Flybit, Dipper Network (DPR) sold out early


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[Blockchain Today Reporter Ji-Hye Han] The Korea Digital Exchange (CEO Seok-jin Kim, hereinafter Flybit), the operator of the virtual asset trading platform Flybit, is a DEEPER NETWORK (hereinafter referred to as DPR) token conducted through the token brokerage platform’Flybit WoW’. It was announced on the 22nd that the sale had been sold out early.

Deeper Network (DPR) provides a global P2P network for the next-generation web by combining blockchain, network security, and sharing economy to provide autonomy to real users. Deeper Connect, a blockchain-based all-in-one solution, provides an autonomous Internet environment and a seamless user experience based on improved security.

A Flybit official said, “I think the expectations of many investors for blockchain projects with high reliability and growth potential of Dipper Network are the background for the early closing of this token sale.” Through (ITE), we will try to create an environment where we can discover and grow.”

On the other hand, the Dipper Network (DPR) token sale, which was scheduled for two days from March 22 to 23 at Flybit, was sold out in 4 seconds after its release, proving its high popularity.

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