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DeFi is undoubtedly the most dazzling star in the blockchain industry in 2020, and where is the next hot spot after the prosperous liquidity mining ends? NFT has become an area of ​​great concern. In fact, NFT is looking for a combination with DeFi, and dazzling new ideas have emerged.

What is NFT? What new narratives have NFT + DeFi created? Will it start the next era of Nuggets in the blockchain? The news of the chain will give you an overview of the development status, prospects and interesting use cases of the NFT market.

NFT market status and outlook

“The DeFi crossover wave is quietly taking root. How do Gamefi and NFTfi play?
NFT introduces differentiated assets based on scarcity for DeFi, and DeFi also gives NFT commercial value through financial means.

“The scale of the NFT market is over 100 million U.S. dollars, one article understands the development of non-homogeneous tokens
The non-homogeneous token NFT market has only two and a half years of history, but the market size has reached hundreds of millions of dollars. It is a comprehensive understanding of the current status of the NFT market such as collectibles, game assets, virtual worlds, and encrypted artworks.

“A brief description of the popular NFT business model: DeFi governance tokens and revenue sharing, etc.
There is always no shortage of in-game NFT as a virtual commodity, but the popularity of DeFi has also enriched the game NFT business model, such as OpenSea, Cryptovoxels, NIFTEX and NFTfi platforms.

Non-homogeneous tokens: technology convergence will unlock the next billion-dollar asset class
When the social trend of games becomes mainstream, and the integration of advanced game technology and NFT, it becomes a formula for a multi-billion dollar asset class.

Everything you want to know about NFT is here
If you have been in the crypto world for a while, you may have heard of NFT (non-homogeneous tokens), maybe you are a skeptic, a believer, or maybe you still don’t know what NFT is. This article tells you everything about NFT!

What are the interesting use cases for NFT?

New ways to play NFT + DeFi

NFT New Trend: Community Token WHALE Launches Liquidity Mining
Creators can pledge their own NFT works or the entire smart contract to obtain WHALE tokens. The pledged NFT is sold at the WHALE price, thereby increasing the use of WHALE.

DAO + ICO Another Attempt: Aave Eco NFT Platform Aavegotchi Plans to Launch DAICO This Week
Aavegotchi plans to launch DAICO this week and simultaneously list AavegotchiDAO and ecological governance token GHST.

“The community token MEME fire: Will DeFi + NFT set off the next wave?
It may be too early for NFT to take over DeFi, but the integration of DeFi and NFT will bring new possibilities.

Five minutes to understand Rocket NFT, a lending platform for mortgage NFT
A new way to play NFT assets: lend stablecoins through mortgages.

NFT meets DeFi, these new ideas deserve attention
Popular DeFi models such as liquidity mining and mortgages are pouring into the NFT field.

Encryption art

Who is Pak? Listen to the muse of digital art talk about the bottleneck of encryption art and the way out of the circle
Nick Tomaino, the founding partner of Crypto Venture 1confirmation, recently interviewed the great god of the digital art world, and authorized the publication of his interview records.

Revealing the first blockchain art auction “Portraits of a Mind” at Christie’s
There are 40 pieces of “Portraits of a Mind” Bitcoin-themed series of artworks, and the 21st piece is being auctioned at Christie’s in New York.

Why would you be willing to spend $30,000 on a piece of NFT artwork?
Because the holder of the NFT representative can get royalties from an album that has sold 7 figures.

Cloud Shopping SuperRare Opening Exhibition: A Look at the Works of 9 Top Pop Artists
Among the many encryption art style genres, Crypto Pop is undoubtedly one of the most mature and prosperous art styles.

Dialogue with WhaleShark: Why does the 7000 ETH NFT giant whale love encryption art and games?
NFT collection giant WhaleShark shared the reasons for his focus on NFT and the method to judge the investment value of various targets.

“The trend of crypto art is emerging, how to buy and sell NFT on the OpenSea platform?
Encrypted works of art usually use NFT as the ownership token to achieve better circulation and sharing.

Blockchain game

GameFi New Gameplay: Social Token COIN and the Rise ofE-Den Syndicate
The author of “Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto” initiated a social experiment of personal tokens.

Fenbushi Capital Huang Lingbo: Institutional Perspective Analysis of Investment Logic in the Field of NFT Games
Gaming/NFT is different from other blockchain projects. They are more closely integrated with the traditional world and are easier to understand and accept by ordinary people.

The obsessive cat designed by the author of Tusky for CryptoKitties is popular, and innovation in the field of NFT does not stop.
The two obsessive cats designed by Tusky author Wang Maomao for CryptoKitties were sold out within a few minutes through public welfare auctions. In fact, the “expired internet celebrity” CryptoKitties has not stopped exploring the possibility of development in the NFT field.

Why is the sequel of theCryptoKitties team “Cheese Wizard” difficult to continue to glory?
The number of users of Cheese Wizard is only 1.3% of CryptoKitties. Why is it difficult for Dapper Labs to continue its success?

Other NFT use cases

5 minutes to understand the NFT self-service platform NIFTEX how to unlock the liquidity of NFT?
A fragmented NFT business.

Twenty thousand NFT VIP tickets for the European Championships issued on Ethereum will enter consumers’ electronic wallets. How is this achieved?
This will be an important moment for blockchain technology to reach ordinary consumers and achieve large-scale applications.

“The NBA attempts to tokenize the fan economy. Will NFT spawn digital asset idle fish?”
Starting from the basic concept of NFT assets, discuss how NFT breaks the dimension wall and the possibility of the next “digital asset idle fish”.