Coupang’s ransom price rises related stocks ‘ Cryptocurrency Paycoin also surged by 43%


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As Coupang, which is about to be listed on the New York Exchange in the United States, raised its offering price than before and showed signs of a higher’random price’, the’Coupang Theme’ stocks that signed cooperation with Coupang from various angles are showing strength. Along with this,’Paycoin’ tied to the Coupang Theme cryptocurrency also rose by more than 43%.

According to Upbit, a domestic cryptocurrency trading site on the 11th, Paycoin is trading at 3,155 won, up 43.41% from the previous day at 4:35 pm. Paycoin, which was traded at 161 won (closed price) on January 1st, jumped more than 1859% in three months.

Paycoin is a cryptocurrency issued by Danal Fintech, a Danal affiliate, a comprehensive payment service (PG) company. Danal Fintech is servicing’Paycoin’, a cryptocurrency-based payment application (app). According to the company, Paycoin has secured more than 60,000 online and offline affiliated stores and 900,000 users. Paycoin users can easily purchase goods at affiliated stores through the’Paycoin’ app.

The bull market started on this day with the news of Coupang’s increase in ransom. Danal is a representative stock classified as a Coupang theme stock and occupies the No. 1 share of mobile phone PG in Coupang. With this favorable news, the stock price ended at 9370 won, up 1510 won (19.21%) from the previous day. Paycoin jumps steeply starting at 2 pm, when the market close is imminent, and is drawing an upward curve.

Meanwhile, Coupang is expected to be listed on the New York Exchange on the 10th (local time), and announced that it will raise its offering price from 27 to 30 dollars to 32 to 34 dollars, and the total enterprise value is expected to reach 66 trillion won.