Blockchain-based ‘Game Prediction Platform’ BitGame, brand renewal open


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Jang Seo-yeon] BitGame, a blockchain-based game and sports game prediction platform, has renewed its brand and launched a new website, Bitgame 2.0, on the 27th.

According to Bitgame, this renewal was carried out as a whole, including the website and logo, in order to leap into a global sports competition platform in preparation for the upcoming 2021 Olympics. Beatgame’s new logo embodies a soccer ball-shaped element, emphasizing the sports field while being more sophisticated than before. In addition, the new version of the website has been renewed according to the logo with a cleaner layout and color.

Bitgame is a cloud game platform equipped with blockchain and 5G technology. It is a project that aims to innovate the sports game prediction industry by providing customer-oriented benefits, a transparent distributed platform, and various e-sports and real games. Unlike other platforms that use existing fiat currency through intermediaries, it aims to become a safe and transparent global business entertainment platform using blockchain technology. The bitgame platform will provide the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and World Cup matches, as well as major league matches such as UEFA Champions League, NBA, NFL, and NBL, as well as matches such as S10, ESL ONE, T19, LCK, and LPL.

A Bitgame official said, “The Bitgame website launched this time is a symbolic achievement representing the Bitgame 2.0 brand renewal. Based on many years of experience in this field, we have been working to provide a sports platform that responds to the global demand for betting on real professional sports events using cryptocurrency in a safe and right direction. In addition to the Olympic and World Cup games, it supports the play of e-sports events expected to reach a market of $1.5 billion in 2021. In the future, we will reach out to Korean sports fans through various marketing activities and promotional benefits.”

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