Chain News next week’s preview | Swarm begins to distribute tokens, Kusama Parachain auction will select the first winner


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It is also worth noting in the crypto market next week that the public chain Efinity will open a public offering on Coinlist.

June 20

The 350,000 digital renminbi red envelopes issued by Shanghai will end soon

June 21

Futures Futureswap to the center of the on-line V3 Beta

Layer 2 expansion plan Hermez is about to launch a community reward plan, which will airdrop HEZ tokens according to the deposit ratio

Swarm will distribute all tokens except CoinList public offering and airdrop

The Korean Financial Commission issued the amendment to the enforcement order of the Special Financial Information Act and began to publicize

Lithium Finance is about to end the announcement of the whitelist registration of the dual pre-IDO program

June 22

Kusama opens the Parachain slot auction to select the first winner

June 23

DeepBrain Chain opens the Galaxy computing power competition

UK Starling Bank will resume the transfer of supporting funds to cryptocurrency exchanges

Kraken will no longer provide margin trading for U.S. customers who only perform primary identity verification

Lithium Finance will end KYC and announce the whitelist

Crust will issue the next round of Kusama slot auction rewards

June 24

Polkadot-based NFT public chain Efinity is about to open a public offering on Coinlist

Convergence platform will launch the first pre-IDO project Lithium held a sales event

Note: The Ethereum Community Developer Conference EDCON 2021, originally scheduled to start on June 25, has been postponed to August due to the epidemic.

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