Bae Min “We will take the lead in ‘protocol economy’ utilizing blockchain technology”


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A rider makes a delivery near the Nation Rider’s Center of Delivery in Donam-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, 2020.9.4/News1 © News1 Reporter Lee Donghae

The people of delivery decided to contribute 5 billion won to win-win with small businessmen suffering from Corona 19, etc. It also declared that it will take the lead in the’protocol economy’ that has emerged to solve problems arising from the platform economy.

The Ministry of SMEs and Startups announced on the afternoon of the 18th that it has signed a business agreement with the elegant brothers and the Federation of Small Businessmen at the Baemin Academy in Songpa-gu, Seoul to’realize a protocol economy through win-win cooperation’.

‘Protocol economy’ refers to an open economy in which market participants can freely create and participate in certain rules (protocols). Blockchain technology solved the security and protocol sharing problem. Decentralization and de-monopoly are possible because there is no need to follow the rules set by the platform operator. Fairness and transparency can also be improved.

For example, in the case of a delivery application, the founder has accumulated enormous wealth, but there is no significant difference in the income of the shop owners and couriers participating in it. However, in the era of the protocol economy, reasonable economic rewards are expected to be given to the bosses (small business owners) and delivery workers who contributed to the growth.

The graceful brothers emphasized that they will practice the protocol economy through four promises: ΔWin-win cooperation with small business owners, ΔDelivery platform win-win council formation and operation ΔPlatform data sharing with the public and private ΔSupport for shared growth with small businesses.

First of all, the elegant brothers decided to donate 5 billion won so that small business owners who have been in business for more than 10 years can operate stably. Through this, I support my store purchase.

In addition, by forming the’Delivery Platform Win-win Council’, it promised to discover and materialize ways to solve the difficulties of self-employed people using the platform and to grow together with small business owners.

In addition, the platform data will be shared with the public and private sector. It was decided to provide transaction information for each region and industry held by the elegant brothers to the’Commercial Area Information System’ operated by the Small Business Market Promotion Corporation. Through this, customized marketing analysis information is provided to individual store owners for free and plans to continuously upgrade it.

In addition, the education program operated by Baemin Academy will be expanded nationwide, and customized professional counseling will be provided on-site for small business owners who have completed the education. In order to secure stable sales of small business owners, it is also equipped with a prepayment function within the people of delivery.

Kim Bum-joon, CEO of Elegant Brothers, said, “Baemin has implemented various policies to provide practical help to small business owners amid the Corona 19 crisis. With this agreement, we strive to become a platform that serves as a safety net for business partners, including small business owners. I will.”

Minister Park Young-sun said, “In order to resolve the side effects of the platform economy, it is essential to share the information held by the platform and establish fair rules to discuss ways to grow together,” and “I hope that the protocol economy will spread throughout society through this agreement. “I said.

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