Claiming to be Baidu’s platform, collecting user information, to reverse the flow of funds, have you stepped on this pit?


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Claiming to be a platform of Baidu, collecting user information, to reverse the flow of funds, have you stepped on this pit?

Searching for “non-small account” on Baidu, you may accidentally click on a web page called “Blockchain Platform Official Query Center”. This “center” claims to be able to query whether blockchain companies are formal, but when a project or asset is retrieved, it does not display the results in real time, but requires users to leave their real phone numbers to receive inspection information.

When the reporter left his mobile phone number, some “staff” took the initiative to add WeChat. After some exchanges, the other party intends to recommend a contract exchange called Bebt.

Checking the Bebt domain name revealed that the website has only been established for three and a half months. The team behind it is anonymous. There have been feedbacks from netizens who were attracted to the exchange. Bebt has similar characteristics to the previous popular pheasant exchange that uses customer loss as a means of profit.

Other investors reported that after he left his mobile phone number in the “Inquiry Center” earlier, someone who claimed to be a “mentor” pulled him into the “PAYC Ecological China Investigation Group” through WeChat, this so-called PAYC hot wallet, There is a MLM color of static + dynamic income, guiding and attracting people, and subordinate investment.

“Query Center” advertises on search engines, pretending to be “Baidu Subsidiary”, confuses people with words such as “trustworthy enterprise” and “official”, collects user information, and attracts traffic to unknown small offices and Panquan projects. An online site that accurately obtains user information.

Collect personal information, divert suspicious investment projects, counterfeit inquiry center eats two fish, and waits for the king to enter the urn. When investors provide real cell phone numbers and other information, the traps in the dark are getting closer and closer.

Fake “query platform” to collect user information

The “query center” of Baidu search clearly marked “advertising” on Baidu.

What can the so-called “enquiry center” enquire?

The website self-reported on the Baidu search results page, saying, “The blockchain industry is a mixed bag, can you tell the difference?

After clicking the link to enter, the search page of “Blockchain Digital Platform Security Cloud Data Query” appears. Words such as “official”, “certified”, and “trusted” can be seen everywhere on the page. In the upper left corner of the webpage, there are many titles such as the FPB Digital Certification Center and the trusted enterprise in the blockchain industry. The stars indicate that they are “the official inquiry center of the blockchain platform.”

What is the specific official, the platform did not say clearly. The reporter tried to search for the above-mentioned title, but did not find that the relevant department or authority authorized it, and its self-proclaimed “trusted” and “official” were not endorsed by a third party.

This center claims to be able to check whether blockchain projects are formally approved, assess the market value of the platform, have a team of analysts, and provide platform integrity reports. The “results” of this “query center” are written below the search box-as of November 30, 10,649 platform organizations have been included, and 95,732 platforms have been inquired for more than 150,000 netizens.

Can it really help queryers identify blockchain projects?

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The reporter tried to search for an item through the tool. After clicking the query, the results were not displayed directly. Instead, a prompt box appeared, asking for the real mobile phone number to “receive the inspection information as soon as possible.” After repeated experiments, it is found that no matter what words are entered, the inquirer will eventually be required to leave a mobile phone number.

Soon after leaving personal information, someone requested to add WeChat through their mobile phone number. The other party claimed to be a staff member of the “Inquiry Center”. The other party first asked if he wanted to inquire about the “XXX platform”. After receiving confirmation, he only sent a short voice to answer, without showing any report or information.

This kind of manual dictation of the query results is really incredible.

After the reporter raised questions, the staff member also said that he was on the “Baidu Checking Authenticity” platform, which was owned by Baidu. “Baidu entrusted us to do authenticity verification related to the digital currency blockchain.”

The subject clearly indicated at the bottom of the platform page is Shanxi Hongwei Zimu Culture Media Co., Ltd. The reporter searched through the domain name query tool and found that the domain name registration information also pointed to the same company. However, the company’s investigation revealed that the company is not related to Baidu. Its business scope includes corporate image planning; marketing planning; computer graphic design and production, etc., and does not include queries or blockchain-related services. In Baidu, this company is equivalent to an advertising client.

Draining traffic for suspicious projects and exchanges

During the conversation with the staff of the “Inquiry Center”, the other party repeatedly asked whether there was any blockchain-related investment, saying, “It is best to pay attention to exchanges with good indicators and rankings when investing.”

The staff member said that the platform cooperates with all the top 100 transactions in the world, and if there is a demand, it can make a push. Later, he sent three websites, in addition to the official websites of Huobi and Binance, there was also an exchange website called Bebt.

The other party claimed that the current price of crypto assets such as Bitcoin is very high, and the risk of spot hoarding may be relatively high. Contracts can be long and short, “the risk is relatively small.” This argument against the common sense of the currency circle is full of inducements.

The staff member recommended that you can go to Huobi to play spot and the Bebt exchange to play contracts, because “Huobi Contract has a higher handling fee than Bebt” and “Bebt has been in operation for more than two years, and it is quite reliable,” the bait is being released.

Following the link sent, the reporter entered the Bebt exchange page, which provides currency and contract transactions. In contract trading, the minimum leverage for opening an order is 20x and the maximum is 200x. Compared with mainstream exchanges such as Huobi, the minimum leverage is 1x and the maximum leverage is 125x.

In order to learn more about Bebt, the reporter clicked the “About Us” and “Rate Description” buttons on its official website, but did not jump to the relevant page after clicking, but returned to the home page. The reporter tried to inquire the exchange team information through the customer service. After accessing the customer service, the customer service did not reply and asked to wait. After a while, the system automatically ended the conversation.

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Inquiring about Bebt’s domain name shows that its domain name was registered on August 13 this year and it only operated for about three and a half months, which is not consistent with what the staff of the “Query Center” called “operating for more than 2 years. The domain name will expire on August 13 next year.

The team information is unclear, and many information pages on the official website cannot be opened. Bebt with only one transaction page is difficult to trust. On Zhihu, some people have suggested that Bebt may have a single trap. This unknown exchange has similar features to the previously popular pheasant exchange for the purpose of eating customer losses.

It is not only reporters who are diverted to other platforms through the so-called “inquiry center.” Some investors reported that they also mistakenly entered this “query center” when searching for non-small accounts (the currency circle data website) on Baidu.

“At that time, I asked me to add the mentor WeChat to obtain the analysis results,” the investor revealed to the reporter. After adding the “mentor” WeChat, the mentor also scribbled back and then pulled him into a program called “PAYC”. The WeChat group of the Eco-China Region Investigation Group.

The introduction sent by the “mentor” shows that PAYC is a decentralized hot wallet that can safely store mainstream assets such as Bitcoin and participate in financial management. Wealth management is divided into static income and dynamic income. When the mainstream currency in the wallet reaches a certain value, you can get the income of “quantified transaction”, and the monthly income ranges from 10% to 15%. In addition, holding a certain level of PAYC tokens can earn monthly income ranging from 25% to 35% as a global node.

Static income and dynamic income have almost become a classic pattern of capital trading. PAYC’s dynamic income is still pulling heads. Directly push 1 person to get 100% of the income of the first generation, push 2~5 people directly, and get 20% of the 2~5th generation income, and so on. From the perspective of model, PAYC’s “financial management” is a distinctive feature of back-feeding from offline investment to online, and it has the characteristics of MLM funds.

The reporter’s download experience found that PAYC is not a DApp either. Its download and registration method is the same as that of a general centralized APP. The so-called hot wallet does not support the generation of mnemonics and private keys, and only the transaction password is required when withdrawing coins. This means that the digital assets entered into it are not under the control of users themselves. Once the platform runs off, the user’s income cannot be obtained, and the principal will be lost.

A corner of the user information business in the currency circle

Through the “Inquiry Center”, users who have real inquiries are diverted by so-called mentors and staff to unknown exchanges or projects involving disks. If they are not careful, they may be planted.

The reporter found that the “mentor” who promotes PAYC and the staff of the “inquiry center” are not the same group. When asked the staff to inquire about the PAYC project, he said that he did not find the information about this project, and also reminded that PAYC has not been authoritatively certified. Now many criminals use the blockchain to collect money and should be wary of such projects.

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PAYC promoters revealed that by paying the “inquiry center”, they can display the WeChat account on it for a few days, “it is a partnership.”

In addition to advertising and draining these suspicious items, another problem of this “query center” is collecting user information.

The “Query Center” puts promotional advertisements on Baidu, making it easier for users in the currency circle to click and enter when searching for “non-small accounts” and other common tools. It also packaged itself with titles such as “official” and “trusted”, claiming to be a platform under Baidu, allowing users to take the initiative to leave true information. From the perspective of PAYC’s cooperative relationship with it, the phone information left by these inquirers is distributed to its advertisers. The person who left the message is likely to be harassed by different projects or even into traps in the future.

The “Inquiry Center” is like a network information collection “hunter” waiting to stand still, waiting for every “rabbit” who enters by mistake.

If the personal information leakage caused by the “query center” can be prevented, then the privacy leakage caused by other unknown channels cannot be prevented. Many users in the currency circle have revealed that they have received calls from customer service staff who claim to be Huobi or OKEx, and they all hope to add WeChat and then pull users into free exchange groups.

Exchanges such as Huobi have issued risk warnings on this, indicating that these customer services are fake and remind users to beware of scams. Some currency players who have really joined the group also said that these people are indeed not customer service staff of well-known exchanges, because when they enter the exchange group, the so-called mentors recommend some unknown contract exchanges. Various social networking sites and news media have also revealed a lot of information about this type of scam.

Until today, users in the currency circle are still frequently harassed by fake customer service and information leakage. Where is the source of the leakage and who is fighting it has become the same as most other information leakage incidents. However, the “inquiry center” is obviously likely to become a source of information leakage and act as an accomplice to the perpetrators.

According to Article 253 of the Criminal Law, anyone who steals personal information, violates relevant national regulations, sells or provides citizens’ personal information to others, is suspected of infringing on citizens’ personal information, and the circumstances are serious, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years or criminal detention. A fine is imposed concurrently or solely; if the circumstances are particularly serious, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than seven years, and shall also be fined.

This so-called “blockchain query center” is walking up the legal red line.