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Selected Chain News | Read Arbitrum, a popular player in Ethereum expansion

Ethereum expansion star Arbitrum plans to open the mainnet to developers today. At the same time, the vote for Uniswap V3 deployment to...

Axie Infinity gets a vast player base as Filipinos use it to get by

Following the economic turmoil that ensued after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Filipinos in the city of Cabanatuan have devised ingenious ways to...

Delphi Digital: In-depth analysis of the top player in DeFi insurance Nexus Mutual

The rise in DeFi lock-up assets will stimulate demand for insurance products, and Nexus Mutual will play an important role as a leader in...

Re-understanding Balancer: From AMM Popular Player to Token Value Discovery Platform

Balancer, who has not been successful in the field of AMM, has shown an explosive momentum in the trend of IDO. Original title: "From...

Learn about Layer 0 star player Marlin token economic model in three minutes

Marlin tokens are used for payment, governance, pledge and other purposes, and it is planned to allocate 20% of the total to token owners...
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