Player: It is the "Ethereum" in the chain game

In the entire chain game industry, Axie Infinity has stepped out of the independent market. When many chain games and Play to Earn mode games are unpopular, Axie Infinity is still driving fast on the road. Rather than causing a sensation in the circle, the 囧 Cavaliers would like to see Axie Infinity out of the circle:

“When it can have a huge impact and change on traditional game companies, game models and ideas, it can make the days when the game giants lie down and make money are gone, forcing them to think more for users. It is a true success.”

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