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Chainlink (LINK) Rallies 20%, But Here’s Why It Could Reverse Gains

Chainlink (LINK) recovered sharply from the $7.35 support zone against the US Dollar. The recent rally is now facing a strong resistance near the...

Spectre.AI’s Reverse Futures allows trading on Positive Stocks in the past!

2020 has been extremely opportunistic from a professional trading perspective. Although the larger economic landscape has suffered due to the current Pandemic, several organizations...

Dow Futures Reverse Gains Despite Trump’s $6 Trillion Fiscal Bomb

Dow futures rallied after Donald Trump’s top economic adviser unveiled a massive $6 trillion stimulus package for the U.S. economy. These gains rapidly faded, as the stock market failed to move higher after a historic day for the Dow Jones on Tuesday. Worryingly for Wall Street, there doesn’t appear to be a Plan B if…